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NIKE FOOTBALL WORLD CUP 2010 SOUTH AFRICAThis time for Africa!!ASRUL DAI | ROZZY ARMANWhy Nike?Nike has developed a leadership strategy outperforming its competitors both infootwear and apparel

At Nike, we are leaders. When we fail is when we are followers. Tinker Hatfield, VP of Innovation.Nike is consistently reinventing the way of retailing and branding thanks to innovation and resilience

Sports created Nike, but design and innovation made it grow. Mark Parker, CEOAdvertising Slogan ?

is one of the most popular advertising slogans of all time. Coined by Wieden+Kennedy back in 1988, it was ranked second by AdAge in its list of top 10 slogans of the 20th centuryJust Watch It ?Nike celebrated 25 years of its iconic campaign with a super cool commercial to the top of the viral video charts with over 3 million YouTube views in just 2 days!20122006Nike signs Brazilian football superstar RonaldinhoGlobal expansion, including a strong growth in China,Late19901991Nike hit by allegations of sweatshoplabourNike sales top $3 billionNiketown:the 1st home to a new retail-as-theatre experience,1990Nike signs basketballsuperstar Michael Jordan1984BRS officially changes its name to Nike and in 1980,Nike capturing more than 50% of USmarket share19791973Steve Prefontaine becomes Nikes first endorserBRS launches its own Nike shoe under the famousSwoosh giving birth to Nike BrandKnight and Johnson open the first BRS retail storeIn Santa Monica, California.19711966Knight approaches Jeff Johnson to sell shoes for BRS.Johnson starts selling T-shirts as wellBill Bowerman and his University of Oregon runner PhilKnight form Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) to distribute athleticshoes.19651962The History?Just Watch It : The History in 3 Minutes?NIKE.INCBeaverton, Oregon (The United States)38 000HEADQUARTEREMPLOYEES

Sources: Nike Annual report / 2011 figures2002Acquires Hurley devoted toaction sports and youthlifestyle footwear, apparel and accessories2008Sells Starter for $60million1994Acquires Canstar(Bauer Parent) for $400million2013Nike to sell Umbro andCole Haan to focus onits core brands2004Acquires Starter for$43 million1988Acquires Cole Haan, aNYC-based luxury shoes,handbags, accessories & coats brand, for $80 million1998Nike Golf established2007Acquires Umbro for $630million, a Manchester-based soccer brand2003Acquires Converse, theclassic and retro-style shoebrand (founded in 1908) for$305 million with salesgrowing 20% per year from$200 million to $1 billion in FY2011 under Nikes ownershipto date2008Sells Bauer Hockey for$200 millionSources: Jefferies/helixa / 2011 figures?hlixaThe Milestone of Brand AcquisitionsNike is the Ancient Greek goddess of victory It is one of the most recognized symbols or logo in the world The Swoosh. Simple. Fluid. Fast.

The Evolution of LogoNikeCategories StructureFootwearInnovationRecent innovations in technology, business, ideas have fundamentally altered every aspect of our lives. Faced with an ever-changing, increasingly interconnected world, Nike may differentiate themselves from the competition by understanding and harnessing innovations

NikeCategories StructureFootwearJust Watch it : Innovation of TechnologyNikeCategories StructureFootwearJust Watch it : Innovation of BusinessNikeCategories StructureFootwearJust Watch it : Innovation of idea NikeCategories StructureFootwearFootball is the most popular sport in the world by participants and audience

Tournament held every 4 years between 32 qualifying nations around the world 2006 World Cup: TV viewership of 26.29 billion over the course of event3 billion (1/2 people in the world) watched the world cup final

FIFA WORLD CUP19981994Sponsored Several Players of Brazil, Phil Knight committed to partnering with Brazilian Team . The main goal is to deliver innovative high performance to the customer ; create new culture for football , saw an opportunity to create new products with redesign uniform the target market is from 13 years old.

Released the very successful Airport Ad, with various members of the Brazilian national teamNike Team cooperated with Ronaldo one of Brazilian Star developed a revolutionary new boot, The Mercurial was launched, with various members of the Brazilian national teamNike Team cooperated with Ronaldo on of Brazilian Star developed a revolutionary new boot, The Mercurial

2006Nike In The World CupJoga Bonito, launched in February 2006 as a popular site in Brazil to develop on interactive platform hosted at Social Network platform was the first created by Nike to attract people around the world that were passionate about football, so they could collaborate virtually and have digital conversations & interactions about football.

NikeCategories StructureJust Watch it : Commercial Ad World Cup 98 Categories StructureFootwear World Cup 2010, South Africa

This time for Africa!!17Categories StructureFootwear World Cup 2010, South Africa; Nike Slogan

"Write the Future" tells a story about how the World Cup is the stage where players can achieve immortality. It's meant to inspire soccer fans but has also inspired people in the industry that things, after all, may work out for the better18NikeCategories StructureThe Adidas approach, as it had been since the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, was to pay FIFA for official tournament sponsorship.During all World Cup matches the ball and the match officials uniforms were Adidas brandedAll the adverts during televised games were reserved for Adidas productsFurthermore, only Adidas were allowed to use the associated logos and branding of the World Cup within all their marketing messages during the tournament.

World Cup 2010 : What Competitors Did

NikeCategories StructureA Strategy To Win at The World Cup 2010 As a non-sponsor, Nike had to adopt a different tactic to create brand awareness, choosing the digital domain as the main front for their assault instead. Based on Five Pillars: Performance Innovation, Enablement Innovation, Connecting at a deeper level, Brand and Business Impact, and Before The World Cup

NikeCategories StructureData #1

NikeCategories StructureData #2

NikeCategories StructureData #3

NikeCategories StructureThe Ideas of Campaign Idea

Nike is a Global Brand

Football is a Gobal Sport

And Sport is a Social thing++=Engaged WorldwideFootball Audience & Increase Sales

Deepen its relationship with consumers.Encompassed global social.Consumers understanding towards price value increasedRise in the sale of premium products, & no resistance to price hike.Categories StructureDigital Strategy #1 : Viral in Social Media Channel

Categories StructureDigital Strategy #1 : Viral in Social Media Channel

Digital Strategy #1 : Viral in Social Media Channel NikeCategories StructureDigital Strategy #2 : Digital Ads

NikeCategories StructureDigital Strategy #3 : SEO

The Results

Facebook page fan numbers before the campaign 550.000 and after we released the campaign over 1.1 millionNikeCategories StructureThe Results

NikeCategories StructureThe Results

NikeCategories StructureThe Results

The Results

The ResultsThe Most Viral Video in World Cup 2010 Conclusion

Always think innovativeJust Do It.I agree what people said : Nike is an Innovation MachineTHANK YOU LETS DISCUSS.