Now, we are going on a snorkeling trip into the depths of the ocean!

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  • Now, we are going on a snorkeling trip into the depths of the ocean!

  • parrotfish

  • Sea-slug

  • eel

  • Giant clam

  • grey reef shark

  • Topic Paragraph numbercolours and shapes ___ the reefs edge ___dangers ___ a final thought ___reflecting ___ some sea creatures ___254613

  • 1. In the diary, the author mainly wants to tell us that ____. A. what he saw in the sea B. how the fish eat in the sea C. the vivid colors in the sea D. all the plants in the sea are poisonousA

  • 2. How many kinds of creatures didnt the author want to get too close to according to the fourth paragraph? A. Two B. Three C. Four D. FiveB

  • :3. From the whole text we know that the author felt that ____. A. he was a tiny spot compared with the whole world B. the ocean was a tiny spot compared with the whole world C. there was no danger in the sea except shark D. all kinds of fish were waiting for something for food.


  • Complete the noun groups from the diary entry. 1 __________________ air 2 __________________ seaweed 3 __________________ mouth4 __________________ sea-slug5 __________________turtle 6 __________________ teeth 7 __________________ lips 8 __________________ reef sharkswarm nightthe waving long thinhard bird-likea yellow-spotted reda large wise-lookingstrong sharpthick greentwo grey

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  • Translation1 The two big old green air-conditioned cars.

    2 Her three lovely little slender new-born gray Persian cats.

  • Chinas first beautiful stone bridge.

    His big round old red Chinese wooden table.

  • , 1. The water in the lake is so p______ that you can drink it.2. Does this letter ______ () what you really think of the issue?3. As if by ______ (), the car changed into a boat when it came into the water.purereflectmagic

  • 4. You have not learned to swim yet and youd better stay in the s______ water.shallow 5. The witness gave a very ______ () description of the accident this morning.6. In your report you have left out another d________ to this problem.vividdimension

  • 7. People enjoy eating t______ foods even when they are not hungry.8. With prices going up, the people on ______ () find it difficult to live.tastypension9. This is an a_______ () account of the terrors of the war, youd better not read it. wesome

  • Review Reading 1 and Reading 2.Homework

  • Fill in the blanks with information from the text.fantastic---shaped like fans, plates, brains, lace, mushrooms, branches of trees, horns of deerorange and white, that hid in the waving along thin seaweedyellow and green with hard bird-like mouth, hangingupside downyellow-spotted

    CreaturesDescription corala clown fish parrotfishsea-slug

  • With strong sharp teeth, with only its head showing from a hole, watching for a tasty fishgiant; half buried in some coralgrey, one and a half meters long

    CreaturesDescription eel


    reef shark