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On The Prowl November Edition

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The first edition this year of On The Prowl, the Prowler's Entertainment Magazine

Text of On The Prowl November Edition




    10...RECIpES11...wORKOUTS12...Up & COMING13...MUSIC14...SpORTS REVIEw15...fUN THINGS TO dO

    TABLE Of CONTENTS(photo by Erin ONeill, November 2012)

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    Only put Off until tOmOrrOw what yOu are willing tO die having left undOne.

    -pablO picassO

    Staff November 2012Editors: Shelby McGeary (Editor-in-Chief), Jordan Nittinger (Assistant to Editor-in-Chief/PR Manager), Doug White (Prowler Editor-in-Chief), Lizzy Swam (Managing Editor), Chris Garling (Managing Editor), Kayla Smith (Features Editor), Katelyn Caralle (Co-opinions Editor), Morgan Webb (Co-opinions Editor), Kelly Hartzell (Co-sports Editor), Thomas Flinchbaugh (Co-sports Editor), Nick Fronzaglia (News Editor), Paige Gross (Arts Editor), Erin ONeill (Photography Editor/Editor-in-Chief of Online Publication), Sean In-nerst (Managing Editor of Online Publication), Aman-da Chan (Copy Editor)

    Staff Writers: Jerred Anderson, Lyric Carter, Naya Cheatem, Kaitlyn Doyle, Hunter Einsig, Madisyn Hughes, Nadiyah Muhaimin, Nicholas Noleff, Sydney Roberts, Kristen Shipley, Karly Spangle, Sarah Vlazny

    Adviser: Lucinda Hogentogler

    The views expressed are those of the bylined author, as opposed to a reflection of the views of the staff in its entirety.

    Letter From The Editor It is my pleasure to welcome you to the first issue of On the Prowl for the 2012/2013 school year. Now, some of you may be saying, Oh yes, another Prowler! But this is not a Prowler. Im here to explain the difference. On the Prowl is the Prowlers hot, little sister. Where the Prowler is news and sports, On the Prowl is entertainment and arts. This is the fun side of the Prowler; we are celebrating the exciting, flirty side of students. This edition features student Street Style, which showcases a variety of students and their personal style. High school is the time where students re-ally find out who they are and the best way to express that is through clothing. Now is the time to celebrate our differences and embrace what makes us, us. Plus, looking at other peoples outfits can really inspire your own wardrobe! Music is going to be playing a large role this year. The editors figured, all students love music, why not write about? There will be more album re-views (this issue features Taylor Swifts Red on page 13) and playlists for every occasion. The playlists in this edition were made by the editors, but the next edition could edition could feature playlists from you! Stay in the know on all the latest entertainment gossip and fun by fol-lowing On the Prowl on Twitter: @CYHS_OntheProwl. I would love to hear what you thought of this issue, good or bad. Do you want to see something special? What was your favorite feature? Send me feedback at [email protected], or drop letters off (addressed to me) in Mrs. Hogentoglers room, room 165.Enjoy!Shelby McGearyEditor-in-Chief

    Calendar of events - deCember

  • Mrs. Zepp holds a prowler in the library.

    Thanksgiving Break Scavenger HuntBy Paige GrossARTS EDITOR

    5. Take a picture with On The Prowl and the bronze statue fam-ily at the mall.

    1. Take a picture with On The Prowl and a librarian.

    10. Take a picture with On The Prowl and a guidance counselor.

    Mr. Shellenburger shows a Prowler in the atruim.

    9. Take a picture with On The Prowl in front of the eagle barn on the west side.

    4. Take a picture with On The Prowl and someone in a red shirt.

    3. Take a picture with On The Prowl with the panther statue in front of the school.

    6. Take a picture with On The Prowl and a plate of Thanksgiv-ing food.7. Take a picture with On The Prowl and a home-made paper snowflake.

    The Central Panther statue strikes a pose.

    8. Take a picture with On The Prowl and a McDonalds worker.

    2. Take a picture with On the Prowl inside Sheetz. 11. Take a picture with On The

    Prowl and a pile of leaves. 12. Take a picture with On The Prowl in a yard full of Christmas decorations.

    Student-made paper snowflakes.

    A gift leans against a Christmas tree.

    Looking for something to do besides eat and shop over Thanksgiving break? Have fun with your friends posing with this edition of On The Prowl with all of the things in this scavenger hunt, and you could win a Sheetz gift card! Form teams of 2 or 3 people, and have at least one team member in each picture. The first group to E-mail all of their pictures to [email protected] wins, and has their pictures in the next prowler. The race begins as soon as you pick up this edition of On The Prowl. Ready, set, go!




    *All photos by Paige Gross

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    Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.

    -coco chanel

    central street style

    Braden young, 12 megan Beam, 12 sarah donner, 9 elena ream, 11

    what to wear nowBy Shelby McGearyeditor in chief Street style refers to the fash-ion of real people on the street; not supermodels, designers or celebrities. Seeing actual people pulling off trends and working new statement pieces into their wardrobe makes fashion all the more exciting and attainable for you. And youd be surprised at how much strangers can influence your own ward-

    robe; where do you think i get all my outfit inspirations? Some of my favorite go-to websites for street style photos and inspiration are: features street style from new York, Paris, London, tokyo and more! Snapshots of locals living in copenhagen. So rad. Provides snapshots of the lat-est trends, near and far.

    fashion is not simply a girl thing; fashion is a statement. And if you think wearing basketball shorts and t-shirts every day does not make such a statemtent, you are sadly mistaken. Which means youre probably not making the statement that you want to. the changing of seasons is the perfect time to try out a new style. Let these pictures of your peers provide some outfit inspiration for you! fYi, gentlemen, ladies totally dig guys who dress well. Just sayin.

    SheLBYS fAShion leandra medine is my style icon. Her outfits rock my world. The end. -topshop The closest store is in NYC, but I do all my online shopping here. So much on-trend Fit student and my idol.-h&M Stylish and affordable? count me in.-Skulls Skulls are timeless and chic and go with everything.

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    A greAt sociAl success is A pretty girl who plAys her cArds As cArefully As if she were plAin.

    -f. scott fitzgerAld

    Keith stAggers, 12Keith stAggers, 12Keith stAggers, 12 lily sieger, 11 (germAn student) tAshi AgArwAl, 11 evA KAiliAn, 10

    for lAdies:

    1. grAphic sweAter/pullover2. AnKle Boots3. polKA dot Anything4. emBellished collArs/collAr necKlAces5. quirKy, cool sneAKers6. mensweAr wAtch7. loAfers8. Bright Belts9. motorcycle jAcKet10. cArdigAns (try weAring them BAcKwArds!)11. Big, stud eArrings12. strong BlAzer13. leAther sKirt (reAl or fAux)14. colorful BAg (deep purples And yellows Are hot this seAson)15. cropped BlAcK trousers

    for men:

    1. leAther jAcKet 2. fur (reAl or fAux; so clAssy)3. sKinny tie4. ties in generAl5. fresh KicKs6. sweAters (cmon, chicKs seriously love it)7. Bowtie8. sophisticAted wAtch9. Blue-BlAcK Anything10. tAilored suit11. colorful Button-downs/dress shirts12. windBreAKer13. BeAnie14. cArdigAns15. BeArd

    15 fAll/winter wArdroBe must-hAves

    *All photos by shelby mcgeary

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    EvEn though somE of you arE prEtty thin, you all havE fat hEarts, and thats what counts.

    -fat amy, pitch pErfEct

    Tuxedo TipsBy Amanda ChanCopy editor inspired by Zooey de-schanels nails at the 2012 Golden Globes and youtubes cutepolish tuxedo Nail Art video, ive put my own spin on the classiest way to spice up your manicure. 1. paint a base coat of white. Make sure its a solid, thick coat of white. Use mul-tiple layers if needed. i used Sally Hansen: Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear White on. 2. paint a black V on your nail after the white dries. i used Claires two Way Nail Art Brush in black. 3. in an effort to save the polish in the Nail Art Brush? i used N.y.C. Black Lace Crme nail polish to fill out the sides. i had to use two layers to get the intensity of black i wanted. 4. this step is the tricki-est. For the bowtie of the tux-edo, use the pen option of the Nail Art Brush to make an X at the base of your nail and then for the buttons, make three dots in a column, un-der the bowtie. For added ef-fect, try to make the spots get smaller as it gets close to the bottom of the nail. 5. Fill in the spaces of the X. 6. Use Claires two Way-Nail Art Brush in white, the pen option, to create the illu-sion of a lapel. 7. if you want to get su-per fancy, use red nail polish to make a little flower on one of the lapels. 8. Use a clear top coat to protect your tuxedo and make it shiny.

    Paiges Makeup Tips

    For fair skin and fair eyes, bright col-ors and pastels work best on this skin tone. Hair colors should stay in the ashy family. Blondes with cool tones instead of golden tones work well, as well as ashy brunettes. the less makeup the better, but an even skin tone is important! For fair/beige skin a

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