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nP Systems Software It Adds Up!. nP Systems, Inc. After The Fact Payroll Reporter Complete Payroll System Instant Payroll Calculator W-2/1099 Reporter Salestax Reporter General Ledger Client Write-Up Click software title to view product information. Press ESC at any time to exit. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>nP Systems Software It Adds Up!nP Systems, Inc.After The Fact Payroll ReporterComplete Payroll SystemInstant Payroll CalculatorW-2/1099 ReporterSalestax ReporterGeneral Ledger Client Write-Up</p> <p>Click software title to view product information.Press ESC at any time to exitAfter The Fact Payroll ReporterAutomatic cross-footing for instant verification of entriesPrints and completes W-2, W-2C, W-3, W-3C, 1099/Misc, 1096, 941, 941B, 941C, 940, 940EZ, 943, 8109, NY:NYS-1, NYS-45/ATT, NYS-45CC, NJ:WR-30, NJ-927, NJ-500S/M, NJ941, PK-2/3 CT:UC-5A, UC-2 plus PA, SC, FL, TX, VA, CA and two universal forms.Laser printing of ALL government forms including state forms.Reports include: Payroll work cards, Summary by Period, Quarter and Year-to-Date), 940, 941, state unemployment reports in summary or detail, W-3, 1096, calculations of FICA and MEDICARE tax and New Jersey DIS/UI calculations.On-screen review of employee data (Period, Quarter and Year-to-Date), 940, 941, state unemployment reports in summary or detail, W-3, 1096, calculations of FICA and MEDICARE tax and New Jersey DIS/UI calculations.The After-the-Fact Payroll Reporter provides easy and fast year round collection of payroll data for calculation, printing and submission of government forms for payroll reporting.After-The-Fact Payroll PLUS does everything the ATFP does PLUS calculates the Federal, NY, NJ, NYC, Yonkers, and PA withholding taxes.CLICK TO VIEW AFTER THE FACT PAYROLL PRESENTATIONComplete Payroll SystemComplete Payroll System (CPS) is a unique system specifically designed for accounting practices that want to process both Before and After the Fact payrolls for their client companies. The system quickly processes payrolls for an unlimited number of companies. The CPS prints checks and with the MICR option so you do not need to stock preprinted checks for each of your client companies. The CPS calculates Federal, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania withholding and has an optional all states version. The program can handle four types of payees: Hourly, Hourly by exception, Salary and Commission. Up to three state and local deductions per payee are possible. Sixteen miscellaneous deductions are also included. The CPS program includes all the features and forms of the ATFP program. CLICK TO VIEW COMPLETE PAYROLL SYSTEM PRESENTATION</p> <p>Instant Payroll CalculatorThe Instant Payroll Calculator program calculated GROSS to NET and NET to GROSS for Federal, NY NJ, CT, PA, NYC and Yonkers. Prints summary reports ad checks. All states version also available.</p> <p>CLICK TO VIEW INSTANT PAYROLL CALCULATOR PRESENTATIONW-2/1099 ReporterThe W-2/1099 Payroll Calculator is a low cost program to provide year end processing of W-2, W-3, 1099 Misc (non-employee compensation) and 1096. Laser prints forms.</p> <p>CLICK TO VIEW W-2/1099 REPORTER PRESENTATIONSalestax ReporterThe Sales Tax Reporter Program has an intuitive design that works the way you do, with the automatic transfer of amounts between forms. Fast and simple to use, it gives you the ability to calculate, complete and generate the complete set of NY, NJ and CT State tax forms on your laser printer.Salestax Reporter Prints: New York Form ST-100 with schedules A, B, CT, H, N, N-ATT, NJ, T, Q, T-ATT &amp; B-ATT, Form ST-101 with schedules A, CT, N and NJ, Form ST-810 with schedules ST-809, A, B, CT, H, N, N-ATT, NJ, P, T, Q, T-ATT, B-ATT and Schedule 330, Forms ST-102, FT-943, FT-945, DTF-17, DTF-17-ATT. Two Free Form Attachments. All forms can be printed as blanks.</p> <p>*New Jersey accountants note: We handle ALL the special New Jersey requirements automatically in our W-2 and After the Fact Payroll Programs.CLICK TO VIEW SALEXTAX REPORTER PRESENTATIONGeneral Ledger Client Write-UpOur General Ledger Write-Up system is a sophisticated program, designed specifically for accounting and bookkeeping professionals. The system is designed to achieve optimum efficiency and productivity for you and your staff. Simplicity of operation makes the program easy to learn, easy to use and very fast.</p> <p>CLICK TO VIEW GENERAL LEDGER PRESENTATION</p>