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NLR Technical BoF: NLR PacketNet Brent Sweeny Jon-Paul Herron

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NLR Technical BoF: NLR PacketNet Brent Sweeny Jon-Paul Herron. Madison Joint Techs 17 July 2006. Layer3 “PacketNet”. Review architecture, connection methods Current status Members Peer networks Institutions connecting through members ‘Advanced technologies’ User-influenced policies. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of NLR Technical BoF: NLR PacketNet Brent Sweeny Jon-Paul Herron

  • NLR Technical BoF:NLR PacketNet

    Brent SweenyJon-Paul HerronMadison Joint Techs17 July 2006

  • Layer3 PacketNetReview architecture, connection methodsCurrent statusMembersPeer networksInstitutions connecting through membersAdvanced technologiesUser-influenced policies

  • Typical Member Connection

  • Routed IP ServiceProduction-quality, no explicit SLAAUP-freeno prefix size limit (/32s accepted)Still use prefix-lists or AS-path lists for case of misconfiguration

  • Local PrefsMember default:primary 10G: 500backup 1G: 450community-driven: 200, 400, 500, or 600Others:peers: 300

  • CommunitiesType Communities (set by NLR)Other Communities (set by member)BlackholeLocal Pref settingAS-prependdo not send to...members-onlySee communities page at

  • PacketNet ServicesJumbo frames (9000 IP MTU)IPv4UnicastMulticast (MSDP, PIM, MBGP NLRI)IPv6Address allocations available if neededUnicast Multicast (PIM, MBGP, Embedded RP)

  • Services (basic and advanced)What are members actually doing?See

  • ComingVRFsclosed groups for routingOther services?Commodity is being discussedOthers?

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