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<ul><li><p>Page 1 of 8 </p><p>` </p><p>Chinese Culture Websites </p><p>Portal Web sites to many different resources: </p><p>;page=2&amp;category=2447&amp; - A </p><p>gateway to many Chinese language and culture resources. </p><p> - Mr. Donn's Lesson Plans on China. This site </p><p>has everything links to online games related to China (including a majiang game and </p><p>an online shadow puppet demonstration), powerpoints on Chinese culture, concise </p><p>explanations of Chinese history, etc. </p><p>Other useful Web sites: </p><p> - Columbia University's East Asia Department (</p><p> ) </p><p> - China the Beautiful, contains multiple </p><p>resources for teaching Chinese culture </p><p> - The China Experience </p><p> - Creating Classroom </p><p>Activities for Learning Chinese Culture </p><p>;page=2&amp;category=2447&amp; - A </p><p>gateway to many Chinese language and culture resources. </p><p> - Chinese music internet </p><p>archive. Includes all sorts of Chinese songs, including childrens songs, popular music, </p><p>ceremonial music, and other </p><p> - Introduces some basic aspects of China, such as language, </p><p>history and religion </p><p> - an introduction </p><p>to Chinese fables and their origins (in Chinese) </p><p> - Chinese love poetry and </p><p>folklore (good traditional Chinese stories to teach during Valentines day) </p><p> A series of videos about Chinese </p><p>youth, The Young and Restless. The videos, produced by PBS, include lesson plans </p><p>and discussion questions. All free! Good for a high school Chinese culture class. </p><p> A toolkit for Chinese history and culture. </p><p>Tons of links. It also provides many links to resources in the Boston, Massachusetts </p><p>area: </p></li><li><p>Page 2 of 8 </p><p>` </p><p>Language Resources and Tools </p><p>Portal Web sites to many different resources: </p><p> Links to search engines, teaching strategies, games, </p><p>software and more </p><p> Good portal site for Chinese learning tools such as language </p><p>flashcards, encoding/converting, and dictionaries. </p><p>;Programs/AsianStudiesDept/china-language.html </p><p> Directory of Chinese language Internet resources. Includes language instruction and </p><p>learning, and dictionaries. </p><p>;&amp;&amp; - A gateway to many </p><p>Chinese language and culture resources. </p><p>Other useful Web sites: </p><p> - Chinese multimedia resources </p><p>conversations, videos, pronunciation guides </p><p> - great resources for teachers </p><p>and students, including tone and character games, TV transcripts, conversations, and </p><p>more! </p><p> - Chinese cyber calligraphy </p><p> The 3,000 most common Chinese characters, </p><p>listed in order of frequency. Contains alternate pronunciations and explanations. </p><p> Sources for Chinese teaching and learning. </p><p> Language training service. Download learning Chinese </p><p>lesson pod casts to your iPod or mobile phone for free, or pay for transcripts. </p><p> Provides 40 online Chinese lessons. </p><p>Starts from basics and gradually promotes student to level of smooth and confident </p><p>communication. </p><p> READ CHINESE!, a project of the National </p><p>Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland, provides online reading lessons </p><p>in Chinese for novice and intermediate students. Each lesson includes primary </p><p>source materials, reinforcement activities and a quiz at the end. </p><p> This is the website for a travel company </p><p>in China, but it also has province and city-specific information. Use it as a resource for </p><p>cultural and province/city descriptions. New! </p></li><li><p>Page 3 of 8 </p><p>` </p><p> The Forbidden </p><p>City: Beyond Space and Time is a virtual educational game where users can explore the </p><p>Forbidden City. Best for high school students. New! </p><p> A virtual world designed for students to learn Chinese. Not very </p><p>effective for beginning learners but a fun virtual exploration of certain sites in Beijing. </p><p>New! </p><p> At this website, you can download short language </p><p>classes in MP3 format (similar to ChinesePod, but not as well developed). The most fun </p><p>part are the KTV videos of pop songs with translations and explanations. New! </p><p> This site has a diverse collection of Chinese-learning </p><p>tools. Check out the list of 4000 simplified Chinese characters its well organized </p><p>and shows stroke order for each character. New! </p><p>Classroom Strategies and Tips </p><p> Articles for </p><p>educators. Classroom management tips and ideas, and tools for teaching. </p><p></p><p>training/6495.html?detoured=1 Tips for behavior management and classroom </p><p>management, and advice on lesson planning, from veteran teachers. </p><p> Games and ideas for classroom management and </p><p>organization. Includes classroom setup photos, classroom routine, and discipline plans. </p><p></p><p>management Classroom strategies and ideas for elementary schools. Compiled by an </p><p>elementary school teacher. </p><p> Portal Web site with many links to </p><p>classroom management and other resources. </p><p> An overview of Chinese </p><p>courses at Fairfax County Public Schools. Includes the syllabus for Chinese I, II and III. </p><p> Five minute Fillers </p><p>a compilation of hundreds of games/activities to start or end class, or for when you </p><p>just have a few minutes to kill. </p></li><li><p>Page 4 of 8 </p><p>` </p><p>Professional Organizations </p><p> American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). </p><p>National organization dedicated to the improvement and expansion of the teaching and </p><p>learning of all languages at all levels of instruction throughout the U.S. </p><p> Asia Society Education Program. Valuable resource </p><p>and distribution center for information on teaching of Chinese in American schools. </p><p> Association of Departments of Foreign Language. Central </p><p>resource for the language and literature community in the U.S. and Canada. </p><p> Center for Applied Linguistics. Private, non-profit organization </p><p>working to improve communication through better understanding of language and </p><p>culture. </p><p> Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary </p><p>Schools (CLASS). Promotes teaching of Chinese language and culture in American </p><p>elementary and secondary schools, and dialogue between Chinese language educators. </p><p>Includes links, membership lists, K-12 standards, announcements, teaching tips. </p><p> Chinese Language Teacher Association (CLTA). Professional </p><p>organization devoted exclusively to the study of Chinese language, culture and </p><p>pedagogy. Includes many resources and publications related to Chinese learning. </p><p> Chinese School Association in the United States (CSAUS). </p><p>Association of more than 150 Chinese schools in the U.S. Includes events, links, E-</p><p>forum, books for purchase, newsletters, aid for forming Chinese schools. </p><p> College Board AP Home Page. </p><p>College Board's official online home for any professional interested in or involved with </p><p>the Advanced Placement Program (AP) or Pre-AP strategies. </p><p> National Consortium for Teaching about Asia. Multi-year </p><p>initiative to encourage and facilitate teaching and learning about Asia in world history, </p><p>geography, social studies, and literature courses in the U.S. </p><p> National Council of Associations of Chinese Language Schools </p><p>(NCACLS, ?). Website is in Chinese. </p><p> National Council of State Supervisors for Languages. Initiative </p><p>with a long-term effort to raise public awareness about the importance of learning </p><p>languages and understanding cultures in the lives of all Americans. </p><p> National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland. </p><p>Dedicated to promoting a language-competent America by developing and </p><p>disseminating information that informs policy makers and improve the capacity of the </p><p>U.S. to communicate in languages other than English. </p></li><li><p>Page 5 of 8 </p><p>` </p><p> National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign </p><p>Language (NOCTFL, ). Website is in Chinese. </p><p> Secondary School Chinese Language Center, </p><p>Princeton University (). Home page containing information about </p><p>the language center and its initiatives. </p><p>Dictionaries </p><p> Great resource for students. Features conversations, theme </p><p>words and character writing exercises </p><p> Good list of characters. </p><p> Shows stroke order </p><p>and etymology (radicals). Very user-friendly and useful. </p><p> Very good character, radical index, and etymology look-</p><p>up. Lists many words that use the same characters. However, not very user friendly. </p><p> Gives stroke order for 1500 </p><p>characters. One of the best online dictionaries. </p><p> Online Chinese picture </p><p>dictionary viewable by English, Chinese or Pinyin. </p><p> Defines words in English. </p><p> Provides similar meanings for words in English. </p><p> Explains English words and </p><p>phrases related to education </p><p>Language Learning Articles </p><p> Kato Lomb, Hungarys most </p><p>accomplished linguist who knew 17 languages, shares her secrets and methods. </p><p> U.S. </p><p>Government ranking of the hardest languages in the world. </p><p> National Security Language </p><p>Initiative: President Bush thinks learning Chinese is important. </p><p> Academic, yet humorous </p><p>explanation of Chinese. Makes students feel good about knowing some Chinese. </p></li><li><p>Page 6 of 8 </p><p>` </p></li><li><p>Page 7 of 8 </p><p>` </p><p>United States Education Links </p><p> Overview of Education in the </p><p>U.S. Contains information on policies, roles of the different types of U.S. government, </p><p>and links to examples of further information. </p><p> Brief overview of </p><p>current issues in U.S. Education, including Accountability, School Choice and </p><p>Teaching. </p><p> Portrait of the U.S. </p><p>Educational systems structure, standards, and challenges. </p><p></p><p>geninfo.html Information on the structure of U.S. Education and many other </p><p>education-related topics </p><p> </p><p> Useful tips and information on how to survive in the U.S., including transportation, </p><p>finding a place to live, finding a job, receiving health care, making friends, shopping, </p><p>restaurants, and much more. </p><p>Other Online Resources </p><p> - This website is specifically designed to be used in k-</p><p>12 classrooms. Here, you can create free wikis (live online documents that multiple </p><p>users can edit and view) to use for the classroom. For a simple explanation of a wiki, </p><p>check out </p><p> - is a social bookmarking site. You can </p><p>save interesting/helpful websites by tagging them with short descriptions (e.g. </p><p>pinyin, middle school activity, warm-up, game for high school students, class </p><p>debate, etc.). Then, you can easily find related websites by searching through your </p><p>tags/descriptions. You can also share these bookmarks with anyone you want (i.e. other </p><p>teachers or students) and you can access them for any computer. For a simple </p><p>explanation of Delicious, check out </p><p> - A website to create </p><p>free online quizzes/testing. More links for online testing here: </p><p> </p><p> offers tons of teaching </p><p>ideas that are specific to different grade levels. Select your grade level and explore their </p><p>suggestions. New! </p></li><li><p>Page 8 of 8 </p><p>` </p><p> The essentials of language teaching from National </p><p>Capital Language Resource Center. The page is specifically designed for college </p><p>professors from foreign backgrounds teaching in the United States, but many of the </p><p>language teaching theories here can be applied to teaching k-12. New! </p><p> This is the website for a travel company </p><p>in China, but it also has province and city-specific information. Use it as a resource for </p><p>cultural and province/city descriptions. New! </p><p> This program provides scholarships for high school </p><p>students to go to China and other foreign countries to study languages during the </p><p>summer and school year. High school students who are American citizens and between </p><p>ages 15-18 may apply. Annual deadline in February. Suggest to your students! New! </p><p>Regional Resources </p><p> Many links for China-</p><p>related resources in the Boston, Massachusetts area. </p><p> The Kentucky World Language Association supports the </p><p>teaching and learning of a variety of world languages and cultures. The website has </p><p>content related to teaching Chinese. If youre in Kentucky, check it out. </p><p> htt...</p></li></ul>


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