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Nuclear Power:. Our Misunderstood Friend. Overview. Growing Demand for Energy Comparison of Nuclear with Other F orms of Energy Disposal of Waste Safety of Nuclear Energy. Growing Demand for Electricity. Steady increase in demand Impact of electric drive vehicles on demand - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why go nuclear?

Nuclear Power:Our Misunderstood Friend

OverviewGrowing Demand for EnergyComparison of Nuclear with Other Forms of EnergyDisposal of WasteSafety of Nuclear Energy

Growing Demand for ElectricitySteady increase in demandImpact of electric drive vehicles on demandImpact of EGU MACT legislation on demand

Chevy VoltCan drive 35 miles before gasoline engine starts

Takes 10 hours to charge on a 120 volt line

Takes 4 hours to charge on a 240 volt line

EGU MACT legislation:Could close 20-30% of plants

Nuclear as compared with other technologies:How does it stack up?

WindBetter for the environment because it is renewableGenerates at a capacity of 20-40%Rate of Injury of Workers

SolarBetter for the environment because it is renewableCan only generate at a capacity of 20-40%Battery technology9

Nuclear vs. CoalNuclearAbout 19% of electricity generated by DTERadioactive wasteLess than 0.00001% fuel of coalHigh energy contentLess susceptible to fluctuationHigh initial cost

Coal80% of electricity generated by DTEEmissionsMining, transport, burningLow energy contentLarge fluctuations in cost of fuelHigh cost lies in fuel


*CCGT is a type of coal powered plant

Nuclear Power in France75% electricity from nuclear17% electricity from recycled nuclear powerGenerate 3 billion euro annually by selling to the rest of Europe

Disposal of WasteTypes of Nuclear WasteDisposal of Nuclear wasteAmount GeneratedRepository

Types of WasteGaseous

Types of WasteLiquid

Types of WasteSolid

Disposal of Nuclear WasteOn Site Repository

Disposal of Nuclear Waste in Yucca Mountain

DisastersChernobyl3 Mile IslandJapan


What HappenedFailed ExperimentIgnored WarningsExplosionRunaway Nuclear Reactor

Effects of Chernobyl100,000 km2 of contaminationRise in Thyroid CancerTreatment 96% Effective.Could have been prevented.Liquidators and Acute Radiation SicknessFirefighters in the Plant.Cancer Rates in Highly Contaminated Group4000 Extra Cancer Deaths among 600,000 People.Cancer Rates of People in Contaminated Zones5000 Extra Cancer Deaths among 5 Million People

How Modern Reactors Differ From Old Soviet ReactorsRBMK ReactorWater CooledGraphite Rod ModeratorsNo Containment VesselLight Water ReactorWater CooledWater ModeratedSteel and Concrete Containment Vessel

3 Mile Island

EffectsAverage Dose of Radiation1 millirem1/6th radiation produced by a chest x-rayMaximum Dose of RadiationLess than 100 milliremBackground Radiation 100 to 125 millirems per yearRadioactive IsotopesVery Low Levels DetectedRadiation ContainedContainment vessel was not breached

AftermathNRC given more control of power plantsHuman ErrorOperator training improved by lessons learned.2 Full Time inspectors at each site.Design ProblemsImproved controls and indicators.Piping system revamped.Component FailuresAuxiliary Coolant Systems.Automatic Shutdown.

Fukushima Daiichi

What HappenedEarthquakeTsunamiSystems OfflineMeltdown

EffectsNo Containment BreachesRelease of Iodine 131 and Cesium 137Evacuation around the plantContaminated foodNo deaths caused by the accident

OverviewGrowing Demand for EnergyComparison of Nuclear with Other Forms of EnergyDisposal of WasteSafety of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Power:Our No Longer Misunderstood Friend