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Has details on RTC, Fall Rally, and club happenings.

Text of October Newsletter


    In This Months EditionLetter from the LTG

    &Details on RTC

  • Dear Division 4 east,

    Shout outs to senior Key Club members! I hope college applica-tion is treating you well and that you are looking toward your future and career! I know its hard to keep up with your dedica-tion to Key Club because this is literally college season. Remem-ber to keep your priorities in mind and to always know that the division and I will be waiting for your return after everything is finally done! I just wanted to let Division 4 East know that I was so happy with the attendance at September DCM. It let me know that you guys are so interested to participate in walks and aware-ness events that I am able to continue to provide you with the most rewarding events to come! I have to say that I am very proud of Foothill High School for going above and beyond with membership increase and attendance and I just wanted to recog-nize you all for this! And nowthe excitement comesFall Rally South! Get ready to experience one of the largest events Key Club hosts with help from Six Flags Magic Mountain! Remember that our goal is $3,000 for Pediatric Trauma Program and I am giving my consent to YOU to give me the 4 East Torture! I am looking forward to your spirit and the excitement you will have as Fall Rally South draws closer and our October DCM will start it all off! And of course, its October and I almost forgotHappy Halloween!

    Regards,Division 4 East Lt. Governor Alyssa Nguyen


  • Upcoming Event: Fall Rally South

    When? Saturday, November 9th

    Where? Six Flags Magic Mountain

    What? Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP) Fundraiser!

    WHY? Join thousands of Key Clubbers for a day of fun and spirit at Fall Rally South! Prepare for a day of thrills, from surviving loops and drops to bidding on your LTGs. Get ready to cheer and show off your division spirit, and show Cali-Nev-Ha all the effort

    you've put into fundraising for PTP! Fall Rally South is where it's at, so come on down and see what it

    means to be a CNH Bee!

  • September DCM: Light the Night Walk

    Alyssa Nguyen and Kevin Nguyen are leading the DCM right before Light the Night walk at Angel's Stadium.

    This event was truly mesmerizing. The sight of hundreds of people from all over crowding into the Angels Stadiumthe sight of hundreds of glow sticks and glowing balloons illuminating the nightwas beautiful. At first I was a bit hesitant to attend the event because it would be about 7 hours longtime that could be spent doing homework or something. But I am truly glad that I decided to go. The Walk itself did not start until 7:00 PM, however, Key Club members had to arrive by 4:00 PM for the DCM (District Council Meeting). At the DCM, we went over past events, handed out awards, and even learned some new cheers! Afterwards, we were allowed to roam around for an hour and a half. During this time, our OCSA Key Clubbers walked around, took some pictures, and ate snacks. We spent a lot of time talking so it was really fun and time went by really fast! Once the walk started, everyone became very excited and I was truly touched by the amount of people who came to support such a worthwhile cause (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society). Im not sure exactly how much we walked, but the Walk went by really fast with all the people cheer-ing us on and the upbeat music that played. Overall, the event was extremely fun and I hope to participate again next year! I hope that the other members who attended enjoyed it as well!

    - Elaine Nguyen | D4East | Key Club

    Members Erika Espinoza and Diana Orozco cheering during the walk.

    On Saturday September 28th Division 4 East attended the Light the Night Walk at Angel Stadium in Anaheim. The purpose of the walk is to help raise awareness for blood cancers. Other Key Clubbers from Orange County and KIWINS also attended this event. Division 4 East Key Clubbers arrived at 3:30 PM and interacted with one another. For many, this was their first event, being new members. DCM was held at 4 PM and had to relocate due to all the noise at the main stage. Many Key Clubbers came to the DCM. The most being Orange High Key Club with over 25 members! The DCM ended and the Division was free to roam the venue until 7 PM when the event would start. Until then there was much to do like sample the delicious food being sold, or getting a temporary tattoo or even a sports massage.At 7 PM the walk finally began. The walk lasted for about 2 hours. There were lots of yelling and screaming. During the walk there was a concert from the vocal duo of Mad N Mack and interviews on the big screen. After crossing the finish line at 9 PM everyone said goodbye to each other and went home to rest their weary feet and tired voices.

    Kevin Chu | D4East | Key Club


  • Club Happenings

    OC Childrens Book FestivalOnSundaySeptemberthmembersfromOrangeKeyClubattendedtheOrangeCountyChildren+sBookFestivalatOrangeCoastCollegeTheOCChildren+sBookFestivalisheldeveryyearandthisyearwasitsthtimebeingheldandpromisedtobethebiggestyearyet TheFestivalsupportschildren+sreadingandhadoverauthorsandillustratorsattendItholdsaveryfamilyfriendlyatmosphereandwasgearedspecifical-lytowardschildrenTheyweremanyreadingsandauto-graphsessionsbyauthors VolunteersatthefestivalhandedoutnewsletterstofestivalattendeesandcleanedthekitchenTheyalsointeractedwiththekidsandhelpedthemwithwhatevertheyneededandworkedatbooths


    RTC Phtos by Kevin Chu

  • Back to Key Club

    The Start of Something Golden

    People streamed inthey sat down at the tables set outand waited. There was a lot of anticipation in the room. You could just tell that many people didnt really know what was going to happen. This was our first general meeting. Fortunately, we had had a very successful Club Rush amassing about 350 signups. Many of those were freshmen; as they came into the commons where the meeting was to be held, you could see that many had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Most of them werent familiar with Key Club and its purpose at all. As our president Brian began to explain some of the background regarding the club, the freshmen just absorbed it allstill not really knowing what Key Club exactly was. But as we went through, that mood began to change. Gradually, they realized the goal of our club as we explained all of the upcoming service events to them. Our vice president Monica made sure that she emphasized how Key Club was focused not only on service but also on having fun and building bonds. The new members even became acquainted with our clubs leadership; we went through and were introduced during the presenta-tion (even adding a funny nickname for each of us to lighten up the mood). But the winning card was played at the end of the meeting: How do you feel?With the entire board up front answering that infamous inquisition, the members got a true glimpse into our club. Many didnt know immediately why we were doing something like this at all or what it meantbut at least it left a lasting mark on them.

    Masih Babagoli | D4East | Key Club

    Welcome Back

    It is back-to-school season: a new school year brings a new year of opportunities and service. Whether it is the seasoned Key Clubber with a pocketful of spirit cheers on hand, or the wide-eyed freshman ready to serve, autumn is a season of excitement. Club Rush often is the first encounter of any new Key Clubber with Key Club. With this in mind, Beckman Key Club sought to leave a remarkable impression in order to attract a large membership base.The fliers first greeted students coming onto campus for zero period on a chilly Tuesday morning. Posters prominently advertising Key Club appeared at various locations around campus. They gave off the impression of professionalism and formidability our Key Club represented in the school commu-nity. It was only a matter of time until the sign-ups would start pouring in on club rush day.Music blared and poster board waved in the air. At least a couple of Key Clubbers were designated to run around with a poster in hand and shout our message. The length of the line around the Key Club booth was remarkable, if it would be any indication of our success that day. As always, we could not end the day without at least one spirit session. In the end of this beginning, it turns out that we will be welcoming 350+ Key Clubbers to a golden year of service.

    Kevin Chu | D4East | Key Club

  • Back to Key Club: Club Rush

    Club Rush this year was really fun and inspiring. At first, we were let out 5 min early to get the tables set up. I came down and helped and things were going really slow at first. But as the lunch progressed lots of people came. A huge lined formed and I was lost in the heat of things. I had to hand out raffle tickets to everyone who signed up and answer peoples questions about Key Club. Even though the event was kind of hectic with the crowd, it was really inspiring to see all the people interested in our club. I was able to meet new people and even for people who didnt sign up, I was at least able to inform them about Key Club and let them become aware of the organization.-Destini Nguyen | D4East | Key Club

    Elaine Nguyen (Secretary), Michelle Dinh(President), Kevin Lai(Vice-President), and Destini Nguyen(Bulletin Editor) are setting up the Key Club table for club rush.

    The crowd of new Key Clubbers who are interested in joining. Vivian Vu holding a key club sign and Kevin Lai and Destini Nguyen, in orange, passing out raffle tickets.

  • Announcements & Recocgnition

    Club of the Month: Beckman Member of the Month: Michelle Pham from

    FoothillOfficer of the Month: Julia Bach from Beckman