Our History is our Strength Women’s History Month, March 2011.

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Our History is our Strength Womens History Month, March 2011 Slide 2 Our History is Our Strength Why I like this theme Issue of women & power What does one do with this? Women warriors were weird & even odder.. Warrior queens Every age struggles with this Slide 3 Outside the Classical World Cartimandua of Brigantes Slide 4 Celtic & Roman Britain Boudicca/ Boadicea/ Bodicca Description of Dio Cassius Rape of Her Daughters Attack on Romans at Colchester, St. Albans Destruction of Londinium Paulinus returned from Anglesey Boudiccas forces of 120,000 Celts 70,000 Romans Dead? Tactics of Paulinus Boudiccas end at Mancetter Reaction of the Romans Wales & England subdued by 78 AD Slide 5 Zenobia of Palmyra Slide 6 The Legends & Reality Semiramis Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator Slide 7 Warrior Queens The answer of the Ancient World The Amazons Lysistrata No people who place a woman over their affairs prosper -- Mohammed on a Persian princess How do you explain/ cope with this? Slide 8 Warrior Queens Voracity Syndrome Chastity Syndrome Holy Armed Figurehead Appendage Syndrome Well did she show, great Harry was her sire, Whom Europe did for valour most admire. Slide 9 Warrior Queens Shame Syndrome Only a Weak Woman Syndrome Tomboy Syndrome What if she is unsuccessful? Empress Matilda (Maud) Violated her the confines of her sex Question of Boudicca/ Boadicea Slide 10 Feminist Theory & Female Rulers? Christine de Pizan More inclined to make peace and avert wars. Joan Kelly And I know in the depth of my being and in all my knowledge of history and humanity, I know women will struggle for a social order of peace, equality and joy. Honorary Male Theory Lynne Segal I accept that women are gentler at the moment, but if they had the same amount of power as men, they wouldnt be more virtuous. Were still sure what to do with them. Slide 11 Still Fairly rare 11 Prime Ministers 10 Presidents 3 Queens Regnant 3 Governors General 11 with no women in government at all Slide 12 In American Politics Victoria Woodhull, 1872 Gracie Allen, 1940 Slide 13 Playing with Big Boys Supreme Court Women of the Cabinet 1933, Frances Perkins Slide 14 Female U.S. Governors Red (Rep.), blue (Dem.) and purple (both) represent states that have had female governors; white represents those that have had none Currently: Arizona, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina & Washington Slide 15 Women in Congress 535 Members of Congress 39 Female Senators Currently 17 235 Women in the House 74 Currently Succession issue? 46 directly followed husbands 12 followed fathers


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