nsect dentification from raps

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nsect dentification from raps. Developed by: Mike Brand MS 7 th Grade Science Teacher Oasis Elementary (623)-412-4800 Peoria, Arizona. Setting up your trap line. Scout an appropriate site for your trap line. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • nsect dentification

    from rapsDeveloped by: Mike Brand MS7th Grade Science TeacherOasis Elementary (623)-412-4800Peoria, Arizona

  • Setting up your trap lineScout an appropriate site for your trap line.Remember, it should be at least 50 meters in length to accommodate 10 traps.

  • Trap preparationSet the first trap at your zero mark.Each of the following traps should be set at 5 meters apart in a straight line.Make sure the lip of the trap cup is level to the surface of the ground.Push the soil over to the lip of the cup.

  • Retrieving trapsReturn to the site after 72 hours to collect the traps.Empty all of the contents of the trap into a plastic baggie and seal it.Place the sealed baggie into the freezer for at least 48 hours.You are ready to identify your collection.

  • Recording and Entering DataRecord your data onto the data sheetGo to the Ecology Explorers websitehttp://caplter.asu.edu/explorers/Enter your data in the Data Centerhttp://caplter.asu.edu/eedata/index.jsp

  • Insect IdentificationThe following pictures are intended to assist in the identification of arthropods found in your traps.The photos are species that are likely to be found. Remember, there are many varying species in each order, and there are different stages that each species may be found in.

  • Insect IdentificationThese arthropod pictures are grouped by classes, and then by their orders.Order names on the picture slides are followed by the family names and/or common names.

  • More than 8 legsDiplopoda - MillipedeIsopoda Pillbug

  • 8 legsAcarina miteAraneae spiderPseudoscorpionida pseudoscorpion

  • 6 legsHemipteraHomopteraColeopteraHymenopteraCollembolaDermaptera

  • 6 legs (continued)ThysanuraIsopteraOrthopteraThysanopteraSiphonapteraMicrocorphiaEmbiidina

  • Ecology ExplorersMeasuring with accuracy

  • Ecology ExplorersObserving ants

  • Ecology ExplorersLearning how to pin the specimen that are collected for display in your classVisiting the insect collection on campus

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