Norse Mythology

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Norse Mythology. In the beginning Scott V.- King of gods Ben G.- Sculptor Alvin Y.- Genealogist Kaiyuen C.- Muse Paul Z.- Messenger. In The Beginning. Gaping pit called Ginungagap. A frost giant named Ymir and a horless cow. Ymir fell asleep and created the first jotun - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Norse MythologyIn the beginningScott V.- King of gods Ben G.- SculptorAlvin Y.- GenealogistKaiyuen C.- MusePaul Z.- Messenger

  • In The BeginningGaping pit called Ginungagap. A frost giant named Ymir and a horless cow. Ymir fell asleep and created the first jotun The cow brought the life of a handsom manJotun and aesir married she gave birth to the aesir The aesir went to kill ymirTwo worlds called Midgard and Jotunheim were created Men were made after

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  • Odin, the kingWas one of the ones that brought down ymir.Odin was the leader of the norse.He could see to the end of the world in his chair.He saw a jotun named mimir who was the smartest jotun.If you drank from the well that he mimir protected then you would be really smart.Odin asked mimir for a sip of the well and in return gave him his left eye.Since he only had one eye he covered it with his hair.

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  • Bragi the poetBragi was a poetHe was a mortal person from the ninth century until people decided he must be a godOdins chief poetSon of OdinHad runes ground on his tongue

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  • Thor, god of thunder Thor is the son of Odin He became even more popular then his father and got a day of the week named after him (Thursday) His weapon is a hammer called mjonir Destined to die in Ragnarok form the midgard serpant

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  • Balder, god of lightBalder is like a muse, he is son of Odin and Frigg One Day, Frigg made everything promise they wouldnt hurt Balder except the mistletoe plantA trickster god, Loki, found out Balders weaknessLoki made a dart out of mistletoe, which was Balders weaknessAt one time, the gods were throwing things at BalderLoki tricked a blind god to throw the mistletoe at BalderIt peirced him and he died.Nanna, his wife died from the shock of his deathEveryone cried for him, except Loki so Balder wasnt brought back to life

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  • Tyr, god of dutyFenris was a giant wolf, offspring of Loki and Angerboda. He grew so large that the gods became afraid of him.Only Tyr was brave enough to feed and take care of Fenris.The gods crafted the strongest iron chain called Laeding and attached it to Fenris.Fenris easily broke it.The gods then crafted a second chain, Dromi.He allowed the gods to put the fetter upon him, and he broke it. The dwarves made a silk bond called Gleipnir. Fenris let the gods put it on him, if Tyr put his hand in Fenris mouth.Fenris realized he couldnt get out, and he chomped off Tyrs hand.

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