Norse Exploration

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Norse Exploration. Norse Exploration. Faroe Islands Iceland Greenland North America Novgorod Kiev. Key Terms. Vikings Kells Lindisfarne Jarrow Paris. Viking Attack!. Kievan Rus ’. Establishing a Territory. By 838 had a rudimentary system of government Chaganus - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Norse Exploration1Norse ExplorationFaroe IslandsIcelandGreenlandNorth AmericaNovgorodKiev2


4Key TermsVikingsKellsLindisfarneJarrowParis

Viking Attack!5

6Kievan Rus7

8Establishing a TerritoryBy 838 had a rudimentary system of governmentChaganusUnclear where the centre of Rus' power was in the 9th centuryMoved from Gorodishche to nearby Novgorod9Turning SouthMove from Novgorod to KievIncrease of trade between Constantinople and KievSettlements along the Black SeaKiev became a cultural, religious and political centre using Constantinople as its model10Persian Coins in Viking Sweden

11Viking Buddha


13Norse in the North AtlanticHellulandMarklandVinland14


16Artifacts from LAnse aux Meadows


18Portion of Norse Scale

19Bishop of Baffin


21Twine found at Paleo-Dorset site

22Maine Penny