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  • Seal material approved drinking


    Novus 34, the non-asbestos sheet

    sealing material from Dutch

    Royal Econosto Groups

    subsidiary, Econosto Ltd, has

    been approved for use in potable

    water applications in the UK.

    This British Water Byelaw Scheme

    certification means that the gasket

    material can be used in direct contact

    with both cold and hot water up to

    85 C (185 C), making ir suitable

    for both storage and heating

    applications of drinking water.

    Novus 34 is just one of the sheet

    materials introduced as an

    alternative to compressed asbestos

    fibre (CAF), and incorporates a

    blend of para-aramid and inorganic

    fibres with special additives bound

    together with a high quality nitrile

    rubber. Testing has shown it to be

    suitable for demanding applications

    including the containment of oils,

    solvents, steam, gases such as

    oxygen, and now potable water applications.

    Novus 34 also meets the

    requirements of BS7531 Grade X,

    DIN-DVGW 96.01 e-845 and

    BAM, which means it suitable for

    oxygen service, where pressures up

    to 160 bar (2256 psi) and

    temperatures of 90 C (194 C) are


    Contact: Econosto Ltd, Hunsworth Lane,

    Cleckheaton, BD19 3UJ, UK. Tel:-+44 1274 878 787; Fax: +44 1274 862 588.

    New eyelet

    catalogue A new brochure describing

    Thermoseal In& complete range of 316 stainless steel eyelet

    gaskets has been published.

    The colour catalogue, entitled

    The eyelets have it, highlights that

    these eyelet gaskets are available in

    tW0 non-asbestos compressed

    materials, namely KLINGER@ sil C-

    4433 and KLINGER@ sil C-4439.

    The eyelet gaskets have improved

    resistance to blowout and corrosive

    chemicals and are available in the full

    range of ANSI sizes. The brochure

    also details the materials properties

    such as creep relaxation, sealability,

    compressibility and recovery, and hot

    compression set.

    The C-4433 eyelet gasket has

    been designed for general purpose

    and steam service, while the C-

    4439 eyelet is resistant to pressure

    and temperatures fluctuations Both

    gasket materials conform to the

    criteria of the fourth edition of the

    API-607 standard.

    Contact:Thermoseal Inc., 2350

    Campbell Road, Sidney, OH 45365- 9573, USA. Tel: +l 937 498 2222; Fax: +I 937 498 7544.

    Non-fogging foam sealing tape Gaska Tape Incorporated, based

    in Indiana, USA, has added a new low out-gassing foam to its

    Polymeric Series Foam Tape. The new foam is suitable for a

    number of automotive gasketing

    applications and satisfies the SAE

    J-1756 specification for motor

    products. This is a standard set by

    the Society of Automotive

    Engineers and is an adaptation of

    the Ford fogging test. Fogging

    refers to the residue left on the

    inner surface of the glass in new

    cars by vapours from plastics,

    rubber and foam. According to the

    company this latest polymeric foam

    gives off significantly fewer vapours

    and hence causes less fogging of the


    Other internal applications for

    the polymeric foam tape include

    engine gasketing, as it can

    withstand a wide temperature

    range, -35 C (-31 F) to 116 C

    (240 F). It is also suitable for

    external automotive applications, as

    it is resistant to UV light and

    sunlight, as well as chemically

    compatible with petrol, oil,

    hydraulic fluid, brake fluid,

    alcohol, anti-freeze and a number

    of acids including sulphuric acid

    and hydrochloric acid.

    The whole range of Polymeric

    Series Foam Tapes are available in a

    variety of densities to suit the

    apphcatlon and come with a skin

    on two sides for improved bonding

    to substrate materials, as well as

    single or double-sided water-based

    or solvent-based adhesives.

    Contact: Gaska Tape Incorporated, 1810 W Lusher, Elkhart, PO Box 1968, IN 46517-I 968, USA. Tel: +I 219 294 5431; Fax: +I 219 293 4504.

    Valve stem packing saves money James Walker & Co Ltd helped rectify the failure of a control valve that was causing unscheduled and highly expensive equipment

    downtimes at a British-based

    petrochemical plant.

    At refinery facilities it is we11

    accepted that its difficult to keep

    control valves in good conditions

    either due to ingress of dirt or

    improper installation.

    At a British petrochemical plant,

    staff had experienced problems

    with a level control valve on a

    reactor vessel for 10 years. The

    valve operated in a temperature of

    30 C (86 F) and 45 bar pressure, James Walker supplied the plant and on average it caused an with a trial set of Kalrez@ KVSP unscheduled reactor shutdown replacement seals, which is a once a year. The cost of a shutdown chevron type of packing set, with was nearly f60 000. Therefore, the alternate rings of PFTE and Kalrez management of the plant was keen perfluoroelasromer, from DuPont to find a valve packing that offered Dow Elastomer. long term fluid sealing. Prior to The valve was refurbished, approaching James Walker for reinstalled and monitored to assistance, they had tried a determine the performance of the graphite-based stem packing set new stem packing. Thirty months that had been unsuccessful. after continuous service the control

    Sealing Technology No. 69 0


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