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  • Join us at 107 ch. Pinacle in Frelighsburg, Quebec for a full-time, two week Permaculture Design Certifica-tion. The PDC program follows the internationally recognized curriculum provided by Bill Mollison. Dur-ing this course, we will observe and follow the natural principles that drive ecological systems. We will learn, through both theory and hands-on practice, how to integrate these principles in designing our lives, homes, lands, and communities.

    Upon completion of this full-time course, you will obtain your Permaculture Design Certificate. This certification will allow you to pursue a permaculture diploma and give you the fundamentals to begin in-tegrating permaculture principles into your career,life, endeavours or new enterprise.

    Our courses are diverse and attract people with a wide range of interests and experiences. Our students range from curious beginners, to experts in fields con-nected to permaculture.

    P3 Permaculture

    Permaculture Design CerticationFULL TIME - SUMMER 2016


    PDC August 7 - 20, 2016

    HANDS-ON August 22 - 26

    LOCATION 107 ch. Pinacle Frelighsburg, Quebec

    COST $1220 (PDC) $650 (Hands-On)

    INCLUDES Course, materials, food, accomodation (camping). Students are responsible for their travel costs and arrangements.

    Register by visiting www.p3permaculture.ca

    http://p3permaculture.caArrivals and departures 1-day before and after course.

  • About the PDC P3s full-time Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) follows the internationally recognized curricu-lum created by Bill Mollison, co-creator of the perma-culture movement. The course is held over a period of two weeks and includes theory as well as hands-on practical instruction in the field.

    The PDC program teaches close observation of the natural principles that drive ecological systems to learn self-sustainable practices. We learn how to inte-grate these principles and techniques in the design of our gardens, lands, homes, and communities. We focus especially on energy systems, water catchment, food security and social economies. We use the close observation of nature to design positive solutions to the challenges we face today.

    The course provides a minimum of 72 hours of learn-ing with instructors, in addition to homework assign-ments, self-study, hands-on learning, group design projects and other learning activities. We are always striving to find new and exciting partnerships and past locations have included: Nova Scotia, Costa Rica and Mexico.

    Why chose full-time?During a full-time PDC students learn, live, eat, and work together. For these reasons we believe it is the best format to fully engage with the course material. Students are provided with accommodation, healthy meals, and inspiring gathering spaces where they are encouraged to discuss and share.

    Students are responsible for their own travel and camping equipment.

    What is permaculture?watch our 3 minute video

    Design. Share. Grow. www.p3permaculture.ca



    Learn how to:

    Establish natural crop fertility Develop ecological food production Build soil and learn about soil fertility Design water catchment Design sustainable settlements Strengthen local economies

    Learn about:

    Edible forest design Passive solar living Auto-fertile and no-dig gardening Earthworks and soil repair Alternative energy production Aquaculture and aquaponics

    The perks:

    Form new friendships Discover new places Develop your sense of adventure Develop skills for your future career Enjoy music, fun and laughs!


    Section 1: Fundamentals of PermacultureDay 1: Introduction, ethics, principlesDay 2: Concepts methods and themes in design Day 3: Observation of systems and pattern recognition

    Section 2: Ecosystems UnderstandingDay 4: Climates and micro climatesDay 5: Water systemsDay 6: Trees and their energy transactions Day 7: Soil systems

    Special TopicDay 8: Earthworks

    Section 3: Specific Climate UnderstandingDay 9: Humid cool climates Day 10: Humid tropicsDay 11: Drylands

    Special TopicDay 12: Aquaculture, aquaponics and mariculture

    Special TopicDay 13: Alternative strategies for a global nation

    The course content respects our commitment to the topics laid out by Bill Mollison in his book Permaculture: A Designers Manual.

  • 107 Chemin du Pinacle is a 268-acre domain located three kilometers from the charming village core of Frelighsburg, QC., and five kilometers from the Vermont border, making it easily accessible for our neighbours to the South. The site is equipped with a private lake, a beautiful little river, and a small waterfall, all of which is located one kilometer from the sacred Abenaki site of Mt. Pinacle (visible from the house).The land is partially forested with two long walking trails, and partially cleared for two nascent organic agriculture projects. The property also contains a small orchard with four varieties of apple trees.

    The property enjoys lots of sunshine and privacy. There is a canoe and kayak for early morning boating on the lake, and the possibility of a small sweat spot near the lake for our PDC guests in August. There is also a fire pit area with seating and picnic tables that can be used as a social area. The host will provide some farming tools to share; participants are also welcome to bring their own.

    BROME-MISSISQUOI107 Ch. PinacleFrelighsburg Quebec J0J 1C0

    E: teprine76@gmail.com


    The program cost includes accommo-dation in the form of camping on site. Showers and standard amenities are also available. Should students prefer to arrange for alternative accommoda-tions, they are free to do so at their own expense; local BnB options are available.


    Weekday meals are included in the pro-gram cost. Two meals will be provided each day, from Monday to Friday. Stu-dents are responsible for providing their weekend meals and daily snacks. Any special diet requirements must be dis-cussed with us and may incur extra fees.


    Classes will be held during the daytime. It is the students responsibility to be on time and present for class hours. Missed time may affect the students eligibility for certification.


    On Saturday, August 13th, students will have the day off to explore the local area. It is the responsibility of the stu-dent to cover the cost of any weekend excursions they decide to participate in.


    All prices in Canadian dollars. Includes lunch and dinner (buffet style), basic ac-commodation (camping), classes and all materials. Does not include personal travel insurance and airfares. You must wait for your course confirmation and information package prior to making travel arrangements. Classes are limited to 25 students. Registration deadline is August 1st, 2016.

    Already have a PDC under your belt? Want to expand your skills set? Take the hands-on and put into practice your newly ac-quired permaculture expertise. Perfect for developing your abilities as a designer, this years theme is food preserva-tion, and will include workshops on seed-saving, extend-ing the season, and building cold cellars. You can chose to add it to your PDC at anytime by filling up your PDC Registration Form and proceeding to payment here: Pay-ment Option Page.

    Design. Share. Grow. www.p3permaculture.ca


    PDC August 6 August 7-20 August 21

    Hands-On August 21 August 22-26 August 27

    Practical Information



    All email money transfers must be sent within the appropriate deadlines. You must notify us of any pay-ment sent, with your name, course of choice, phone number, amount paid and email money transfer question/answer by email. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive your payment confir-mation by email.

    Email: teprine76@gmail.com


    To send us a payment through Paypal you must login to your Paypal account, click send money to a friend, type in our email address: teprine76@gmail.com, enter the amount being sent, click next, review and confirm. All payments must be completed within the appropri-ate deadlines. You must notify us of any payment sent, with your full name, course of choice, phone number and amount paid by email. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive your payment confir-mation by email. Note that there is a merchant fee for using this service and we reserve the right to add the merchant charge to your transaction.


    In some cases tuition may be paid in two install-ments: i.e. 50% of course fees paid upon registration, and the remaining 50% paid one day prior to start of course. For more information about this option con-tact us at teprine76@gmail.com.

    There are a number of payment options available. For more information please contact Teprine at teprine76@gmail.com.

    Please ensure that prior to sending any payment, you have completed the registration form with your name, contact details and course selection. Our preferred method of payment is by cheque and email money transfer.

    Design. Share. Grow. www.p3permaculture.ca

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