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    King of the Queen City Homecoming 2013 People Behind the Scholarships 2K14


    Franklin EugEnE McCain Sr.

    a lEgaCy of CouragE

  • A&T TodAyNorth Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Winter/Spring 2014

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    chAncEllorDr. Harold L. Martin Sr. 74

    inTEriM VicE chAncEllor for uniVErsiTy AdVAncEMEnTNicole Pride

    AssociATE VicE chAncEllor for uniVErsiTy rElATionsNicole Pride

    BoArd of TrusTEEs chAirPatricia Miller Zollar 84

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    North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is a land-grant university that is ranked by the Carnegie Classification System as a doctoral/research university. North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is an AA/EEO employer and an ADA compliant institution. 45,250 copies of this public document were printed at a cost of $29,719 or $0.6568 per copy.

    North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is a learner-centered community that develops and preserves intellectual capital through interdisciplinary learning, discovery, engagement, and operational excellence.

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    insidE AggiElAnd

    cAMPus BriEfs

    PEoPlE BEhind ThE scholArshiPs

    AggiE sPorTs

    AggiEs on ThE MoVE

    in MEMoriAM

    MixEd BAg

    rEMEMBEring ThE PAsT




    huMAniTAriAn EfforT Students project helps provide safe water access for

    families in Tanzania

    A lEgAcy of courAgEA&T Four member Franklin E. McCain Sr. 64 is memorialized

    sErVing ThE coMMuniTyStudents in Joint Master of Social Work degree program gain

    hands-on experience

    King of ThE quEEn ciTyPatrick Cannon 99 is elected mayor of Charlotte. N.C.





  • inside aggieland

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    At the fall commencement, Dec. 14, 74-year-

    old Bertha Kornegay Dixon walked across

    the dais having successfully completed the

    requirements to earn a Ph.D. in leadership

    studies from North Carolina A&T State


    This degree added to her already impressive

    collection of academic achievements:

    Bachelor of Arts degree in business

    education from Savannah State University,

    Master of Arts degrees in education

    and curriculum and administration from

    Northeastern Illinois University and Chicago

    State University, respectively, and a Juris

    Doctorate from DePaul University.

    Dixon attributes her love of education to

    her father. As she reflects on her humble

    upbringing in the small town of Hazlehurst,

    Ga., she remembers how much her father

    valued education. His goal, she said, was to

    educate as many of his children as possible.

    My dads plan was that we would all work

    together to get my two older sisters out

    (of college) and then each one of us would

    reach down and bring the younger ones out

    of college, she said.

    Of her 12 siblings, 10 have earned masters

    degrees or above.

    Septuagenarian Earns Doctorate

    Although her doctoral program is complete, Dixon has no plans

    of sitting idly. Her immediate goals are to become a professor at

    N.C. A&T, take the bar exam and practice law in North Carolina or

    become a consultant.

    When I retired they asked me what I wanted. I told them a rocking

    chair, but it would only be for decoration, she said.

    Dixon practiced law for 26 years in Illinois where she also spent

    time as a teacher and then administrator in the Chicago public

    school system. In 2006, she became an adjunct professor in the

    School of Business and Economics at A&T.

    Her key piece of advice for students of any age is simply to have

    a goal.

    Have a time frame for that goal and dont let anyone or anything

    get in your way of reaching that goal, she said.

    Board of Governors Approves More Out-of-State Freshmen for N.C. A&T

    On Jan. 10, the University of North Carolina Board of

    Governors approved Chancellor Harold L. Martin Sr.s proposal

    to increase the out-of-state capacity for new freshmen at

    North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

    In a letter to UNC President Thomas Ross dated Jan. 3,

    Martin requested a 7 percent increase on the current 18

    percent cap for out-of-state new freshmen citing the

    universitys capability to serve the additional number of

    students without it having a negative impact on in-state

    enrollment or in-state students.

    We are pleased the board of governors agreed to increase

    the out-of-state student cap at North Carolina A&T State

    University, said Martin. We will continue to increase

    the universitys academic competitiveness and prepare

    more students for careers in high-need disciplines locally,

    regionally and nationally.

    Recruitment efforts for out-of-state students will be focused

    in the science, technology, engineering, mathematics,

    nursing, education and agricultural disciplines.

    As a part of the increase, no qualified in-state student

    will be denied admission or access to the university to

    accommodate out-of-state students.

    The American Chemical Society (ACS) student chapter at North Carolina A&T State

    University has been selected to receive a Commendable Award for its activities

    conducted during the 2012-2013 academic year.

    The Society Committee on Education presented 53 outstanding, 85 commendable

    and 125 honorable mention awards. Lists of award winning chapters were published

    in Chemical & Engineering News and in the November/December issue of

    inChemistry, the student member magazine. The award-winning chapters will also

    be honored at the 247th American Chemical Society National Meeting in Dallas,

    Texas, on March 16.

    Dr. Marion A. Franks, associate professor in the chemistry department, is the faculty

    advisor for the ACS student chapter at N.C. A&T.

    ACS is dynamic, visionary and committed to improving peoples lives through

    the transforming power of chemistry. With more than 163,000 members, it is

    the worlds largest scientific society and one of the leading

    sources of authoritative scientific information. A nonprofit

    organization that was chartered by Congress, ACS is at the

    forefront of the evolving worldwide chemical enterprise

    and the premier professional home for chemists, chemical

    engineers and related professions around the globe.

    ACS Student Chapter Receives Award

    Chancellor Harold L. Martin Sr. congratulates Bertha K. Dixon, who earned a

    Doctor of Philosophy degree in leadership studies at the age of 74.

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    inside aggieland continued

    Toyota Exec Delivers Commencement Keynote

    Wilbert W. Wil James, president

    of Toyota Motor Manufacturing

    Kentucky Inc. (TMMK), delivered

    the keynote address at the fall

    commencement exercises held

    Dec. 14 at Greensboro Coliseum.

    James career at Toyota spans

    more than 26 years. He was

    appointed to his current position

    in July 2010.

    James passed along three lessons

    to the December class of 2013.

    LeSSON ONe: Always do what you commit to do and strive to


    James learned this lesson as a

    boy. On one occasion James

    mowed the lawn as he was told

    but didnt go the extra mile of

    cleaning up the debris after the

    chore was completed. His father

    explained that over-delivering is

    the difference between getting

    by and getting noticed.

    LeSSON TwO: Respect the knowledge of others and (then)

    go and see for yourself.

    never make a withdrawal until youve made a significant deposit. Wil James

    Early in his career, James was

    assigned a task that seemed

    equivalent to finding a needle

    in a haystack. A coincidental

    conversation with an experienced

    employee provided the information

    he needed. Know where to go and

    who to ask, he said.

    LeSSON Three: Never make a withdrawal until youve made a

    significant deposit.

    James said that this lesson is

    true in finances and relationships.

    He advised the candidates to

    regularly deposit respect, trus


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