Outlook Express Keyboard Shortcuts

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Outlook Express Keyboard Shortcuts By Matt Elton

F1 = Help Ctrl-A = Select All Ctrl-P = Print Ctrl-M = Send and Receive Delete = Delete Ctrl-D = Delete Ctrl-N = New Message Ctrl-Shift-B = Address Book Ctrl-R = Reply Ctrl-F = Forward Ctrl-Shift-R = Reply to all Ctrl-I = Inbox Ctrl-> = Next Message Ctrl-Shift-> = Next Message Ctrl-< = Previous Message Ctrl-Shift-< = Previous Message Alt-Enter = Properties F5 = Refresh Ctrl-U = Go to the next unread email message Ctrl-Shift-U = Go to the next unread news conversation Ctrl-Y = Go to a folder Ctrl-O = Open Enter = Open selected message Ctrl-Enter = Mark message as read Ctrl-Q = Mark message as read Tab = Move between lists/panes

Ctrl-Shift-A = Mark all news messages as read Ctrl-W = Go to a newsgroup Left Arrow = Expand a news conversation + = Expand a news conversation Right Arrow = Collapse a news conversation - = Collapse a news conversation Ctrl-J = Go to the next unread newsgroup or folder Ctrl-Shift-M = Download news for offline reading Escape = Close a message F3 = Find text Ctrl-Shift-F = Find a message Ctrl-Shift-F = Find text in a message Ctrl-Tab = Switch between the edit, source, and preview tabs Ctrl-K = Check names Alt-K = Check names F7 = Check spelling Ctrl-Shift-S = Insert signature Ctrl-Enter = Send message Alt-S = Send message