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    Whats New in Career Services?

    Orientation Webinars

    Online orientation sessions were held for the first time this academic year during evening hours and on some Saturdays to assist students with OCS registration. It proved to be successful for students who were unable to attend during office hours Contact the office for available dates/times (

    New Satellite Location

    New Academic Classroom Building Lobby Mondays, 10 a.m. 1 p.m.

    Students are invited to stop by for a resume critique or to discuss career-related information.

    Other satellite locations include:

    Webb Hall Library Tuesdays, 10 a.m. 1 p.m. Craig Hall Lobby Wednesdays, 1 4 p.m. College of Engineering Thursdays (fall 2014 semester)

    Services Provided and OCS Staff 2OCS Registration Process 3Top 10 Career Strategies for Freshmenand Sophomores 4The Total Package for you and yourcareer 5Tips from Employers that are Hiring 6Your Future Career Awaits You 8Graduating Students: Develop YourCareer Like a Flower 10Top Employers for Liberal Arts Graduates in 2013 11Reflections of a Co-op 12Summer Internship Helped AlumGain Employment 15Congratulations Graduates! 16Attention Returning Students 16


    The 2013-14 graduate responses to the Student Employment/Graduate School Survey included the following comments:

    Thank you for the endless opportunities made possible for me by the OCS. OCS was always awesome. I will have a job soon (found through OCS) and graduate school is in my futur plans. A big

    thank you and AGGIE PRIDE to all of the OCS Staff. The services OCS provides are excellent. I would like to say thank you for providing them although myself and others

    neglected to take advantage of them. I am beginning to see how important and vital those services are to my career; and once again, I thank you.

    The services provided by OCS are invaluable. I participated in resume reviews, interview preparations, even mock interviews.

    Participating in OCSs offerings gave me the confidence to interview well.

    Take advantage of your Office of Career Services. Report employment (summer intern, co-op, permanent) and graduate school acceptance by completing the survey on the OCS website at


    Online AggieLink Account Summer, Co-op, F/T and P/T Career Opportunities Career Fairs, Job Postings, Resume Referrals, and ELeads Career Search Methods 24/7 Career Website Resources Employer Networking Opportunities Web-based Career Spotlight Videos Career Exploration, Planning, and Assessments Workshops, Seminars, and CollegetoCareer Programs Career Leadership Development Conference Business and Dining Etiquette Programs Resume Development / Critiques Interview Preparation (Virtual and Face-to-Face) Career Counseling / Coaching. . . And so much more!

    Visit for a full list of services.

    Computer access for career research

    Five Career Fairs

    Workshops / Seminars



    The Office of Career Services has a staff of professionals, who are qualified and prepared to assist A&T students with career skills development and the job search.

    Joyce EdwardsExecutive Director ofCareer Services and Experiential Learning

    Carolyn MarkAssociate Director

    Cynthia DowningAssociate Director for Counseling Programs

    Pamela Basheer Assistant Director for Experiential Learning

    Marketta KingScheduling Coordinator

    Zeb TalleyCareer Counselor

    Denise BurstonCareer Counselor

    Tiffany Jones Administrative

    Support Specialist


    Students currently enrolled in a degree-granting program and graduates of the university may register with the Office of Career Services (OCS). There are two types of registrations: (1) limited and (2) full registration access.

    An individual with limited registration access can engage in the majority of the services provided by OCS, except career opportunities (outlined in the full registration description). An individual with full registration access can participate in ALL activities including on-campus interviews, resume referrals, job postings (as long as the requirements outlined by the employer are met) and special programs.

    Limited Access Registration

    1. Attend orientation either in the OCS (Murphy Hall, Suite 101 or online via Webinar). Sessions are held in the office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Each lasts approximately 45 minutes. An RSVP is required. (Contact the OCS for webinar schedule.)

    2. Update or create a profile in AggieLink (includes the personal, academic, privacy consent and password sections. Opt into the text messaging alert system to receive IMPORTANT announcements from OCS).


    3. When all of the above steps are completed, you will receive a congratulatory email notification of acceptance for registration with limited access.

    4. Once all of the above steps are completed, you will receive a congratulatory email notification of acceptance for registration with full access.

    For more details on how to RSVP, visit the OCS website at; click Students, then click How to Register.

    Full Access Registration 1. Complete all of the steps for Limited Access Registration above. 2. Complete InterviewStream, which is a web-based virtual mock interview practice tool. It is located at 3. Develop a rsum and schedule an appointment to have it critiqued by an OCS staff person, who will make any necessary corrections, approve and upload it to AggieLink. Bring the rsum on a flash drive or save it to an email account for access during the appointment. Hard copies cannot be approved during the visit.




  • You control your career destiny! Just going to class and picking up your diploma after four years doesnt cut it. You need to become active on and off campus. Becoming marketable to employers or graduate schools is a four-year job. Here are the top 10 things you can do during college to make yourself marketable at job-search time. In fact, if you do all 10 of these, youll be unstoppable:

    1. Keep your grades upEmployers and graduate schools want candidates with good grades. That will probably never change. Doing well academically not only proves that you have a good knowledge base, but indicates a strong work ethica trait that employers value.

    2. Identify your interests, skills, values, and personal characteristicsThe first step to clarifying your career goals is to go through a process of self-assessment. Visit your career center and take advantage of the self-assessment instruments it has to offer.

    3. Actively explore career optionsYou owe it to yourself to find a career that enriches your life, not one that brings you down. Actively exploring careers means talking with professionals in occupations of interest and observing professionals on the job. Your career center probably has alumni and other volunteers who are willing to talk to you about their careers. Also, attend any career expos, career fairs, and career speaker panels that are offered.

    4. Become active in extracurricular activities and clubsActive involvement in activities and clubs on campus is highly valued by employers and graduate schools. Joining a club is fine, but becoming active within that club is what matters most. Become a leader, hold an office, or coordinate an event. You will develop your skills in leadership and teamworkskills that recruiters covet!

    5. Get involved in community serviceIts important that you begin to understand and appreciate the importance of giving back to your community, and that you live in a larger community than your college or hometown. Typically, students look at community service as a chore. After theyve served, however, its usually one of the most rewarding experiences theyve had! Recruiters love to see that youve volunteered to help in your community.

    6. Develop your computer skillsTake advantage of the computer courses and workshops your college offers. You can also learn a lot by just experimenting with different software packages on your own. Finally, you should learn how to develop your own web page or web-based portfolio. There are many web-design software tools that make it real easy to develop your own web page! Contact your colleges information technology office to see how to get started.

    7. Develop your writing skillsOver and over, company and graduate school recruiters complain about the lack of writing skills among college graduates. Dont avoid classes that are writing intensive. Work at developing your writing skills. If there is a writing center on campus, have them take a look at your papers from time to time. Remember, the first impression you give to recruiters is typically your cover letter or personal statement.

    8. Complete at least one internship in your chosen career fieldMore and more, internships are the springboards to employment and getting into graduate programs. Many recruiters say that when they need to fill entry-level jobs, they will only hire previous interns. In add