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and MTS5200e

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Worlwide fiber demand

Percentage of total volume


Long haul23%



•Total worldwide demand:More than 70 million fiber-km

• total growth worldwide: more than 35%

New fiber types (G653, G655)

New fiber types (G653, G655)

DWDM Networks growthDWDM Networks growth

More bandwidth demandMore bandwidth demand

Internet explosionInternet explosion

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The Fiber Optic Market

Market Size FOTE in M$








1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003

Field; CAGR = 12%

Lab; CAGR = 15%

Total CAGR = 13%

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A proven Experience


Fiber ManufacturerFiber Manufacturer Service usersService users Service providersService providers

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Match the UTS Concept

• Mobile and Compact

• Multi-Purpose

• Simple Operation

• Advanced Performance

• Powerful file management

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The right Tool


LAN/WAN CATV Short haultelephony

Long haultelephony

DWDM Short haul DWDM Long haul

OTDR ModulesDWDMApplicationsLossTestSet


enhanced!Fiber Break Locator!Fiber Break Locator!Test Fiber ModulesTest Fiber Modules

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All Optical Testerenhanced!

WDM network testing OTDR Measurement

Visual Fault Locator

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Rugged & compact

Resilient protective bumpers

Internal Metallic shelf

Lightweight portable unit

3.5 kg with 1module and 1


Large display

8  inches B&W screen

8.4 inches color screens

Large battery life

Up to 16 hours

<3 hours recharging time

extended!Setting new standards in the field

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Highly Integrated – MTS5200e

Internal printer

12V DC power input with intelligent battery charger

Centronics interface

Monitor output

First Optical Module

First Optical Module

RS 232C/ Ethernet port for Communication

IEEE- 488 GPIB interface

Floppy diskoption


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The fastest OTDR in the world!exponential!

40dB dynamic range reached in 10s

Dual Wavelength Testing with the Macro function

Direct Access key for high speed menu selection

Automatic Filenaming

Standard OTDR

3 min Acquisition Time to reach the full dynamic range

Wavelength swap

Long menu selection timeManual file storage

MTS5100e and MTS5200e

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Greater Speed-Greater Productivity

• More fibers tested

• physical layer and optical layer testing

• Less time in the field

• Quickest Installs

• Fastest Repair

• Fastest commissioning operations


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Fast, Fast, Fast...

15s start up time

Complete results just after the acquisition

0.1s Real time sweep

Fast Motorola Power PC processor

1s swap time between OTDR and WDM testing

exponential!40dB dynamic range just after 10s

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Let the MTS does it!

Powerful Macro Function

Dual wavelength te


Dual wavelength te


Standard Acquisition Process

Overlay trace display

Overlay trace display

Automatic filenaming

Automatic filenaming

Automatic storageAutomatic storage

Automatic fiber incrementAutomatic fiber increment

ConnectConnect the fiber the fiber under testunder test

ConnectConnect the fiber the fiber under testunder test

Select Select the the


Select Select the the


Start Start the the


Start Start the the


Set up Set up the fiber the fiber numbernumber

Set up Set up the fiber the fiber numbernumber

Name the fileName the fileName the fileName the fileStore Store

the tracethe traceStore Store

the tracethe trace

Change Change wavelengthwavelengthChange Change


Connect Connect the fiber the fiber

under testunder test

Connect Connect the fiber the fiber

under testunder testSelect Select

Dual LaserDual Laser MacroMacro

Select Select

Dual LaserDual Laser MacroMacro

PressPress  Fast Fast  PressPress  Fast Fast  

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•Reduce distance sampling•Improve distance accuracy with 4cm sampling resolution•High density of points on all the trace•More accurate fault location

Up to 128 000 acquisition points

Highest number of datapoints expert!

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Internal memory with 400 traces typical

1 Go Hard disk drive (thousands of traces)

Floppy disk drive (200 traces typical)

Large Storage Capacity

Extended operation in the field

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Direct access key Batch printing

capability Select files to print Press the key once

Centronics interface as standard

Internal Built-in printer with the MTS5200e

Advanced Printing

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Simple User Interface

One button testing

Direct Access Keys

Quick and simple swap to the main menus

Fast trace scan with the Event Function

Direct link to the table of events

Simple marker management

Direct zoom access and simple home function


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From Novice to Expert

What do you need to be more efficient in the field:



The MTSe offers the dedicated functionalities Automatic configuration

Automatic filenamingAutomatic fiber increment

Trace overlayLock marker functionBi-directional analysis

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Multiple Test Platformexpandable!

WDM Tester

Fiber Break Locator

OTDR MeasurmentVisual Fault Locator

Insertion Loss TesterOptical Talk Set

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WDM Module

Increase maintenance levelTest of optical layer with DWDM networks

Increase network analysisChannel spacingPower levelsWavelengthOptical Signal Over Noise Ratio

SpecificationsC- band analysis (1520 - 1570)35 pm wavelength accuracy12.5 GHz channel spacing

Ideal Tool for DWDM / Optical Layer Maintenance

WDM Networks

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Page 21

Table of Results and Waveform in One Screen

Major measurements:WavelengthChannel spacingPowerOSNR

Long term analysis with:MinMaxAverage

WDM Networks

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More than an OTDR...

Fiber Break Locator

Traffic Detection

Talk Set

MM and SM Insertion Loss measurements

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A complete Solution

The Fastest Way from the field measurements, to

the office report generation !!!

The Fastest Way from the field measurements, to

the office report generation !!!

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WinTrace OTDR trace report software

Bellcore compatible

Measurement thresholds

Macro function for fast batch


Traces comparison

Bi-directional analysis

Dedicated trace report (company


Excel compatible