Organelles Energy – processing organelles – help cells do their work. Energy – processing organelles – help cells do their work. Green organelles in plant

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  • OrganellesEnergy processing organelles help cells do their work.Green organelles in plant cells contain chloroplasts to make food. Organelles which release energy from food are called mitochondria.

  • Manufacturing organellesRibosomes make proteins for cell activitiesSome ribosomes attach to the rough part of the endoplasmic reticulum, a series of smooth or rough membranes that move materials around in a cell.

  • Transporting and storing organellesGolgi bodies move substances out of a cell or to other parts of a cell.

    Vacuoles-membrane-bound temporary storage spaces

  • Recyling organelles-lyosomes break down food molecules and cell wastes.

    From cell to organismTissue -group of similar cells working together on one job.Different types of tissues working together make up an organ.A group of organs working together on a particular function form an organ system.


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