Online Resources for Beginning Teachers

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Online Resources for Beginning Teachers. Cindy Duffy Director Area IV LTC. ????. How do you develop professionally? Currently how are you collaborating with other professionals? How do you utilize your time online? Are you a connected educator?. Why go online?. Find answers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Online Resources for Beginning Teachers

Online Resources for Beginning TeachersCindy Duffy DirectorArea IV LTC

????How do you develop professionally?Currently how are you collaborating with other professionals?How do you utilize your time online?Are you a connected educator?

Why go online?Find answersConnect to others

Connected Learning CommunityProfessional Learning CommunityPersonal Learning NetworkCommunities of PracticePersonal Learning NetworkMy Personal Learning NetworkRSS feedsTwitterLinkedInClassroom 2.0PinterestSimple K-12

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Twitter is used by people in nearly every country around the world. For teachers, this means you have access to thousands of teachers and experts around the world with rich backgrounds and experiences that can contribute to your professional growth.PinterestPinterest is a free virtualbulletin board where users pin videos and images captured from around the web. These images are then arranged into different categories on a user'sboard. Pins are also shared and searchable making thus Pinterest a great tool for virtual learning. Pins are also visible to other Pinterest users and one can easily see the board of others as well.

INTC beginning teachers

Specific to!SchoolWorks ScoopItLinkedIn is really a huge database of professionals.Getting Back in Touch (Finding & Being Found)Acquire & Share ExpertiseCareer Management lounge

Simple K-12Teacher Learning CommunityProfessional development site for educators designed to integrate technology into the curriculum.Many of the webinars are free.Fee is $297 for full yearly membership although they usually discount it if you attend a webinar.

FacebookEducators using Facebook Teachers Guide for Beginning Primary Teachers New Teacher Collaborative bookmarking DiigoOrganize your thoughts - connect with othersFollow be followedShare with othersPrivate publicTag listsHighlight - sticky

Edutopia advice, resources, and strategies to support new teachers and help them improve their craft. for new teachers and veterans to connectTeaching with SoulThe New Teacher Mentoring Project was created by Lisa Dabbs, creator of #ntchatPurpose is to To collaborate and find best practices To mentor and support new/pre-service teachers in K-12 and higher education institutes of learning worldwide for online and offline learning. To use the New Teacher Mentoring project to help you navigate through your first few years of teaching with a virtual mentor.

YouTube Teacher 2.0Teacher 2.0 is an independent community for educators to explore their interests and passions, and to build a network of support for educators at all levels. Through this community, with online events, interviews, and workshops, our goal is to have educators help each other become re-energized in their careers and in their contributions to the world.What are your ideas for this network? Once you've registered and logged in, please use the ideas linkin the menu above to suggest or vote on ideas for what we can do to make Teacher 2.0 a great help to you! LibraryStarted in 2005 the Living Library is a federally funded, nationwide network of educators who share best practices.

Other resourcesA survival guide for new teachers from Scholastic filled with resources, tools, and tips plans, videos, resources for new teachers. Channel is a video showcaseon the Internet and TVof inspiring and effective teaching practices in America's schools. are a teacher created and owned business dedicated to empowering and inspiring teachers, creating quality, learner-centered classrooms, and improving student success! In working towards this cause, Inspiring Teachers has developed a support system to help new teachers, mentors, and administrators. Learning management system (LMS) and social network that makes it easy to create and share academic content www.schoology.comTeachers.Net was founded on the principle of allowing teacher-users to contribute the content and direct site development and to utilize the Internet to harness the collective intellect and wisdom of the worldwide teaching community is a free site for teachers that combines a robust database of reviewed resources, curriculum authoring and sharing in a wide variety of formats, management tools and access to a broad community of educators with similar interests. these connections are professionalLinks can be found at - Resources for Beginning TeachersCindy Duffy DirectorArea IV LTC


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