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    TUESDAY 14th JUlY 2015



    Commencing not before 2.30pm

    Pictures will be on view on:

    Friday 10th July 9.00am to 5.15pm

    Saturday 11th July 9.00am to 1.00pm

    Sunday 12th July 2.00pm to 4.00pm

    Monday 13th July 9.00am to 5.15pm

    Limited viewing on sale day

    Enquiries: Daniel Goddard

    Tel: 01392 413100

    Email: goddardd@bhandl.co.uk

    Enquiries: Martin Scadgell

    Tel: 01392 413100

    Email: scadgellm@bhandl.co.uk

  • 66

    261Attributed to Michelangelo Maestri [19th Century Italian]Ora Nottebodycolour and watercolour possibly over an engraved base37 x 31cm overall

    400 - 600

    262Attributed to Michelangelo Maestri [19th Century Italian]Apollo with a Musebodycolour and watercolour possibly over an engraved base37 x 31cm overall

    500 - 700

    263Attributed to Michelangelo Maestri [19th Century Italian]Classical figure with laurel branch and orbbodycolour and watercolour possibly over an engraved base37 x 26cm overall

    300 - 500

    263 262


  • 67

    264Circle of Michelangelo Maestri [18/19th Century Italian]Grecian women with young Cupid attendants, after The Antiquegouache30 x 41cm.

    400 - 600

    265Attributed to Michelangelo Maestri [19th Century Italian]Nymphstwo, bodycolour and watercolour possibly over an engraved baseeach 37 x 26cm overall [2]

    500 - 700


  • 68

    266German School 19th CenturyMiniature portrait of a young man, head and shoulders, with curling fair hair, wearing a brown overcoat with fur collar and leather gloveson ivory, oval 9cm.

    70 - 100267English School mid 19th Century Miniature portrait of a gentleman, head and shoulders with short grey hair, wearing a black coat and a brown spotty neck tieoval, 7cm, in a moulded ebonised wood frame.

    100 - 150268European School 19th CenturyMiniature portrait of an elder, head and shoulders with long grey beard, wearing a green beret and red coat, on copper, oval 6.2cm, together with a similar miniature of a young lady wearing a white feather hat. [2]

    80 - 120

    269German School 19th CenturyMiniature portrait of a young man, head and shoulders, with short dark wavy hair, wearing a black coat with blue waistcoat and black bow tie; together with a miniature portrait of a ladya pair, on ivory, ovals each 7.2cm. [2]

    200 - 300270German School mid 19th CenturyA tortoiseshell and horn snuff box, the lid inset with a miniature portrait of a lady, bust-length, with long dark hair plaited and tied high, wearing drop earrings and a black dress with lace collarindistinctly signed bottom right, on ivory, oval miniature 5.3cm, the box 9.5cm.

    80 - 120270





  • 69

    272Attributed to Giovanni Migliara [1785-1837]Service in a chapel interiorreverse glass miniature8cm diameter.

    800 - 1200273. No Lot.


    271Circle of George Chinnery [1774-1852] Miniature portrait of Sir William Pennyman Bart, circa 1815head and shoulders wearing a brown jacket and white linen cravatoval, 5.6cm, in an inscribed gold frame and red leather case.

    500 - 700

  • 70

    274 Mike Gorman [Contemporary]Comediansigned, inscribed and dated 92 on the reverseoil on board48 x 38cm cm.

    200 - 300275 Mike Gorman [Contemporary]Jestersigned, inscribed and dated 95 on the reverseoil on canvas43 x 32cm.

    200 - 300276 Paul Hedley [20th Century]Judith, a lady recumbent on a sofasigned bottom rightbodycolour25.5 x 35cm

    100 - 200Biography. Paul Hedley was born in 1947. He attended the Medway School of Art and Manchester College of Art. His ability is to describe the figurative form in exciting and colourful compositions. He exhibits at the R.S.B.A., the R.O.I., and The New England Art Club.

    277london School 20th CenturyClub Night, an interior with figuresoil on canvas50.5 x 60.5cm.

    200 - 300



    275 274

  • 71

    278Edith Sprague [fl.1883-1933]Summer flowers in a Bohemian glass gobletsigned and dated 1890 bottom leftoil on canvas44.5 x 33.5cm

    1200 - 1800

    279 Ruskin Spear [1911-1990]Portrait of a lady, half-length, seated in an interior with short bobbed hair, wearing a colourful Summer dresssigned and inscribed Ruskin Spear, 20 Rivercourt on a label attached to the reverseoil on board95.5 x 67cm.

    500 - 700Provenance. The artists studio sale. Christies South Kensington, 27 November 1997, lot 117.

    280. No Lot.

  • 72

    281 Robert van Cleef [b.1914] Brunette with red ribbonsignedoil on canvas34 x 26cm

    150 - 250282 Robert van Cleef [b.1914] Blonde with hair tied highsignedoil on canvas34 x 26cm

    150 - 250

    283 Robert van Cleef [b.1914]The Flower Arrangementsignedoil on canvas63 x 52cm.

    200 - 300



    282 281

    283AFrench School 20th CenturyReflectionsindistinctly signed bottom right L...A...Toil on canvas69 x 99cm.

    500 - 700

  • 73

    284 David Cheepen [b.1946]Thomas in The Citysigned and dated 28.8.1981oil on board11.5 x 11.5cm.

    200 - 300

    285 James Boswell [b.1906]Angry Catsigned and dated 56 bottom rightcoloured wax crayon drawing52.5 x 40.5cm

    250 - 350

  • 74

    286 Sir Terry Frost [1915-2003]Spirals [2003]screen print and collage signed and numbered 109/125 in pencil in the bottom marginsight size 43 x 55cm.

    600 - 800287 After Joan Miro [1893-1983]Maravillas con Variaciones Acrosticas en el Jardin de Miro (XVI)plate-signed lithograph from the edition of 1500sheet size 50 x 36cm.

    200 - 300288 After Joan Miro [1893-1983]Maravillas con Variaciones Acrosticas en el Jardin de Miro (VIII)plate-signed lithograph from the edition of 1500sheet size 50 x 36cm.

    200 - 300289 Georges Csato [1910-1983 Hungarian]Untitled compositionscreenprintsigned in pencil bottom rightinscribed and numbered E.A. XXIV/XXV bottom leftsheet size 52 x 68cm.

    80 - 120


    288 287



  • 75

    290 John Plumb [1927-2008]Untitled [a version of Lemon Drop 1992, sold in these rooms 28 October 2014, Lot 231]signed on the reverseacrylic on linen canvas181 x 240cm.

    1000 - 1500

    291 John Plumb [1927-2008]Untitledsigned and dated 2001 on the reverseacrylic and aerosol on linen canvas120 x 120cm.

    1000 - 1500



    Biography. Plumb was born in Luton and studied at the Byan Shaw School and The Central School of Art & Design. His teachers included Victor Pasmore, Keith Vaughan and William Turnbull. Plumb was an abstract painter, and considered Jackson Pollock the greatest abstract painter [Studio Magazine, December 1963, interview with Mervyn Levy]. Regularly using vinyl, cloth and electrical tape in his pictures, in the late 1970s he moved to more figurative painting, alongside his continued pursuit of abstract expression. By the late 1960s he had exhibited widely and taught in America before returning to the Central College to teach. The Tate Gallery holds his work.

  • 76

    292 Dame Elizabeth Frink [1930-1993]Chanticleer and The Fox;Chanticleer and The Pertelote two soft ground etchings each signed and number 15/70sheet sizes 40 x 59cm each. (2).

    250 - 350

    293 Dame Elizabeth Frink [1930-1993]The Reeves Talesoft ground etchingsigned, inscribed and numbered 7/70sheet size 40 x 59cm.

    200 - 300294 Leslie Charles Worth [1923-2009]A misty daysigned and dated 79watercolour26.5 x 35.5cm

    100 - 150295 Anthony Gross [1905-1984]La Soupe, interior with a woman seated in a parlouretching, signed and dated 1925 in pencil bottom rightinscribed with title bottom leftimages 21.5 x 31.5cm.

    200 - 300

    295 294



  • 77

    296 Anita Klein [b.1960]School Holiday Swimsigned with initials and dated 93 bottom rightcharcoal and wash on paper73 x 55cm.

    200 - 300Provenance. Contemporary Art Society, 1993.

    297 David Blackburn [b.1939]Trees with Path and Stonessigned and dated 1985 on the mount bottom rightfurther signed, inscribed and dated on a label attached to the backboardpastel drawing59.5 x 50.5cm.

    150 - 250

    298 Hussein Shariffe [1934-2005]Headsigned and dated Shariffe 87 bottom rightoil on canvas49 x 60cm.

    400 - 600

  • 78

    299For Sandersons Centenary [1960s] after a design by John Piper [1903-1992]Northern Cathedralscreen print on fabric49 x 118cm.

    200 - 300

    Arthur Sanderson & Sons Ltd, now known as Sandersons.The company was founded in 1860 in Islington, London by Arthur Sanderson (1829-1882) who began by importing French wallpapers. Sanderson established a factory of his own in Chiswick in 1879 which was destroyed in a fire in 1928.After Arthur Sandersons death, the business was taken over by his three sons, John, Arthur Bengough and Harold. In 1919 Sanderson & Sons opened a new factory in Uxbridge to manufacture fabrics and in 1924 Arthur Bengough Sanderson received a Royal Warrant as Purveyor of Wallpapers & Paints to George V.

    300For Sandersons Centenary [1960s] after a design by John Piper [1903-1992] a pair of Arundel design curtainsscreen printed on fabric, each approx 122 x 206cm

    300 - 500

    301For Sandersons Centenary [1960s] after a design by John Piper [1903-1992] a pair of Stones of Bath design curtains, screen printed on fabric, each approx 240 x 230cm

    300 - 500

    detail detail

  • 79

    302 John Piper [1903-1992]Study for Holkham Gatesigned and dated 76watercolour and bodycolour36 x 38cm.

    The Triumphal Arch, on the southern edge of the 3000 acre park at Holkham Hall, Norfolk, was designed by William Kent in 1739 and completed in 1752 for Thomas Coke, 1st Earl of Leicester [1697-1759].

    1500 - 2500303. No Lot.

  • 80

    304N Giordani [Italian 19/20th century]Figures in a sunlit and shady back streetsignedoil on canvas51.5 x 75cm.

    600 - 900

    305 Ben Maile [b 1922]Admiralty Arch, Londonsigned bottom leftoil on canvas91 x 137cm.

    2500 - 3500

    Biography. Born in Northhamptonshire, his family moved to London in 1936 when Ben was fourteen. He joined the RAF, becoming a wireless operator in Bomber Command. He moved to Newquay shortly after 1945 and, self-taught, began painting and exhibiting throughout the West Country. His work was popularised through coloured reproduction prints. Over time his reputation grew and by 1989 he had an agent in the USA. He continues painting today and spends his time between his Turkish home and the West Country.

    306. No Lot.

  • 81

    307 Pierre Bittar [b.1934]Avenue a Croissy, Automnesigned bottom rightoil on canvas99 x 80cm.

    1500 - 2000Exhibited. 35th Jersey Exhibition of Fine Paintings 1992 with Mandells Gallery of Jersey.

    Illustrated. Front cover of the 35th Jersey Exhibition of Fine Paintings 1992 catalogue.

    Biography. Pierre Bittar was born in France in 1934. His father was a musician and his mother a descendant of the House of Savoie. As a child his parents encouraged him to draw and colour and from the 1940s he visited museums and painted, studying techniques of the great masters. Among his most influential artists were Rembrandt, the Impressionist painters and Monet in particular. He continued his studies at the Academie Leonard de Vinci until 1956. He painted plein-air in the company of his professor and began to paint portraits using himself and his mother as subjects. In 1963 he had the first of many international exhibitions at the Potterat Gallery in Lausanne, Switzerland.

    308 Mike Gorman [Contemporary]Garden of Earthly Delightssigned, inscribed and dated 91 on the reverseoil on canvas73 x 88cm.

    500 - 700

  • 82

    309 Alan Cotton [b.1936]Piemonte - Burnished Vines in Hazy Lightsigned bottom leftoil on canvas50.5 x 50.5cm.

    800 - 1200310 Alan Cotton [b.1936]Snowdonia IVsigned and dated 75 bottom rightfurther signed, inscribed and dated 1975 on the reverseoil on board24 x 34cm.

    200 - 300311Percy French [1854-1920]A croft on the coastsigned P French bottom leftoil on board20.5 x 28.5cm.

    500 - 700312Attributed to Edward Seago [1910-1974]Sketch for a gun siting, a landscapeinscribed on reverse in another hand, dating the sketch circa 1943pen, ink and watercolour9.5 x 14.5cm

    150 - 250313 Stuart Maxwell Armfield [1916-2000]Fin, Fur & Featherssigned bottom rightinscribed with title and artists address at 1666 House Studio, Looe, Cornwall on a label attached to the reversetempera on board50 x 75cm.

    400 - 600






  • 83

    314Guy Cambier [c.1923-]The Fairgroundsigned bottom left oil on board21 x 26cm.

    200 - 300

    315A Moulton Foweraker [1873-1942]A farm at Chiseldon, near Swindon, figure in the foregroundsigned bottom leftwatercolour22.5 x 26.5cm

    250 - 350

    316 Arthur White [1865-1953]The New Inn Clovellysignedoil on board35 x 19cm.

    250 - 350317. No Lot.

  • 84

    318Alfred leyman [1856-1933]Exeter High Street and Guildhall after a shower of rainsignedwatercolour42 x 67cm.

    250 - 350

    319 Eric Richard Sturgeon [1920-1999]A Somerset Churchsignedwatercolour45 x 65cm.

    250 - 350

    320 James Frederick Adams [1914-1984] Kingswear on The Dartsignedwatercolour37 x 62cm.

    200 - 300

    321John Shapland [1865-1929]Exmouth signedwatercolour49 x 75cm

    250 - 350

  • 85

    322Fred Milner [1863-1939]Waves breaking on a rocky coastindistinctly signed bottom leftoil on board31 x 41cm, unframed,

    120 - 180

    323 Charles Knight [1901-1990] Elbury Covesignedwatercolour30.5 x 49cm.

    250 - 300

    324Herbert E. Butler [1861-1931]Polperro Harbour;The Coast at Polperro;The Old Bridge Polperro;a group of three pastel and mixed media drawingsall signedeach 18 x 26cm. [3]

    300 - 400325. No Lot.

  • 86

    326 James P Barraclough [1891-1942]Landscape with Farm;Birch Treestwo, both signed and dated 1928oils on boardeach 29 x 40cm. [2]

    300 - 500327Frederick R FitzGerald [c1897-1938]The Norwegian Coast at Grotsundsigned and dated 1910watercolour28 x 44.5cm.

    150 - 250328Stephen G. Williams Roscoe [b.1852]A tranquil river scene with a boy fishing by beached river bargessigned and dated 19 bottom leftwatercolour24 x 35cm

    400 - 600

    329Arthur Henry Enock [fl.1869-1912]Worcester Cathedral on the river Severn, an extensive viewsigned and dated 1885 bottom left, monogrammed bottom rightwatercolour48 x 73cm

    500 - 700





  • 87

    330Sidney Goodwin [1867-1944]Bristol Docks-signed and dated 19..? bottom rightwatercolour36 x 61cm.

    250 - 350

    331Rev John Swete [1752-1821]Clifton, seat of Sir Gervais Cliftoninscribed as titled and dated 1806watercolour16.5 x 23cm.

    50 - 70

    332Rev John Swete [1752-1821]In the garden of a cottage at Lynmouthinscribed on the reverse watercolour19 x 27cm.

    50 - 70

    333Attributed to Benjamin Williams Leader [1831-1923]An upland river landscape, figures and a cottage in the distancebears a signature B W Leaderoil on canvas39 x 60cm.

    400 - 600

  • 88

    334David W. Haddon [c.1884-1911]A Cornish Fishermansigned bottom left oil on board22.5 x 17cm

    200 - 300335George Perfect Harding [1775-1853]A nobleman, standing three-quarter length, holding a halberd and wearing a suit of gold brocade, a coat of arms to one sidesigned and dated 1808 bottom rightgouache18.5 x 14cm

    400 - 600336 Lena L Duncan Alexander [1899-1983]Portrait of a boy, head and shoulderssigned and dated 1941pastel drawing43 x 30cm.

    100 - 200




  • 89

    337Attributed to John Varley [1778-1842]An extensive Neapolitan panorama, possibly the Royal Palace, Naples from Saint Lucia-watercolour heightened with white20 x 30cm.

    300 - 500

    338John MacWhirter [1839-1911]The Entrance to The Grand Canal, Venicesigned MacW bottom left oil on canvas48 x 72.5cm.

    400 - 600

    339 Maurice Den Donker [Belgian, 20th Century]Still life of a jug of flowerssigned an...


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