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  • October 2010

    Corvette Connection Niagara Corvette Club

    Celebrating Our 37th Year

    Vision Statement: The Niagara Corvette Club is a friendly, safe and affordable car club dedicated to learning, respect for all and enjoyment in all aspects of the sport of corvettes and fundraising.

    Meetings: 8:00 p.m. 1st Tuesday every month Frado’s Italian Restaurant 535 Queenston Street St. Catharine’s, Ontario. Niagara Corvette Club P.O. Box 30067

    St. Catharine’s, Ontario L2S 3P0

    Website: www.niagaracorvetteclub.com

    Trip to Pierce Arrow organized by Bill Colclough.

  • NCC Executive

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    President: George Dalbergs Phone (905) 682-2310 E-mail: nikki@mergetel.com

    Vice-President: Harold Anders Phone (905) 684-3025 E-mail:handers@cogeco.ca

    Treasurer: Gloria Drake Phone: (905) 692-9807 E-mail:dgdrake@mountaincable.net

    Secretary: Carol Hill Phone: (905) 563-4212 E-mail: carol.hill@sympatico.ca

    Past President: Dave Drake Phone: (905) 692-9807 E-mail: dgdrake@mountaincable.net

    Social: Lynn Mytroen Phone: (905) 834-4442 E-mail: lynnbh@cogeco.ca

    Newsletter: Ian Bell Phone: (905) 957-2167 E-mail: i.bell3@sympatico.ca

    Web site: Bill Colclough Phone: (905) 371-0434 E-mail: colclough@cogeco.ca

    Membership: Gail Anders Phone: (905) 684-3025 E-mail: handers@cogeco.ca

    Show Co-Coordinator:

    Harold Anders Phone:(905) 684-3025 Email: handers@cogeco.ca

    Historian: Stan Goosen Phone: 905-562-1595 Email: stan-goosen@hotmail.com

    Committee Positions

    NCC Club members, if you have any item which may be of interest to our club members please send the ar- ticle to the editors. Ian & Jackie

    A good day was organized at the Fort Erie Race Track by Lynn & John Mytroen. Pictures further in the news letter.

    An Electric Corvette?

    C an a real Corvette have an electric motor, body panels made from carbon fiber and soy-based resin and carpet made from recycled pop bottles? The people at Genovation Cars sure think so. The company's G-Vette will have the same frame that is used for stock Z06 and ZR1 Corvettes. An electric motor and battery pack are expected to zip out 600- hp, and the car's range on one charge is estimated to be 200 miles. The one-of G-Vette is supposed to be a test car for fu- ture electric cars, but the company says they might make more, if Chevrolet allows the move-and demand is high enough.

    50/50 Draw: Wendy Lindberg

    Last month’s winner was Larry Schmor. Winner: Bob

    Brickman $40.50

  • From the President Pres

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    F all is finally here and it won’t be too long before we are complaining about the cold and that white stuff on the ground. Before that happens, however, we still have an oppor- tunity to have a few final flings with our favourite cars, so be sure to take your “baby” out to enjoy the clear air and fall foli- age. Also, it is time to make plans for the improvements / re- pairs that your toy needs to prepare for next Spring. Since our last meeting, we have held the annual Cruise Night at the Lincoln County Fair in Beamsville. The partici- pation in this event seems to be decreasing each year. This year we had 28 participants of which 8 came from our club. We did receive our donation from the Lincoln Agricultural Society, but improvements need to be made to make this event worthwhile. It starts with promoting the event - there was only a one-liner in the West Niagara News. Also, we should give some thought on how we distribute the trophies for this cruise – a very plain stock ‘60s F-150 Ford Truck won a tro- phy even though there were several beautiful antiques and muscle cars present. Jack Hills black coupe won the first place trophy – congratulations Jack. On the 18, there were 5 cars that met at the Duty Free in Fort Erie for our trip to Buffalo. The group first drove to For- est Lawn Cemetery to view the final resting place for Rick James, Millard Filmore (the 13th President of the U.S.) and other celebrities. From there we visited the Pierce-Arrow Mu- seum which is in a growth/expansion mode, which displays several unique cars such as the Pierce-Arrows, Thomas Flyers, etc. which were built in the Buffalo area – very interesting museum. After viewing the cars, we all travelled to the An- chor Bar, the birthplace of Buffalo Wings, to partake of this fine delicacy. Overall, a very enjoyable day and our apprecia- tion goes out to Bill Colclough for making all the arrange- ments and also for acting as historian for the event. Thanks Bill. September 23, we had 7 Corvettes put on a display at Marks Work Wearhouse at the Ridley Mall in support of breast screening for cancer. Sean, the manager, was quite pleased with the turnout and everyone there received a Wind River travel mug as well as flowers for the ladies. Good way to promote our club. Thanks. Sunday, the 26th, there were 28 members and friends attended a day at the races. Lynn and John met everyone at the entrance to the casino where we obtained our casino vouchers as well as the lunch vouchers. From there we all moved to the restaurant to enjoy a fantastic lunch – great food with generous quantity – overlooking the race track. We were also provided with a summarized racing form for the day and an instruction sheet on horse racing wagering. Also, the horses themselves were beautiful. I didn’t know

    that our club has so many gamblers. At the end of the day, it seems that almost everyone went home with some win- nings in their pockets. What a great day! Great big thanks to Lynn and John. Nominations were held at the October meeting and although we did receive nominations for each position, I was a little disappointed that it was like pulling teeth with basically only one nominee for each position. The following nomina- tions were accepted:

    It should be noted that none of the nominees for treas- urer were present at the meeting. November is election month and it is to the club’s benefit to have a strong execu- tive, and as I stated before, it would be great to have a true election with several candidates for each position. The slate indicated above is a good slate of officers, but before we hold the election in November, we will have one more op- portunity to nominate additional candidates for these posi- tions so that we can have a true election. Please give this matter your serious consideration. Also, if you are un- able to attend the November meeting, you can still vote by proxy by filling out the proxy form included elsewhere in this newsletter and forwarding it to any of the current ex- ecutive. BE SURE TO VOTE! . Also, for the balance of the year, we have quite a few social events remaining, including: Our overnight fall cruise to Letchworth Park in NY The Christmas Dinner at Johnny Rocco’s in St. Catharines, and finally, Our December Supper Meeting at the Mandarin in St. Ca- tharines As you can see, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the social events with our fellow members before Christmas comes around, so check the rest of the newsletter for details. Have a great Fall and enjoy your Corvette(s) while you still can and the prepare to put them to bed for the season.

    Happy Corvetting and remember to Save the Wave!


    President – Harold Anders Vice-president – Bill Colclough Secretary – Chris Copeland Treasurer – Wendy Bas, Jackie Bell, and Dave Fralick

  • Minutes from Last Meeting Pres

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    Date: Tuesday, October 5, 2010 Attendance: 30 Meeting Started: 8:00 p.m

    George Dalbergs welcomed out newest member Dennis Webb who drives a 2010 Grande Sport Coupe. George offered our clubs sincerest condolences to Mar- garet & Larry Keighan for the loss of Larry’s brother.

    President's Report: George Dalbergs

    Old Business:

    George read a very pleasant e-mail he received from Larry Goelz, the V-P of Gate City Corvette Club in New Hampshire regarding the members who attended the Me- morial Day Week-end event. There is an issue with the Cruise Night at Lincoln County Fair. It seems that because of the way the Peo- ples Choice Ballots are cast from the public there are cars placing in the top three winners that clearly do not rate against other entrants. We would like to see a method of balloting that would better represent the excellence of some of other entries. Bill Colclough suggested that the membership should choose the winners. Any other sug- gestions directed to George would be appreciated. Marilyn suggested that we could have a better promotion of the Car Show. George thanked Bill Colclough for arranging the day trip to the Pierce Arrow Museum. It sounds like it was a super day. Seven cars showed up at Marks Work Wearhouse and Mark’s thanked all who attended with a car mug and a bouquet of flowers for the ladies. George thanked Lynn Mytroen for a fun day at the Fort Erie Race track. The food was good and some members even won money!! John Mytroen gave a brief summation of the research into flags for our cars. The flags can be purchased for anywhere from $2000.00 for 100 from a Canadian dis- tributer to $300.00 to $500.00/100 depending on design by USA or China distributers or $3.00-$5.00 a piece. Harold Anders cautioned that price would also depend on what design and colour amounts we wanted on the flags.

    New Business:

    Nomination Night: - President-Harold Anders was nominated