OCTOBER 2019 Experience Resurrection Life my childhood was overthinking things. For those church kids,

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    OCTOBER 2019

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    IN THIS ISSUE I saved Halloween once when I was a kid. It’s true. The church my family attended had a vacant parsonage at the time, and the members of the youth group decided it would be a perfect place for a haunted house. The pastor, however, wasn’t so sure. He wasn’t so sure if Christians should have much to do with Halloween at all, let alone sanction it with a church-sponsored activity. As he wrestled with whether to allow the teenagers to proceed with their plans, he stopped four-or-five-year old me at church one day to ask, “Ryan, what do you th ink o f when I say ‘Halloween’?” As the story goes, my eyes lit up, and I didn’t hesitate before exclaiming, “Candy!” Thus the theological foundation for the haunted house was laid (in other words, he let them do it).

    Wisdom is most often associated with age, but children can offer a pure perspective, unclouded by the sometimes-over-wrought concerns of adults. He had good intentions, of course, but I think that pastor from my childhood was overthinking things. For those church kids, Halloween was all about fun and had nothing to do with celebrating forces of evil. I’m glad I was able to help him see that with my unfiltered and impulsive response.

    Autumn is an especially good time to follow the wise impulses of children,

    because there’s all sorts of fun to be had. When the leaves begin to fall and the air turns crisp, some sort of magic is unleashed - and not just on the last night of October. It’s the season for hayrides, apple-picking and bonfires – a time to relish being outdoors after the humidity has gone and before the temps drop too far. It’s a time for festivals, homecomings and reunions. Don’t miss all these opportunities for togetherness and connection. I would say calendars are notoriously full in the fall, but I can’t think of a time when that’s not the case. So instead, let me advise you to include and prioritize some of the following on your to-do list in the weeks to come: drink some cider, carve a pumpkin, sit by an outdoor fire, go for a walk on a chilly morning, make a costume, eat some candy, take in a festival, sit under the Friday night lights at a high school football field, rake a big pile of leaves for someone small to jump into, walk through a corn maze or invent your own fun.

    Some of these things you could do here at church or with RLC folks in some other place, and you can read about those opportunities in the pages that follow. Any of them would be a really good reason to invite some friends to join you for fun. Whatever you do this fall, don’t get so caught up (cont. on page 2)

    Fall Fun is for Everyone


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    (cont) in grown-up concerns that you forget God gave us this life to enjoy. Autumn is a natural reminder that life isn’t forever, so it’s important to get out and savor good times whenever we can – especially in sweatshirts. This five-year-old-turned-pastor assures you that fall fun – even when it’s a little spooky – is extremely good for your spiritual health. ▪︎

    Faith Formation for All BY PASTOR RYAN BAILEY

    If you’ve been around RLC more than a few months, you may have noticed a slight shift in language recently. We try to be very intentional about what we c a l l t h i n g s , b e c a u s e l a n g u a g e s h a p e s o u r perception of what a thing is and what it is for. A ministry team is not the same thing as a committee, for instance, and you won’t

    find a list of committees at RLC. You also won’t find the term “Sunday school” anywhere in print. It slips out in conversation sometimes, but for several years the time on Sunday mornings when adults and children gather to learn about Bible stories and topics related to faith has been called “Discipleship Hour.”

    This didn’t happen by accident. “Sunday school” hearkens back to a by-gone era and conjures up images of flannelgraphs, worksheets and something, that, like sugary breakfast cereals, is “just for kids.” “Discipleship Hour” encourages more imaginative thinking about what we gather as people of faith to learn and includes all ages. But, it’s not immediately clear to everyone what discipleship means – especially to those who aren’t familiar with church lingo.

    Consistent with our practice of intentionality and our desire to use language that is clear and accessible, we now call our Sunday morning learning time just that: the Learning Hour. Please don’t fear a citation from the language police if you slip up and call it discipleship hour or even (gasp!) Sunday school. Just know there’s a good reason you’ll be seeing Learning Hour from now on in electronic and print communications from the church. You may also see variations like Sunday Morning Learning for Adults and Sunday Morning Kids taking the place of the insider terms “Adult DH” and “DH Kids.”

    Most importantly, please accept the invitation implied by this new name to keep learning always – and especially on Sunday mornings with one another. ▪︎

    Sunday Learning Hour Opportunities October offers a wide variety of opportunities to grow and learn together during the Sunday morning Learning Hour from 9:30-10:30 a.m. (cont. on page 3)

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    LEARNING HOUR 9:30 - 10:30 a.m.

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    Sunday Morning Kids RLC Kids had lots of fun on S u n d a y m o r n i n g s i n September. We kicked off by meeting our new teachers and creating our fantastic owl tree.  Check it out on the bulletin board across from Rooms 5 and 6. 

    We have enjoyed our Sunday morning openings in the sanctuary as we sing some familiar songs and learn some new ones. If you are hanging out in the narthex, feel free to come join us in singing - the kids would love to have you sing along!

    • New in October: Sunday, Oct. 27 is "Bring a special person to class” day. Have your child begin thinking about who they would like to invite to come to class with them.  We will have our normal lesson and snack, but there will also be an additional activity for those joining us. This is a good way to engage another adult in your child's sticky faith foundation.

    • Service Project: Our fall service project is making place mats for Meals on Wheels meals. All are welcome to make a place mat to send - feel free to ask for supplies. We will collect the place mats during October, laminate them and then they will be delivered in November. 

    Contact Jennifer Prickel, jlynne2001@yahoo.com ▪︎

    Pumpkin Painting Bring your little ones to Resurrection’s Room 6 on Saturday, Oct. 19 from 10:30-11:30 a.m. for pumpkin painting with RLC’s Youngest Friends Club (birth to age 5). A small snack will be provided. Sign- up (so we have an approximate headcount) using the yellow Connect Card in the Sunday bulletin. Contact Laura Mueller, valpaura@gmail.com ▪︎

    Trunk or Treat RLC’s annual parking lot Trunk or Treat is Sunday, Oct. 27 at 4 p.m.  Round up your scariest, silliest or sweetest costume and dress up to hear those "ooos" or “ahhs" from everyone gathered! Take it a step further and decorate your trunk in a festive way to impressive our tough judges. Best trunk (chosen by the kids) wins a prize! Please arrive no later than 3:45 p.m. for set-up and a group picture. All ages, guests and drop-bys welcome - stick around afterwards for more Fall Fest fun! Contact Joy Garrett, 317-270-4568 or Laura Mueller, 317-371-8068 or valpaura@gmail.com ▪︎

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    Website: rlcindy.org

    Facebook: @rlcindy

    Twitter: @rlc_indy Instagram: @rlcpride

    Vimeo: @rlcindy

    The Wired Word Drop in for The Wired Word adult learning every Sunday in Room 9. This is  a new option for adults during the Learning Hour and is a weekly discussion connecting current events with faith and scripture. Come grow relationships and think critically about faith. ▪︎

    Inquirers Class Our next Inquirers Class begins Sunday, Oct. 6 at 9:30 a.m. in Room 10 and runs five weeks through Sunday, Nov. 3. Led by the pastors with guest appearances by RLC staff and leaders, this class is for both m e m b e r s a n d n e w c