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Organic Lifestyle Seminar. Welcome Everyone deserves to be healthy and to Live Life To The Fullest Live Your Dreams

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Text of Organic Lifestyle Seminar. Welcome Everyone deserves to be healthy and to Live Life To The Fullest...

  • Organic Lifestyle Seminar

  • Welcome

    Everyone deserves to be healthy and to Live Life To The Fullest

    Live Your Dreams

  • What the mind can conceive, Man can achieve

  • The network marketing empire

  • Headquarters in Malaysia

  • The world is our market

  • The President

  • Training

  • Excellent Leadership

  • 5 new Crowns every month?

  • Industry Awards

  • Functions of: Organic Food, Naturopathy, Natural Healing

  • We take more care of our car

  • . . . than our body

  • The trash we put into our body

  • What keeps us energised and alive

    The quality of your life is based on the quality of the life of your cells.

    The health of your body depends on the health of the 75 trillion cells contained within it.

  • Cancer

    1. Millions of cells degenerate and generate every second

    2. Unhealthy and weak cells mutate into cancer cells

    3. Ensure newly generated cells are healthy by living a healthy organic lifestyle

  • What do cells need to survive, and more importantly, to thrive?

    Oxygen is the source of all energy in the body. Cells use oxygen to convert glucose into ATP (adenosine triphosphate) that fuels the bodyNutrientsThe ability to eliminate

  • 90% of all illnesses begin in the Colon

  • What causes poisons to build-up in our body?

    Taking in more than you can eliminate;Bio-chemical additives (substances our body cannot use)

  • Organic Lifestyle

  • Organic Farming

  • Cleansing n Revitalising

  • Inner &

    Outer Beauty

  • Creamy Organic Soya Bean Powder

  • Soya Bean Milk vs Cows Milk

  • Elimination of ToxinsDIS - EASEThe cause of diseaseis due to the inability to eliminate the toxins, heavy metals and bio-chemical additivesCLOGGEDin our systems

  • Diabetic

  • Skin Disorder

  • Natural Hair Regeneration

  • Certificates

  • Pure Organic from USA- no steroids, no heavy metals, no impurities

  • Certified HALAL

  • Datin Shareena Chong Abdullah achieved Crown Star Director in 3 months and aims to be the fastest million ringgit producer in Melilea

  • Francis Khoo is among the crop of Crown Star Directors of Melilea

    fastest growing network marketing company in Malaysia

    Income Plan producing new Crown Star Directors every month

  • Why reinvent the wheel?Melilea achieved tremendously increasing sales of over RM10 million per month within 2 years.Make this YOUR business:Unique productRepeat businessExponential growthPassive income

  • Go Crown

  • TQ 4 helping me make it to Emerald Star Director

    C U @ the TOPAug 2005 Crown?May 2005 Diamond?Oct 2004 EmeraldMar 2004 PearlOct 2003 RubySep 2003 ManagerAug 2003 - Member

  • Never Never Never Give In- Sir Winston ChurchillBelieve in YourselfTake Massive ActionPut a Passion in Your LifeDefy the OddsHave FunBegin With The End In Mind

  • I want to be freeTo do what I wantWhen I wantWhere I wantWith whomever I wantFor as long as I want without having to worry about money

  • Contact the person who loaned you this CD

    Now you can have multiple streams of incomeNow everyone can be in business

    . nothing down

  • T h a n k Y o u

  • Presented by:


    http://[email protected] The Enlightened Millionaire Club making USD 1 Million for charity in 2005

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