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OverDrive: Proven Value for Libraries. Contact us for more information Web: www.overdrive.com Email: sales@overdrive.com Phone: 216-573-6886 x4 Connect with us! Here at PLA: Get a personal demo and attend more sessions!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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OverDrive: Proven Value for LibrariesContact us for more informationWeb: www.overdrive.com Email: sales@overdrive.com Phone: 216-573-6886 x4Connect with us!

Here at PLA: Get a personal demo and attend more sessions!

it's time to pick the winner!


eBook Case Study: Successfully Reaching New Users and Increasing Engagement

LAI/CILIP Joint ConferenceApril 2013v.10012010 | OverDrive, Inc. 2010 | Page #v.11012010 | OverDrive, Inc. 2010 | Page # 2013 OverDrive, Inc. | Page #Digital Library Growth 2012-2013Using Data to Drive EngagementUnderstanding the average userGathering your library dataLeveraging Content ReserveConclusionSession topics 2013 OverDrive, Inc. | Page #Digital Libraries Continue to GrowData period for each year runs from March 1st to Feb 28thWe continue to see impressive growth in both the number of digital libraries and the digital checkouts in those libraries. 2013 OverDrive, Inc. | Page #Checkouts Growing Even FasterData period for each year runs from March 1st to Feb 28th 2013 OverDrive, Inc. | Page #

Using Data to encourage continued growthWe want to encourage continued growth by meeting our users unique needs.

Living in a digital world means we have a lot of data about:what people like to read how often theyre readinghow they find books they would like to read 2013 OverDrive, Inc. | Page #Who are our users?AgeGenderLast summer, OverDrive and ALA conducted a user survey at U.S. public library websites. 2013 OverDrive, Inc. | Page #Who are our users? (cont.)OverDrive ALA survey dataDevice used

2013 OverDrive, Inc. | Page #How much are they reading?We can see borrowers are both new to digital lending and increasing the amount they lend. 2013 OverDrive, Inc. | Page #8Our average readerWe can use that data to imagine what an average OverDrive reader might look like.

Meet Judy. Judy is 54, lives in an metropolitan area and has her masters degree.

Judy received an iPad as a gift last year and has recently registered the device with her local library.

Though shes new to e-reading, she appreciates the flexibility and has been increasing the amount she reads this way.

What else do we know that can help us serve digital users like Judy? 2013 OverDrive, Inc. | Page #What else do we know?Content Reserve offers a large amount of data on your librarys performance and your users reading habits.

Library Usage StatisticsPatron holds, total checkouts, metered access usage and morePurchasing StatisticsPurchase orders, Smart Lists, Holds Manager and Advantage library acquisitionsUser StatisticsManage user accounts, view new user registrations 2013 OverDrive, Inc. | Page #Library Usage Statistics View titles your patrons have on holdView current checkouts, holds and metered access usageSee an overview of your digital library, including overall checkouts, holds and number of patronsBy correlating this data with what we know about our patrons, purchasing becomes a much smarter process.

Selectors can choose titles with high hold to checkout ratios, anticipate series borrowing patterns, and budget for next years growth.

2013 OverDrive, Inc. | Page #User Statistics

View patron checkouts by checkout ID, library card number, or titleView new user registrations by day, month and branchView checkouts by day or month organized by unique userOur most successful library partners are using this data to set goals for user registration and measure their success toward those goals. Our library partner services team can provide marketing and outreach materials and training to help you meet your growth objectives. 2013 OverDrive, Inc. | Page #Purchasing Statistics

View all purchase orders placed by your libraryUse your purchase order history to determine which purchases saw the most use and where you might allocate funds toward some mid- and back-list titles. Remember, our average user is increasing the amount she reads digitally. We can support her lending habits with great titles from a publishers entire catalog. 2013 OverDrive, Inc. | Page #

Leveraging Content ReserveUsing what we know about our average users and the statistics about our library collection, we can rely on Content Reserve to help automate collection development. 2013 OverDrive, Inc. | Page #Automate your Digital CollectionStanding Order PlansAutomatic access to bestsellersBuild holds for popular titlesSave time and effortSimplify budget planningHolds ManagerSave time while keeping waitlists to a minimumSelect a format, holds ratio, monthly budget, frequency andmaximum title limits Tailor the plan to fit your needs

2013 OverDrive, Inc. | Page #

Collection Development SpecialistsDont forget! You can always contact your personal Collection Development Specialist for more ways to tailor your collection to your users.Our dedicated staff is always available to help you save time as you build your digital library. 2013 OverDrive, Inc. | Page #Wrap-upBy understanding how patrons use your digital library, you can develop a more targeted catalog and support your patrons specific lending habits.

Remember these key points:Know who your patrons areUnderstand your patrons lending habitsUse tools in Content Reserve todevelop your collection

2013 OverDrive, Inc. | Page #OverDrive: Proven Value for LibrariesContact us for more informationWeb: www.overdrive.com Email: cweissman@overdrive.com Phone: 216-573-6886 x203


Mrs. Claudia WeissmanInternational Business Director OverDrive, Inc. 2013 OverDrive, Inc. | Page #


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