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Singapore Maritime Academy Class 2 & 1 Engineer CoC Oral Examination for Class 1 and 2 (Marine Engineer Officers) Certificate of Competency 1 Marine Diesel Engines/Marine Steam Plants Safe and efficient operation and maintenance of main and auxiliary and control systems Detection of machinery malfunction, location of faults and action to be taken to prevent damage Determination of shaft power, analysis and interpretation of information obtained from monitoring equipment, or by use of equipment on board Fail safe devices, safety devices fitted for the prevention of damage Temporary and permanent repairs in the event of breakdown Periodic examination of the working parts and examinations

Model Questions Draw and explain VIT (B&W). Draw shafting arrangement How to make out if shaft is misaligned. How to detect misalignment at sea. What can be done if there is a misalignment? When there one M/E unit temp high and the T/C surges what will your action be and what will you look for? One unit temp high just as you leave port. What can be the reason (The answer expected is that the temp will naturally be high as the ship is manoeuvring). M/E Manoeuvering diagram draw and explain. C/S bolt failure why common in 4 stk engines and not so in 2 stk engines? ME running (out at sea) and suddenly the underpiston space high temp alarm rings and the engine slows down. When investigated, no problem, all parameters normal. When speed increased, again same thing happens. Why? The engine is B&W, 8 months old (The answer might be that the exhaust v/v is opening late due to a faulty non return valve in the actuator). Power calculation of engines Draw the draw card and explain if the pmax low. What various cause should be. Fuel p/q timing. Draw the diagram and explain preparation precaution and step by step to check fuel p/q timing. Pre-planning for performance monitoring. Explain power calculation

Crankcase inspection in details. Main engine turns on starting air, reaches air cut rpm but does not fire Determination of TDC when there is no flywheel marks Loaded parts of different bearings? Opening up of main bearing & precautions Performance sheet of a yanmah generator evaluate Oil mist detector operating principle Action in case of OMD alarm. Various buttons, switches of oil mist detector How to check the generator fuel oil timing. Performance of G/E data sheet and evaluate. Explain what is VIT. Write M/E all safety devices How to test oil mist detector, overspeed trip, crank are relief door, LO low pressure trip with the circuit diagram How to prevent engine from scavenge fire For exhaust v/v spring air - what are the back up is there Main bearing survey Crasshead pin damage what you will do as C/E Shaft coupling one of the bolt is broken what action you will take Construction features of holding down bolts How many ways to find out shaft power including 4 stroke engine Factors affecting M/E performance Construction features of 1 con doctor and how it works For scaverge air temp how to find out dew point Give the main engine safety features (classify alarms, slowdowns, trips and others) How can the engine get overloaded? (causes & symptoms) What are different cards & diagrams? Give purposes for each. How will you determine fuel pump faulty? B&W engine timing check? (lead) Give reasons for turbocharger surging and actions to be taken as soon as you come to know at sea? Also describe trouble shooting Draw B&W & sulzer fuel pump & explain. Explain VII and range for VIT in B&W and reasons. Write down all the planning that you will do for unit o'haul tomorrow Why is it very important to do power calculation of an engine How to ascertain that the liner calibration tool is accurate? What are the important clearances to be measured during unit o'haul. How are crank shafts manufactured. During crank case inspection, what are the things you will check on the crank shaft? (Looking for Reference marks on the web & journal).


Boilers Operation, maintenance, periodic inspections

Failures and repairs at sea Boiler water treatement Boiler tube leaking, how you will find out which tube is leaking, even through their having 1000 tube Cross section of boiler in your Ship Evaporation rate How to test boiler safety devices with circuit diagram

Model Questions

Boiler stopped at low low water level What would be your action. How will you check Tube Leakage What inspection to be carried out on Boiler water side and smoke side. Difference between a safety valve and a relief valve If a boiler tube is leaking, what is the conventional method of finding out the leaky tube? (The ship is out at sea and the boiler has 10000s of tubes and the leaky one is somewhere in the middle of the tube bank). Types of boiler tube corrosion Prepare 4th Engr for boiler water circ pump survey. Draw a boiler with all mountings (from your last ship). T/G interlock and L.O low pressure interlocks, how to test? Draw safety valve. why drain is kept below the spring. how this drain water is drain from V/V body. material for V/V body seat, spindle, and others. why V/V body made by cast steel No water on board. You are 2 weeks away from the nearest port. Will you use sea water in the boiler? If so what precautions will you take? BLR safety value setting. BLR chemical treatment and what chemical to be used and what value should it be. BLR casing if crack what to do. Boiler combustion control Position of Boiler gauge glass and water level controllers and relationship between settings. Boiler corrosion. Why do water treatment. How to check the boiler tube leakage and procedure on how to plug the tube. Boiler survey. Explain preparations for Boiler Survey Safety precautions and procedure & areas Give onboard Boiler tests and reasons for the test. Scenario:

Both P alkalinity and Chloride content dropping. Give reason? ( tube leakage) Draw & explain all types of boiler atomisers Draw & explain boiler feed water system. Draw & explain control system circuit for boiler feed water controller You have found lot of water in service tank. What is your action. Your superintendent insists that you repair the steam coil leakage. How will you go ahead with the repair. (Looking for draining, isolating the tank and steam coil, air testing of steam coil to confirm leakage, enclosed space entry procedure, gas free certificate, ships safety officer, hotwork permit and inspection tank by classification society surveyor after repair). (Informing Master Bridge ). Cascade Tank - Looking for draining (Scumming) and finding the fault. Looking for various possibilities, how can water enter to settling tank/service tank.


General Principles involved with operation of : a) Pumps, pumping systems b) Steering gears, stabilizers c) Thrust block, shafting, stern tubes, propellers, shipside fittings d) Cargo handling equipment & deck machinery e) Refrigeration machines, refrigerants, insulation of holds

Model Questions

Draw steering gear system follow up and non follow up from bridge to steering. Explain the emergency operation mode of steering from diagram. Steer gear draw N.F.U. system and explain What is feed back. What is the function of Auxiliary Ram and Cylinder What are the steering requirement for tankers. Centrifugal pump draw and explain (with and without diffuser ring). Draw and explain vane type steering gear. Explain sealing arrangement of the vanes. Plate type coolers draw gasket sealing arrangement. Draw steering gear. single phasing Regulation. by pass DV/V Isolating V/V why & how works Draw and explain sewage plant. Draw and explain both types of fuel pumps. Draw steering gear system including from bridge to rudder and explain principle.How to do with emergency steering.How to purge air.

Refrigerant System draw diagram and explain. How to change refrigerant. air in the system. cold room temp not coming down. Steering system in details. Single failure concept. Draw (50%) from transmitted upto rudder with single failure concept. Sluggish action of steering gear How to do Air Compressor Survey What are the safety devices fitted and how to test them with circuit diagram 2nd stage safety v/v lifting why Factors affecting volumetric efficiency What are the setting pressure of air relief v/v & LO pressure relief v/v. Draw a steering gear system with single failure requirements - from wheel house to steering gear platform including electrical circuit (trasmilter, receiver Explain PPt mechanism Draw a by pass v/v and how it works Draw central cooling system, advantage & disadvantage How to protect the cooler from corrosion Draw the refrigeration circuit and explain in detail the importance of each equipment, safety devices, cut outs, etc. Short cycling causes & symptoms, charging of refrigerant - precautions & procedures. Disadvantage of gas charging? Draw hydraulic circuit for deck winch & explain. Draw strg gear & explain. Reasons for sluggish movement of rudder Steering Gear System (H Ram - 50% Torque) Diagram & its operation, alarm system Draw steering gear mechanisem. (Electrohydrolic, with electrical transmitter and receiver) and explain. Explain the function of by pass valves, shock relief valves, line relief valves and how they work. (Looking for prevention of hydraulic locking locking by pass valves during stand still/dead circuit/ship in port).


Materials Properties, heat treatment & suitability.

Model Questions What is forging? Types of crankshafts, their advantages and disadvantages. Heat treatment processes. An example for each component on board Materials for major components of diesel engine with composition (%) Materials for sea water system Material of fuel oil high pressure pipe What is forging, case har

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