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  • September 24, 2013

    P latts 3rd Annual NGLs Conference Houston, TX

    Karen Kabin

    Vice President, Business Development NGLs North Kinder Morgan, Products Pipelines

    Overview of K inder Morgans Crude, Condensate & NGL Projects

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    This presentation contains forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are identified as any statement that does not relate strictly to historical or current facts. In particular, statements, express or implied, concerning future actions, conditions or events, future operating results or the ability to generate revenues, income or cash flow or to make distributions or pay dividends are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are not guarantees of performance. They involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions. Future actions, conditions or events and future results of operations of Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P., Kinder Morgan Management, LLC, El Paso Pipeline Partners, L.P., and Kinder Morgan, Inc. may differ materially from those expressed in these forward-looking statements. Many of the factors that will determine these results are beyond Kinder Morgan's ability to control or predict. These statements are necessarily based upon various assumptions involving judgments with respect to the future, including, among others, the ability to achieve synergies and revenue growth; national, international, regional and local economic, competitive and regulatory conditions and developments; technological developments; capital and credit markets conditions; inflation rates; interest rates; the political and economic stability of oil producing nations; energy markets; weather conditions; environmental conditions; business and regulatory or legal decisions; the pace of deregulation of retail natural gas and electricity and certain agricultural products; the timing and success of business development efforts; terrorism; and other uncertainties. There is no assurance that any of the actions, events or results of the forward-looking statements will occur, or if any of them do, what impact they will have on our results of operations or financial condition. Because of these uncertainties, you are cautioned not to put undue reliance on any forward-looking statement. Please read "Risk Factors" and "Information Regarding Forward-Looking Statements" in our most recent Annual Reports on Form 10-K and our subsequently filed Exchange Act reports, which are available through the SECs EDGAR system at www.sec.gov and on our website at www.kindermorgan.com.

    The maps contained in this presentation have been carefully compiled and printed by Kinder Morgan from available information. Kinder Morgan does not guarantee the accuracy of these maps or information delineated thereon, nor does Kinder Morgan assume responsibility for any reliance thereon. Recipient agrees not to copy, distribute or digitize these renderings without the express consent from Kinder Morgan or its affiliates.

    Forward Looking Statements

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    Kinder Morgan at a glance Largest midstream and third largest energy company in North America with a combined enterprise value of approximately $105 billion (a)

    Unparalleled footprint of diversified and strategically located assets

    Kinder Morgan owns or operates approximately 80,000 miles of pipelines and 180 terminals

    Focus on stable, fee-based assets that are core to North American energy infrastructure

    (a) Combined enterprise value of KMI, KMP, KMR & EPB as of 9/6/2013

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    Kinder Morgans Crude, Condensate, & NGL Projects

    Cochin West Reversal

    Cochin East Extension

    Fairless Hills LPG Export

    TGP Rich Gas Gathering & Processing

    Double Eagle

    KM Crude & Condensate


    Eagle Ford

    Marcellus & Utica

    KM Condensate Splitter

    TGP Y-Grade Conversion

    Eagle Ford Rich Gas


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    Eagle Ford Rich Gas Gathering

    Complete solution for Eagle Ford rich gas gathering & processing Current capacity 900 MMcf/d Expanding to 1.3 Bcf/d Estimated in-service July 2014 Multiple tailgate options for natural gas

    For additional information contact: Rob Schaefer 713-420-3524

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    Houston Central Cryogenic P lant Expansion

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    Eagle Ford NGL Distribution

    Current fractionation capacity 81,500 bpd Evaluating expansion options Multiple tailgate options for natural gas and NGLs Provides producers with a Mont Belvieu netback price for NGL production

    For additional information contact: Rob Schaefer 713-420-3524

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    Kinder Morgan Crude & Condensate (KMCC)

    Delivers crude & condensate from Eagle Ford to the Houston Ship Channel Batched system 300,000 bpd capacity Cuero (Dewitt) to Oil Tanking completed June 2012 Provides producers access to refineries, petrochemical plants, and docks on the Texas Gulf Coast

    For additional information contact: Justin Peltier 713-369-9189

    Sweeny Lateral to Phillips 66 Refinery under construction;

    Est. in-service Q4 2013


    Karnes County Extension under construction; Est. in-service Q3 2014

  • 9

    KMCC Cuero (Dew itt) Station

    Dewitt Station 4 mainline pumps

    (300,000 bpd capacity)

    360,000 barrels storage 12 Truck offloading racks Estimated in-service by year end 2013

  • 10

    Double Eagle

    Three Rivers Terminal operational (storage and truck offloading)

    Eastern portion (Karnes County) and Western portion (Gardendale) Est. in-service by year end 2013

    Magellan Corpus Christi

    Marine & Storage Terminal

    Double Eagle Three Rivers Truck & Storage Terminal Gardendale


    Corpus Christi

    50/50 JV with Magellan operated by Kinder Morgan

    Delivers crude & condensate from Eagle Ford to Corpus Christi Batched system Chemical Grade (54o to 65o) General Grade (45o to 53o)

    100,000 bpd initial capacity

  • 11

    Double Eagle

    Three Rivers Terminal 400,000 barrels storage 4 Truck offloading racks

    Magellan Corpus Christi Terminal 550,000 barrels storage dedicated to Double Eagle

    Local refinery/petrochemical connections Water access

  • 12

    Combined KMCC/ Double Eagle System

    For additional information contact: Justin Peltier 713-369-9189

    Potential for the combined system to provide Eagle Ford producers with access to both Corpus Christi and Houston




  • 13

    Water Access

    Kinder Morgan Crude and Condensate

    300 kbpd

    Eagle Ford

    KM Condensate Splitter 100 kbpd

    Double Eagle 100 kpbd

    Eagle Ford Production Potential Eagle Ford crude condensate production

    900 kbpd as of mid-2013 Forecast to reach 1,500 kbpd in 2016

    45 80 API gravity condensate

    Eagle Ford Crude Condensate Production kbpd

    Source: RBN Energy Presentation at Benposium 2013

  • 14

    12 Rundown Tanks

    2 Spheres

    Flare Area

    3 Feedstock Tanks

    Processing Unit engineered for Eagle Ford production (45 to 56 API) Facility includes 1.9 million barrels of new tankage Located on 60 acres within KMs Galena Park Terminal Access to feedstock from KMCC pipeline through KMs Pasadena terminal Project supported by fee-based contract with BP Estimated in-service:

    Mid-2014 50,000 bpd 2Q 2015 100,000 bpd

    K inder Morgan Condensate Processing

    For additional information contact: Tom Guzikowski 713-369-9142

  • 15

    Kinder Morgan Condensate Processing

    Yields Six Products: Y-Grade Light Naphtha Heavy Naphtha Kerosene Diesel Atmospheric Gas Oil

    Combi-Column fabrication currently underway

  • 16

    Feed Tank 200-201

    AGO/FEED Tank 100-208

    Feed Tank 200-202

    Heater Piling


    Condenser Foundations

    Splitter Construction as of July 2013

    For additional information contact: Tom Guzikowski 713-369-9142

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    Kinder Morgans Total Eagle Ford Solution

    Cochin West Reversal

    Double Eagle

    KM Crude & Condensate Eagle Ford

    Marcellus & Utica

    KM Condensate Splitter

    Eagle Ford Rich Gas


    Enbridge Southern


    Fort Saskatchewan



  • 18

    Cochin West Reversal Project

    Reversed flow will provide 95,000 bpd light condensate (diluent) to Western Canada Supported by 85,000 bpd shipper commitments for initial 10 year term Project includes construction of new 1 million barrel receipt terminal / tank farm Explorer pipeline connection will allow shippers to source product from Eagle Ford using KMCC NEB approval received Estimated in-service July 2014

  • 19

    Canadian Diluent Demand Canadian import requirement for diluent forecast to expand

    2013: 200,000 bpd

    2016: 300,000 bpd

    2020: >500,000 bpd

    Conversion of the underutilized Cochin pipeline will provide additional supply to meet the growing Canadian diluent import requirement

    Even with the Cochin Reversal additional pipeline capacity could be needed as early as 2016

  • 20

    Delivery connections to all major condensate storage facilities in Fort Saskatchewan

    Keyera Pembina Plains

    Keyera facility has pipeline connections to Edmonton market (Enbridge CRW pool)

    Plains Midstream




    Cochins Delivery Connectivity