North America South America Africa Europe Asia Oceania Antarctica Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean Indian Ocean Arctic Ocean Name the seven

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  • North AmericaSouth AmericaAfrica Europe Asia Oceania Antarctica Pacific OceanPacific OceanAtlantic

    Ocean Indian OceanArctic OceanName the seven continents and four oceans.

  • Mississippi River

  • SeattleSan FranciscoLos AngelesDenverHoustonNew OrieansMiamiAtlantaBostonNew YorkPhiladelphiaWashington, D.CAppalachianRocky MountainsMexicoChicagoDetroitSt. LouisCanadaAtlantic OceanPacific Oceanthe Mississippi

  • Ocean on the east coast _________________Ocean on the west cost __________________Country to the north of USA __________________Country to the south of USA ________________Mountains range in the west ______________________Longest river in the USA : ____________________Atlantic OceanPacific OceanCanadaMexico Rocky MountainsMississippi River

  • SuperiorMichiganErieHuronOntario

  • United States of America is composed of a federal district - Washington DC and 50 states. All the states except for Hawaii islands are situated in mainland America. It has a population of about 2,900 million. Its area is 9,370,000 sq km. The climate of USA is mainly temperate( ) in nature but in Hawaii and Florida, it is tropical.

  • Star-Spangled Banner 50 stars Each star represents one state 13 stripes the original 13 states.Blue loyalty and justiceRed courageWhite freedom

  • The White House The executive mansion of the President of the United States. The American President lives and works in the building.

  • The Statue of Liberty The crowned lady is 46 meters high, with a torch in her right hand holding a loft and Declaration of Independence in her left.

  • 1. Which flag is American flag?A. B. C.2. Which city is the capital of the USA?New York Washington D.C Los Angeles Competition about the general knowledge of USA.

  • 3. Who is president of America?B. Gordon Brown A. ObamaC. Putin

  • 4. Which doesnt belong to the USA?A. Statue of LibertyD. GoldenBridgeB. WhiteHouseC. Big Ben

  • Pre-reading It has an area of 411,ooo square kilometers. And it is one of the American states of the largest population, with the most developed economy.

  • California is amazing. The pleasant weather, long beach and graceful natural landscape make the tourism prosperous.

  • How each picture is relevant to the history of California?Native American Indian one of the first people to live in California.

  • A gold minerthe discovery of gold in California created a gold rush which brought people from all over the world to California.

  • A building in Chinatown, San FranciscoMany Chinese have settled in California and many of them live in Chinatown in San Francisco.

  • Some pictures about the history of California!

  • Native Americans

  • Gold Rush Period

  • 1. California is the ____ largest state in the USA.A. third B. second C. fourth D. fifth2. California, a state in the western USA, borders _____. the Pacific Ocean B. the Indian OceanC. the Atlantic Ocean D. the Arctic OceanGeneral knowledge quiz about California

  • 3. _____ is Californias largest and the nations second largest city. Sacramento B. Los AngelesC. San Diego D. San Francisco4. Californias official nickname is the ___Sunflower State B. Golden StateC. Land of Opportunity D. Evergreen State

  • 5. ____ has the largest population in the USA.A. California B. Alaska C. Washington D. Texas6. California entered the Union on September 9, 1850, as the ___ state.A. thirtieth B. thirty-eighth C. thirty-second D. thirty-first

  • New wordsillustrate vt. ; distinction n. ; majority n. ; prehistoric adj. elect v. ; percentage n. ;

  • boom n. () vi. immigrate vi. racial adj.

  • 1. Whats the topic of this text? A. the culture of California B. the history of California C. the weather of California D. the history of USA2.Which state in the USA has the largest Population? California (over 30 million people)

  • Russians Later Arrivals The Spanish Most Recent Arrivals Native Americans3. How many kinds of people are mentioned in this text? Gold Miners

  • 1.Of the first Spanish to go to Californiawhat are the majority 2. What is the relation between California and Mexico 3. What information about Russians can you get ?4. Who were the first to arrive in California to rush for gold?5. When and why did the large number of Chinese immigrate to California?6. What attracted people from different parts of the world to immigrate to California?

  • 15,000 yearsArcticDetailed readingI. Read the text carefully and fill in the blanks.

  • CatholicSpanish soldiersreligiousmen

  • 1800sMexico1846

  • goldthirty-firstChineserail networkEuropeAsia

  • late 19th centuryfilm industryItaliansJewishDenmark

  • ship and aircraftattractedAsiaKoreans

  • racial culturalmixture

  • 1. California is the third largest state in USA but has the largest population.2. In 1848, before the American-Mexican war, gold was discovered in California. 3. The native people suffered greatly after the arrival of Europeans in the 16th century.FTTIII. True or False.

  • 4. Over 40% of Californians speak Spanish as a first language.5. In the 1800s, Russian hunters began settling in California.TF

  • 6. A lot of people rushing for gold lost their lives or went back home, but most of them remained in California to make a living for themselves in the new towns or on farms.7. Compared with the period of gold rush, less Chinese immigrate to California during the period of building the rail network from the west to the east coast.8. By the 1920s, the film industry was well established in California.TTF

  • 9. It is the computer industry since its beginning in 1970s that has attracted Indians and Pakistanis to California.10. With more immigrants coming to California now and then, It is believed that before long there will be a even greater mix of nationalities in this state.TT


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