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<ul><li><p>Maintenance Guide</p><p>Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet</p><p>Franais, page Franais-1Espaol, pagina Espaol-1</p><p>K-13460, K-13461 K-13466, K-13467</p><p>K-13472, K-13473</p><p>1102759-5-D</p></li><li><p>EC Statement</p><p>October 10, 2008</p><p>EC DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY</p><p>08We,Kohler Company444 Highland Drive, Kohler, WI 53044Phone 920-457-4441</p><p>declare under our sole responsibility that our products, Wallmount Touchless sensor, models:</p><p>to which this declaration relates, are in conformity with the following standards:</p><p>Timothy J. StessmanCodes &amp; Standards Dept.Kohler Company</p><p>SignatureOctober 10, 2008</p><p>Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336/EEC of 3 May 1989 as Amended by 92/31/EEC of 28 April 1992 and 93/68/EEC, Article 5 of 22 July 1993, based on:</p><p> EN 61000-6-2: 2005Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Radiated Immunity, 80MHz to 1GHz(Test method: IEC 61000-4-3: 2008)</p><p> EN 61000-6-3: 2007Radiated Emission(Test Method: CISPR 16-2-3): CLASS B</p><p>Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC of 19 February 1973 as Amended by 93/68/EEC, Article 13 of 22 July 1993, based on:</p><p> EN 60730/1:"Specification for Automatic Electrical Controls for Household and Similar Use. General Requirements".</p><p> EN 60730/2/8:"Specification for Automatic Electrical Controls for Household and Similar Use. Particular Requirements for Electrically Operated Water Valves, Including Mechanical Requirements".</p><p>K-13460K-13460WK-13460INK-13460MK-13460D</p><p>K-13461K-13461WK-13461INK-13461MK-13461D</p><p>K-13466K-13466WK-13466INK-13466MK-13466D</p><p>K-13467K-13467WK-13467INK-13467MK-13467D</p><p>K-13472K-13472WK-13472INK-13472MK-13472D</p><p>K-13473K-13473WK-13473INK-13473MK-13473D</p><p>Date</p><p>1102759-5-D 2 Kohler Co.</p></li><li><p>Care and Cleaning</p><p>For best results, keep the following in mind when caring for yourKOHLER product:</p><p> Use a mild detergent such as liquid dishwashing soap and warmwater for cleaning. Do not use abrasive cleaners that may scratchor dull the surface.</p><p> Carefully read the cleaner product label to ensure the cleaner issafe for use on the material.</p><p> Always test your cleaning solution on an inconspicuous areabefore applying to the entire surface.</p><p> Do not allow cleaners to sit or soak on the surface.</p><p> Wipe surfaces clean and rinse completely with water immediatelyafter cleaner application. Rinse and dry any overspray that landson nearby surfaces.</p><p> Use a soft, dampened sponge or cloth. Never use an abrasivematerial such as a brush or scouring pad to clean surfaces.</p><p>For detailed cleaning information and products to consider, To order Care &amp; Cleaning information, call1-800-456-4537.</p><p>Kohler Co. 3 1102759-5-D</p></li><li><p>Disassemble/Reassemble the FaucetNOTE: Cover the drain with the plastic cap (provided) or towel toavoid losing small parts during this procedure.</p><p>DisassembleFor K-13460, K-13466, and K-13472 only, use the 2.5 mm hexwrench provided to remove and retain the screw from thetemperature lever. Remove and retain the temperature lever withthe spring washer.</p><p>Remove and retain the screw from the back of the faucet.</p><p>IMPORTANT! Take care to avoid scratching the sensor lens whenremoving the spout.</p><p>Slide the spout forward and off the body.</p><p>ReassembleSlide the spout over the body until the base of the spout is flushagainst the mounting surface.</p><p>Reinstall the screw into the back of the faucet.</p><p>Screw</p><p>Body</p><p>Temperature Lever Back of Faucet</p><p>Screw</p><p>SpringWasher</p><p>TemperatureLever</p><p>1102759-5-D 4 Kohler Co.</p></li><li><p>Disassemble/Reassemble the Faucet (cont.)</p><p>Reinsert the temperature lever with spring washer into the faucet.</p><p>Reinstall the screw to secure the temperature lever to the faucet.</p><p>Kohler Co. 5 1102759-5-D</p></li><li><p>Remove the Vandal-Resistant PlugNOTE: Disassemble the faucet following the steps in theDisassemble/Reassemble the Faucet section.</p><p>From inside the faucet body, use a screwdriver to pop out thevandal-resistant plug button.</p><p>If you are adjusting the temperature, go to the OptionalTemperature Limiting Adjustment section and follow theinstructions.</p><p>If you are installing the handle assembly, refer to the illustrationin the Optional Temperature Limiting Adjustment section.Otherwise, reinstall the plug button.</p><p>Position the plug button and firmly press into place.</p><p>Vandal-ResistantPlug Button</p><p>1102759-5-D 6 Kohler Co.</p></li><li><p>Optional Temperature Limiting AdjustmentCAUTION: Risk of personal injury. Scalding may result ifthe temperature limit is not properly set.</p><p>NOTE: The water temperature does not need to be adjusted if thewater temperature is below 105F (41C).</p><p>NOTE: Use a thermometer rated for 120F (49C) or greater.</p><p>NOTE: When using a tempered water supply, install thevandal-resistant plug button.</p><p>Adjust the Water Temperature Limit Handle InstallationsTurn on the water and adjust to full hot by turning the handletoward the back of the faucet until it stops.</p><p>Determine the temperature using a thermometer. If thetemperature exceeds 105F (41C), complete the following steps.</p><p>NOTICE: Do not rotate the handle when removing the screw.</p><p>Using the 2.5 mm hex wrench provided, remove and retain thehandle screw.</p><p>Remove and retain the handle with the spring washer.</p><p>Handle</p><p>Screw</p><p>Vandal-ResistantPlug Button</p><p>SpringWasher</p><p>Kohler Co. 7 1102759-5-D</p></li><li><p>Optional Temperature Limiting Adjustment (cont.)</p><p>Insert the handle at the desired maximum temperature. If thehandle is inserted horizontally: This is the maximum hottemperature, where the water will be the same temperature as thewater from the hot water supply. If the handle is insertedvertically (shown): This is the maximum cold temperature, wherethe water will be the same temperature as the water from thecold water supply.</p><p>NOTICE: Do not rotate the handle when reinstalling the screw.</p><p>Reinstall the spring washer into the handle, then attach thehandle to the faucet.</p><p>Secure the handle to the faucet with the screw.</p><p>Adjust the Water Temperature Limit Vandal-Resistant Installations</p><p>NOTE: If you install the vandal-resistant plug button, save thehandle to adjust the water temperature at a later date.</p><p>Using the handle, adjust the water to the desired temperature.</p><p>Using the 2.5 mm hex wrench provided, remove and retain thescrew, spring washer, and handle.</p><p>Position the vandal-resistant plug button and firmly press intoplace.</p><p>1102759-5-D 8 Kohler Co.</p></li><li><p>Service the Battery</p><p>Disassemble the faucet to access the battery case. Refer to theDisassemble/Reassemble the Faucet section.Using a small torx screwdriver, remove and retain the two screwsfrom the battery case.</p><p>Insert two AAA Alkaline batteries (not provided) into the batterycase.</p><p>Reinstall the two screws into the battery case.</p><p>Reassemble the faucet.</p><p>Wait approximately two minutes to allow the faucet to cyclethrough the automatic sensing distance before use.</p><p>Battery Cover</p><p>AAA Alkaline Batteries</p><p>Battery Case</p><p>Screws</p><p>Kohler Co. 9 1102759-5-D</p></li><li><p>Aerator</p><p>Using the key provided, remove the aerator from the spout.</p><p>If applicable, uncover the drain.</p><p>Turn on the main water supply and check for leaks.</p><p>Allow the water to run through the spout for about one minute toremove any debris. Check for leaks and adjust as needed.</p><p>Temporarily cover the sensors on the faucet or close the watersupplies.</p><p>Using the key provided, reinstall the aerator to the spout.</p><p>Uncover the sensors on the faucet or turn on the water supplies.</p><p>WarrantyKOHLER Electronic Faucets, Valves and ControlsFIVE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY</p><p>Kohler Co. warrants that its electronic faucets, valves and controls willbe free of defects in material and workmanship during normalresidential use for five years from the date the product is installed.This warranty applies only to electronic faucets, valves and controlsinstalled in the United States of America, Canada and Mexico (NorthAmerica).</p><p>If a defect is found in normal residential use, Kohler Co. will, at itselection, repair, provide a replacement part or product, or makeappropriate adjustment where Kohler Co.s inspection discloses any</p><p>Aerator</p><p>Key</p><p>1102759-5-D 10 Kohler Co.</p></li><li><p>Warranty (cont.)</p><p>such defect. Damage caused by accident, misuse, or abuse is notcovered by this warranty. Improper care and cleaning will void thewarranty*. Proof of purchase (original sales receipt) must be providedto Kohler Co. with all warranty claims. Kohler Co. is not responsiblefor labor charges, installation, or other incidental or consequential costsother than those noted above. In no event shall the liability of KohlerCo. exceed the purchase price of the faucet, valve or control.</p><p>If the electronic faucets, valves or controls are used commercially or areinstalled outside of North America, Kohler Co. warrants that thefaucet, valve or control will be free from defects in material andworkmanship for one (1) year from the date the product is installed,with all other terms of this warranty applying except duration.</p><p>If you believe that you have a warranty claim, contact your HomeCenter, Dealer, Plumbing Contractor or E-tailer. Please be sure toprovide all pertinent information regarding your claim, including acomplete description of the problem, the product, model number, thedate the product was purchased, from whom the product waspurchased and the installation date. Also include your original invoice.For other information, or to obtain the name and address of the serviceand repair facility nearest you, write Kohler Co., Attn: Customer CareCenter, Kohler, Wisconsin 53044 USA, or by calling 1-800-4-KOHLER(1-800-456-4537) from within the USA and Canada, and001-800-456-4537 from within Mexico, or visit withinthe USA, from within Canada, in Mexico.</p><p>THE FOREGOING WARRANTIES ARE IN LIEU OF ALL OTHERWARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOTLIMITED TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OFMERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULARPURPOSE.</p><p>KOHLER CO. AND/OR SELLER DISCLAIM ANY LIABILITY FORSPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Somestates/provinces do not allow limitations on how long an impliedwarranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of such damages, sothese limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. This warrantygives the consumer specific legal rights. You may also have otherrights that vary from state/province to state/province. This warrantyis to the original consumer purchaser only, and excludes productdamage due to installation error, product abuse, or product misuse,whether performed by a contractor, service company, or theconsumer.</p><p>This is Kohler Co.s exclusive written warranty.</p><p>Kohler Co. 11 1102759-5-D</p></li><li><p>Warranty (cont.)</p><p>*Never use cleaners containing abrasive cleansers, ammonia, bleach,acids, waxes, alcohol, solvents or other products not recommendedfor chrome. This will void the warranty.</p><p>Troubleshooting</p><p>Symptoms ProbableCauses</p><p>Recommended Action</p><p>1. No waterflow.</p><p>A. Filter isplugged.</p><p>A. Clean or replace the filter.</p><p>B. Sensor eyesare dirty.</p><p>B. Wipe the sensor eyes with adamp soft cloth. Wipe dry with adry soft cloth.</p><p>C. Water notturned on.</p><p>C. Verify that the water supply isturned on and that pressure is atleast 20 psi (137 kPa).</p><p>D. Incorrectinstallation.</p><p>D. Verify that the faucet is mountedas instructed in the installationguide. Ensure that the sensor eyesare above the rim of the sink. Referto the installation instructions.</p><p>E. The aeratoris plugged.</p><p>E. Remove and clean the aerator.For calcium/mineral deposits, soakthe plastic insert in a 50:50 mix ofwater and vinegar. Soak only theplastic insert.</p><p>F. Sensor eyesare scratched.</p><p>F. Replace the sensor assembly.</p><p>G. A flex hoseis kinked.</p><p>G. Check the flex hoses to makecertain they are not kinked. If aflex hose is kinked, disconnect it,straighten, and reconnect.</p><p>H. Batterieshave just beenreplaced.</p><p>H. Wait 2 minutes after replacingbatteries as the sensor cyclesthrough the automatic sensingdistance.</p><p>I. Battery lifeexpired.</p><p>I. Remove faucet from body andreplace batteries. Use two standardAAA batteries.</p><p>J. Bleed holein diaphragmis plugged ordebris existson the seal.</p><p>J. Clean or replace the diaphragm.</p><p>1102759-5-D 12 Kohler Co.</p></li><li><p>Troubleshooting (cont.)</p><p>Symptoms ProbableCauses</p><p>Recommended Action</p><p>K. Solenoid isnot working.</p><p>K. Order a new solenoid servicekit.</p><p>2. Low flow. A. Filter isplugged.</p><p>A. Clean or replace the filter.</p><p>B. Supplypressure islow.</p><p>B. Check incoming water pressure.Pressure should be at least 20 psi(137 kPa).</p><p>C. Aerator isplugged.</p><p>C. Remove the aerator and clean it.For calcium/mineral deposits, soakthe aerator plastic insert in a 50:50mixture of vinegar and water. Soakonly the insert and no othercomponents.</p><p>3. Constantwater flow.</p><p>A. Filter isplugged.</p><p>A. Clean or replace the filter.</p><p>B. Diaphragmseal isdamaged ordirty.</p><p>B. If the diaphragm is cut or torn,order a new diaphragm assembly.Clean or replace the diaphragm.</p><p>C. Solenoid isnot working.</p><p>C. Order and install a new solenoidassembly.</p><p>4. Sporadicwater flow.</p><p>A. The faucetis angledincorrectly todeck ormisalignedwith user area.</p><p>A. Verify that the faucet is mountedaccording to the installationdirections. Ensure that the faucet isinstalled in a position that is abovethe rim of the sink.</p><p>B. The wiresare pinched ordamaged.</p><p>B. Remove the spout and verifythat the wires are tucked inside thespout before reassembling.</p><p>5. Sensorflashes onceapproximatelyevery 2seconds. Theproductcontinues tooperate.</p><p>A. The batterypower is low.</p><p>A. Remove faucet from body andreplace batteries. Use two standardAAA batteries.</p><p>Kohler Co. 13 1102759-5-D</p></li><li><p>Troubleshooting (cont.)</p><p>Symptoms ProbableCauses</p><p>Recommended Action</p><p>6. Sensorflashes onceapproximatelyevery 2seconds. Theproduct doesnot operate.</p><p>A. The batterypower isinsufficient toallow theproduct tooperate.</p><p>A. Remove faucet from body andreplace batteries. Use two standardAAA batteries.</p><p>1102759-5-D 14 Kohler Co.</p></li><li><p>Guide de maintenanceRobinet dvier de salle de bains Touchless</p><p>Entretien et nettoyage</p><p>Pour obtenir les meilleurs rsultats possibles, prendre ce qui suit enconsidration lors de lentretien de votre produit KOHLER:</p><p> Utiliser un dtergent doux tel que liquide pour vaisselle et deleau chaude pour nettoyer. Ne pas utiliser de nettoyants abrasifscar ils pourraient rayer ou abmer la surface.</p><p> Lire ltiquette du produit de nettoyage avec le plus grand soinpour assurer quil peut tre utilis sans danger sur le matriau.</p><p> Toujours tester la solution de nettoyage sur une surface nonvisible avant de lappliquer sur lensemble de la surface.</p><p> Ne pas laisser les nettoyants reposer ou tremper sur la surface.</p><p> Essuyer les surfaces et rincer compltement avec de leauimmdiatement aprs lapplication du nettoyant. Rincer et schertout claboussement sur les surfaces avoisinantes.</p><p> Utiliser une ponge ou un chiffon doux et humide. Ne jamaisutiliser de matriau abrasif tel quune brosse ou une ponge rcurer pour nettoyer les surfaces.</p><p>Pour obtenir des informations dtailles sur le nettoyage et les produits considrer, consulter le site Pour commanderdes informations sur lentretien &amp; le nettoyage, appeler le1-800-456-4537.</p><p>Kohler Co. Franais-1 1102759-5-D</p></li><li><p>Dmontage/Remontage du robinetREMARQUE: Recouvrir le drain avec le capuchon en plastique(fourni) ou une serviette afin dviter de perdre les petites picespendant cette procdure.</p><p>DmontagePour les modles K-13460, K-13466, K-...</p></li></ul>