Outdoor Games 2012 CPHS. Outdoor Games Discussion What are your favorite outdoor games?

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  • Outdoor Games 2012 CPHS
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  • Outdoor Games Discussion What are your favorite outdoor games?
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  • Horseshoes - Equipment 4 Horseshoes (2 red, 2 blue) Stakes in sand Pitching Area Pitching Court 40 feet apart or at a campground - walk it off
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  • Horse shoes- Play the Game To start the game, partners will flip a quarter. Player 1 throws his horseshoes one a time at the opposite stake and then the second players throws both of their horseshoes one at a time at their end. This is called an inning Score the round and repeat. The next inning is done in reverse order, or by throwing back at the original stake and the person who went second in the last inning, throws first this inning. Doubles play: Team member stand at opposite stakes
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  • Horseshoes - Throwing the Shoe Keep your eye on your stake (target) Hold the horseshoe in your dominant hand. Feet are together. Pull horseshoe arm back and step forward with non-dominant foot. (similar to bowling stance) Bring the pitching arm forward and step forward with dominant foot. Release the horseshoe when pitching arm is forward.
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  • Horseshoes -Safety! Be careful when you toss! Look before you toss! Pay attention when anyone is throwing! No horseplay! President Truman
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  • Horseshoes- Scoring Ringer - When the touching of both points of the shoe with a straight edge permits a clearance of the stake. Cancellation Scoring- Teams cancel each others points. I.e. if I score a ringer and you score a ringer those cancel out and we give points based on the horseshoe still in play for both teams Count All Scoring- All points count, each player could potentially score 6 points every inning
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  • Horseshoes - at CPHS When we play at CPHS: Doubles Play Count all scoring Partners stand at opposite pitches Play games to 21 or time limit Make sure you ask partner to move away from pitching area before you throw. Teams will alternate throwing horseshoes Scoring Ringer = 3 points Touching stake = 2 points Horseshoe within 6 in = 1 point Announce score at the end of each inning
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  • Bag Toss Game - Eqpt 8 bean bags (4 red, 4 blue) Bean Bag Boxes with 1 hole Place Boxes 15 feet apart
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  • Bag Toss Game - Play Each team has 4 bean bags. Red player 1 tosses a bag at the board across from them, then blue player 1 tosses. Both players repeat. The round is over when the red player 1 and blue player 1 have thrown both of their bean bags. Their partners then toss their bean bags toward the other board.
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  • Bag Toss Game - Throwing & Safety Underhand throw - similar to horseshoes and bowling Always look before you toss and confirm the group at the other side is ready. Scoring takes place at the end of the round.
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  • Bag Toss - Scoring A bag thrown through the hole = 3 points A bag that lands on the board = 1 point If team red throws 1 through the hole and one on the board their score is 4. If the red team throws 2 and they both land on the board, their score is 2. The total for the round is the difference between the scores and given to the team with the higher amount of points. For this round, the red team's score is 2 points.
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  • Bag Toss - at CPHS We will play doubles. Partners stand at opposite ends Our score is to 21 or whoever has the most points at the end of the time limit. Make sure partner is looking before you throw! Scoring: 1 point for leaving bag on board 3 points for bag through hole Announce score at the end of each round