OVER NIAGARA FALLS! - Amazon Web Services Falls are one of the most popular 5..... in North America. OVER NIAGARA FALLS! 1 Complete the ... 3 Annie wanted to be rich and famous.

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<ul><li><p>Fact</p><p> Car</p><p>d</p><p>1 How many times did Charles Blondin cross the Falls?</p><p>2 Why was the second time more dangerous than the first?</p><p>3 Why did Annie want to go over the Falls?</p><p>4 What happened to Deanne?</p><p>5 What happened to Roger?</p><p>2 Read the newspaper articles and answer the questions below.</p><p>Names: 1.................. (USA) or The Horseshoe Falls (Canada)</p><p>Place: On the border between the USA and 2...................</p><p>Interesting facts:</p><p>The Falls are about 3.................. high!</p><p>More than 4.................. cubic metres of water fall every second! </p><p>The Falls are one of the most popular 5.................. in North America.</p><p>O V E R N I A G A R A FA L L S !1 Complete the fact card using the words below.</p><p>3,000 Canada 55 metresNiagara Falls tourist attractions</p><p>T h e T o r o n t o T i m e s</p><p>Charles Blondin Does it Again!</p><p>A year ago, Charles Blondin walk</p><p>ed</p><p>across Niagara Falls on a rope. Bu</p><p>t</p><p>that wasnt dangerous enough for</p><p>him! He also walked across with </p><p>a man on his back. Yesterday, he </p><p>did a similar trick, but this time he</p><p>was blindfolded and he pushed a</p><p>wheelbarrow along the rope!</p><p>JUNE 30, 1860 The New York CourierAn Incredible Rescue at Niagara FallsYesterday, 7-year-old Roger Woodward, his sisterDeanne and their neighbour, Mr Honeycutt,overturned in their boat on the river near the top of</p><p>Niagara Falls. Mr Honeycutt drowned and Roger</p><p>disappeared. A man saw Deanne and saved her.</p><p>The man also sent a boat to look for Roger. Luckily,</p><p>Roger was wearing a life jacket and it saved his life!</p><p>The men found him alive at the bottom of the Falls!</p><p>Roger Woodward minutes before he was saved.</p><p>The Niagara News</p><p>In a barrel!</p><p>63-year-old Annie</p><p>Taylor wanted to</p><p>be rich and</p><p>famous. She</p><p>decided to go</p><p>over Niagara Falls</p><p>in a barrel, and</p><p>yesterday she did</p><p>it! Luckily, she was successful.</p><p>Good luck, Annie! We hope you</p><p>become rich and famous!</p><p>October 24, 1901</p><p>Photocopiable B Burlington Books</p></li><li><p>Photocopiable B Burlington Books</p><p>Answers</p><p>1 1. Niagara Falls2 Canada3 55 metres4 3,0005 tourist attractions</p><p>2 1 Three2 The second time he carried a man on his back.3 Annie wanted to be rich and famous.4 Deanne was saved.5 Roger went over the Falls and was then saved by some men on a boat.</p><p>OVER NIAGARA FALLS!</p></li></ul>