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Opening Sequence Editing

Opening Sequence EditingBy Conor WindowSFinal Cut Pro XFinal Cut Pro X is the software in which we used to edit our opening sequence. The application looks like this:

I used a majority of different features in order to make my opening sequence seem as realistic and professional as possible. This included a number of filters, as well as a variety of sounds and shots. Below is a screenshot and dissection of the complete editing process.Non-diegetic soundtrackNon-diegetic voiceoverTitlesTransitionsShotsDiegetic dialogueOverview

SoundThere is a direct correlation between the non-diegetic dialogue and non-diegetic soundtrack: as the volume of the dialogue rises, the volume of the soundtrack decreases; as seen bellow:

We decided to include this feature in order to increase the sound quality, allowing the audience to hear the voiceover better, as well as preventing the music from drowning out the speech.We also included a number of diegetic sounds. These include machine gunfire, footsteps and dialogue.4Effects

We decided to use two different filters when editing our opening sequence:We used the filter Aged Film for the parts of our opening sequence where Frankie was walking through London. This was effective as it conforms with the genre, as most gangster films are from the 20th century, meaning camera quality was not as good as it is today. This allowed us to create a modern film, whilst still denoting old film features.We used the filter 50s TV (a black and white filter) for the flashback in our opening scene. This allowed us to connote that this scene is in the past. It also assisted us in hiding Frankie Rodgers identity until the very end of the trailer, as even though his face was covered, this made his eyes less recognisable.We used the vignette to denote darkness. This was in order to connote the dark themes and narrative of London Boy. An example of these would be murder, as seen in our opening sequence.Advanced Editing

We used multiple titles of peoples names, denoting that these are the many actors that feature throughout the rest of the film. We also included A Harry Lee Film, denoting that my partner was the director of the film. These titles give the opening sequence a more professional look.We used a variety of transitions in our opening sequence. This allowed us to naturally blend multiple shots together into one. These transitions include jump cuts and fades to black.We specially edited the part of our opening sequence by purposely synchronizing the picking up of the gun with the beat of the music. We did this by repeating the lifting of the gun as the music makes a specific sound.