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  • OGR Invisible Cities

    8.10.15 By Sky

  • Contents

    ~ 100 Thumbnails ~ Chosen city ~ Key thumbnails ~ Mission statement ~ Visual concept ~ Links

  • 100 Thumbnails

  • MorianaPhyllis

    Octavia Baucis

  • Ersilia Ersilia

    Tamara Thekla

  • Chosen city - PhyllisYou rejoice in observing all the bridges over the canals,

    each different from the others


    Tracery balustrades

    Variety of windows looks down on the streets

    Mullioned windows

    Stained-glass roses

    Cobbles Gravel

    Blue and white tiles

    At every point the city offers surprises to your view

    Caper bush Statues of three queens on corbels

    An onion dome with three smaller onions threaded on the spire

    Happy the man who has Phyllis before his eyes each day

    and who never ceases seeing the things it contains,

    you cry, with regret at having to leave the city when you can barely graze it with your glance

    Soon the city fades before your eyes

    Zigzag lines from one street to anotherPatches of sunlight

    Patches of shade

    stairway bench basket

    merchants tent

    Two arcades, one continues to seem more joyous, it is because thirty years ago a girl went by there,

    with broad, embroidered sleeves Phyllis the goddess herself ? the arcade is now blessed

    Many are the cities like Phyllis, which elude the gaze of all,

    except the man who catches them by surprise.

  • Key thumbnails - Phyllis

  • Mission statementI envision Phyllis as a city of memories, a city of surprises and joy with centuries and centuries of history. I have chosen this city out of all the possible cities because I felt a deep connection with this particular one.

    When I read about its many different canals and mullioned windows, I cannot help but imagine Phyllis as a majestic city made of clay and marble. It is a city that will mesmerise you, so much that you will deeply regret ever having to abandon it. It is also a blessed city, the passage states: if of two arcades, one continues to be more joyous, it is because thirty years ago a girl went by there, with broad embroidered sleeves I imagine this girl to have been Phyllis, herself. On the day of Demophons return, she takes a trip down one of the arcades, and as her fingers gently brush against the walls, the city becomes blessed by her.

    While working on my thumbnails, I looked into traditional Persian, Italian and Greek architecture as sources of inspiration.For the exterior, I will look into cathedrals and houses made of clay and marble. And for the interior, I will refer to the design of traditional Persian teahouses, as shown below.

  • I will use a warm colour scheme in my concept paintings as I want to evoke the feelings of warmth, happiness and relaxation. Also because I imagine the weather to be quite warm. I would like to explore deep shades of red, brown, orange and golden yellow, as well as different hues of green, purple and grey.

    My painting of Phyllis will be set in the 13th century BC as I would like to remain true to Greek mythology. Also because I would like to portray the historic buildings in that era.

    Mission statement - continued

  • Visual concept Influence map - exterior

  • Visual concept Influence map - interior

  • LinksMaya tutorials:

    http://pyrobat.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/nurbs-egg-cup-1.html http://pyrobat.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/egg-cups-maya-tutorial-no1.html


    Digital painting exercises:

    http://pyrobat.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/abstract-painting-exercise.html http://pyrobat.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/photoshop-master-studies.html


    Film reviews: