Northwest Women's Pool Association Tour Stop #5 Women's Pool Association Tour Stop #5 ... Winners Bracket…

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<ul><li><p>Northwest Women's Pool Association Tour Stop #5</p><p>Winner of one loss side moves to final match</p><p>Winners Bracket</p><p>2nd Champion</p><p>1A1 EVE STOCKSTILL 2</p><p>2B1 DANA MICHAELS 2</p><p>3BYE DANA MICHAELS</p><p>4C1 LIZ COLE</p><p>5A2 ALISHA ROGERS 5</p><p>6B2 LIZ COLE</p><p>7BYE LIZ COLE</p><p>8D1 LIZ COLE 4</p><p>9A3 KIT DENNIS</p><p>10B3 KIT DENNIS 3</p><p>11BYE SHARON BLEDSOE 2</p><p>12C2 SHELBY LOCATI 2</p><p>13A4 SHELBY LOCATI</p><p>14B4 SHELBY LOCATI</p><p>15BYE BYE</p><p>16E1 JANA MONTOUR</p><p>17A5 ALICA KVASNICKA</p><p>18B5 ALICA KVASNICKA</p><p>19BYE TRINH LU 6</p><p>20C3 ALICA KVASNICKA 1</p><p>21A6 DENICE WHITE</p><p>22B6 DENICE WHITE 5</p><p>23BYE MICHELLE HUGHES 6</p><p>24D2 JANA MONTOUR</p><p>25A7 JENNY LUCAS</p><p>26B7 JENNY LUCAS 1</p><p>27BYE JANIE RECKARD 5</p><p>28C4 JANA MONTOUR</p><p>29A8 JANA MONTOUR</p><p>30B8 JANA MONTOUR</p><p>31BYE FRAN JOHNSON 0</p><p>32</p><p>33 F1 JANA MONTOURA9 TALYA MAKUS 0</p><p>34B9 KIM JONES</p><p>35BYE KIM JONES</p><p>36C5 KIM JONES 5</p><p>37A10 ADRIANNE BEACH 4</p><p>38B10 SHARI ROSS 3</p><p>39BYE SHARI ROSS</p><p>40D3 SUZANNE SMITH 5</p><p>41 Final MatchA11 SUZANNE SMITH One Race to 9</p><p>42B11 SUZANNE SMITH JANA MONTOUR</p><p>43 CHAMPIONBYE ELAINE EBERLY 3</p><p>44C6 SUZANNE SMITH</p><p>45A12 SANDY BADGER 5</p><p>46B12 TAMRE' ROGERS 4</p><p>47BYE TAMRE' ROGERS</p><p>48E2 KIMBERLY KIRK 4</p><p>49A13 CINDY SLIVA</p><p>50B13 CINDY SLIVA 4</p><p>51BYE SHEILA CLARK 1 KIMBERLY KIRK 6</p><p>52 Winner - One Loss SideC7 KIMBERLY KIRK</p><p>53A14 KIMBERLY KIRK</p><p>54B14 KIMBERLY KIRK</p><p>55BYE ANNE BOUNDS 2</p><p>56D4 KIMBERLY KIRK</p><p>57A15 MARY HOPKIN</p><p>58B15 MARY HOPKIN 6</p><p>59BYE DEBBIE CICCHITTI 3</p><p>60C8 VAL FRANIEL 4</p><p>61A16 KATHY STANLEY 0</p><p>62B16 VAL FRANIEL</p><p>63BYE VAL FRANIEL</p><p>64</p><p>$500$375</p><p>TOURNAMENT NOTES </p><p>Player Total - 31 </p><p>Total Money Added (Main Event) - $750.00 </p><p>Total Money Added (2nd Chance) - $200.00 Total Payout - $1,875.00 </p><p>Draw to be posted on line by 9:00pm on the </p><p>Friday prior to tournament. First round byes are </p><p>not guaranteed until the start of play. </p><p>Race to 7 on the A side </p><p>Race to 6 on the B side </p><p> Names In Red Indicate Web Streamed Match </p></li><li><p>Double Elimination Bracket Board</p><p>Winner of one loss side moves to final match</p><p>One Loss Side</p><p>33rd - 48th 25th - 32nd 17th - 24th 13th - 16th 9th - 12th 7th - 8th 5th - 6th 4th 3rd</p><p>Loser-A1KATHY STANLEY</p><p>Loser-B16KATHY STANLEY</p><p>L-A2 KATHY STANLEY 1DEBBIE CICCHITTI 4</p><p>JENNY LUCAS 1L-B15 Loser-C4</p><p>L-A3 DENICE WHITE 2ANNE BOUNDS 1</p><p>L-B14SHEILA CLARK 5 KIM JONES</p><p>L-A4 DENICE WHITESHEILA CLARK</p><p>KIM JONESDENICE WHITE Loser-D3</p><p>L-B13 L-C3</p><p>L-A5SANDY BADGER</p><p>L-B12SANDY BADGER 5 KIM JONES</p><p>L-A6 KIT DENNIS 5ELAINE EBERLY 0</p><p>KIT DENNISL-B11 L-C2</p><p>KIM JONES 3L-A7 ADRIANNE BEACH 5</p><p>ADRIANNE BEACH</p><p>L-B10ADRIANNE BEACH VAL FRANIEL 3</p><p>L-A8 ADRIANNE BEACHTALYA MAKUS 2 LIZ COLE 5</p><p>VAL FRANIEL Loser-E1DANA MICHAELS 2 L-D4</p><p>L-B9 L-C1</p><p>L-A9FRAN JOHNSON</p><p>L-B8FRAN JOHNSON 3</p><p>L-A10 MARY HOPKINJANIE RECKARD 4</p><p>MARY HOPKINL-B7 L-C8</p><p>SHELBY LOCATI 3L-A11 MARY HOPKIN 2</p><p>MICHELLE HUGHES 4</p><p>L-B6TRINH LU 4 SHELBY LOCATI</p><p>L-A12 CINDY SLIVA 5TRINH LU</p><p>SHELBY LOCATICINDY SLIVA L-D1</p><p>L-B5 L-C7</p><p>L-A13 KIMBERLY KIRKBYE Winner To Finals</p><p>L-B4SHARON BLEDSOE 2 SHELBY LOCATI</p><p>L-A14 TAMRE' ROGERSSHARON BLEDSOE</p><p>TAMRE' ROGERSL-B3 L-C6</p><p>L-A15 TAMRE' ROGERS SHELBY LOCATIALISHA ROGERS</p><p>KIMBERLY KIRKL-B2 Loser-F1</p><p>ALISHA ROGERS TAMRE' ROGERS 3</p><p>L-A16 ALISHA ROGERS 3EVE STOCKSTILL F</p><p>ALICA KVASNICKA 3 SUZANNE SMITH 3SHARI ROSS 1 L-D2 L-E2</p><p>L-B1 L-C5</p><p>$250$170$110$80</p></li></ul>