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  • 7/26/2019 P9 Sierra Seward


  • 7/26/2019 P9 Sierra Seward


    ContactSierra Seward:2245 Aubree WayIona, ID 83427208.932.5393sew13001@byui.edu

    Table of ContentsBrochureMontage

    Business Card




    Event Ad

    Web Page


    Photographic Study

  • 7/26/2019 P9 Sierra Seward



    A two sided duplex olding brochure


    Course/ Instructor:Comm 130 Section 6Brother Judkins

    Programs/ Tools:Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Indesign


    Set up and align a two sided document. Learn how to wrap text around and image.Use paragraph styles in Indesign

    Process:I first looked at many ideas and examples o brochures to get an

    idea o how I wanted mine to old. Once I new what old I wanted todo, I then began to think about a company I could design a brochureor. I wanted it to be something I have a passion or. Once I cameup with the idea o snowboarding I began searching or images andpicking a color scheme. Once I had everything I needed I began to

    make the measurements in In design. I then Photoshopped my pictureo the snowboarders that that I could use it to put text wrap around.I played around with the ormat and rearranged things many timesbeore I came up with a visualI was proud o.

  • 7/26/2019 P9 Sierra Seward



    wo or more pictures blended together


    Course/ Instructor:Comm 130 Section 6Brother Judkins

    Programs/ Tools:Adobe Photoshop

    Objectives:Learn how to mange phtoshop layers.Learn to bleng images together using masking.

    Apply effective typeography.


    I first came up with a theme. Once I has a theme I startedsearching or picture I could use that worked well together. I usedpictures rom unsplash.com. Once I had my pictures I placed mybackground image and then layed the picture o the girl and thescriptures on top. Using the masking tool and opacity I blendedthe pictures together.

  • 7/26/2019 P9 Sierra Seward


    Description:Buisness card created with a personally designed logo


    Course/ Instructor:Comm 130 Section 6Brother Judkins

    Programs/ Tools:Adobe Indesign

    Objectives:Use the basics o adobe Indesign.Design an appealing layout.Use a logo to deign a buisness card or your logo.

    Process:I first brainstormed and researched many different layouts

    o business cards. Once I had an idea o what I wanted to looklike I began designing in Adobe InDesign. I used the shape toolto make the size o my cards and then added pictures by usingthe place tool. I also played around with onts or a while untilI ound two that elt complimented each other and worked well

    Business Card

  • 7/26/2019 P9 Sierra Seward



    Buisness card created with a personally designed logo


    Course/ Instructor:Comm 130 Section 6

    Brother Judkins

    Programs/ Tools:Adobe Indesign

    Objectives:Use the basics o adobe Idesign.

    Make an appealing letterhead or a company.Use the logo you have created.


    I wanted my layout to be very simple with not very much going on.I wanted my letterhead to have the same organized and proessional eelas my business cards with a lot o the same elements so I used my logothat I designed earlier in Adobe Illustrator to draw attention. I changedthe opacity so that it didnt seem like it took up to much room.

  • 7/26/2019 P9 Sierra Seward



    Black and white flier to promote a leadership conerence.


    Course/ Instructor:Comm 130 Section 6Brother Judkins

    Programs/ Tools:Adobe Indesign

    Objectives:Apply design principles.

    Use apporpriate typeography.Create a project older with an image, logo and indesigndocument to keep links in tact.


    Some ocus principles I used was gestalt and flow. As well asrepetition in the triangles. I first ound appealing onts that workedwell together. I wanted the triangles to draw your eye to the nexttriangle. I also wanted some varriation in color so I made them all a







    Conference is available to graduating seniors.Space is limited. Registration and more information available atHttp://www.vouantcomm.com/leaders

    October 21 8 a.m. 5 p.m.

    Lincoln Convention Center

    Do you want to havethe competitive edge in business?Come learn how at Vouant Communicationsannual Graduate Leadership Conference.Vouant Communications is devoted to helping tomorrowsleaders gain essential leadership skills in the workplace.During this dynamic three-day seminar, attendees will meetwith top executives of Vouant Communications to discussbreakthrough leadership techniques, while cultivatingattributes of leadership that willmarket to any employer.

  • 7/26/2019 P9 Sierra Seward



    Logos or a comany


    Course/ Instructor:Comm 130 Section 6Brother Judkins

    Programs/ Tools:Adobe Indesign

    Objectives:Use the basics o adobe illistator.

    Create an appealing logo or a company.Process:

    I used adobe Illiterate to make this project. I mainly used thepen tool to make the lines in the shape o the camera. I then usedthe shape tool and made two ovals and then divided them so thati could areas parts o the oval. Once I did that I had the hearts orthe middle o the Camera. I then went through many onts anddownloaded a ew to give the eel I was going or.

  • 7/26/2019 P9 Sierra Seward


    Event AdDescription:

    Full Bleed event ad to promote a undraiser.


    Course/ Instructor:Comm 130 Section 6Brother Judkins

    Programs/ Tools:Microwsof wordScanner

    Objectives:Find, Scan and import a high-quality image.Create a ull bleed design.

    Use a text box or a layout in word.


    First I looked through many magazines to find a picture thatstood out to me. When I saw this picture I knew that I wanted it todo with hope. I then began designing it in word and coming up withwhat I wanted it to say.

  • 7/26/2019 P9 Sierra Seward


    Web PageDescription:

    A web page designed to showcase a logo.


    3/16/16Course/ Instructor:

    Comm 130 Section 6

    Brother Judkins

    Programs/ Tools:ext Wrangler

    Adobe Photshop

    Objectives:Size and optimize an original logo as a .png or a web page.

    Use HML. Understand CSS.

    Process:I created this web page using a program called extWrangler. I had never

    worked with creating an HML/CSS. It was un to be able to see somethingcome to lie and have character and appeal.I used the oundation o a CSSdocument and then began to add in my own touches. I first added my logoand then I rounded the edges o the text box and typed out what I wanted itto say while picking colors that went well with my logo. I made temporarychanges by right clicking and choosing inspect. Tis brought up the CSS

    on the web page. Tese changes did not save until I added them into textwrangler. I liked this eature a lot because it allowed me to see what wouldhappen beore hand. I also used padding around the logo and text so thatthey would not be too close to the edge o the web page which was one o themost challenging parts o working with CSS.

  • 7/26/2019 P9 Sierra Seward



    A personally taken photo that is edited in photoshop.


    Course/ Instructor:Comm 130 Section 6

    Brother Judkins

    Programs/ Tools:Adobe photoshop

    Objectives:Learn the basics o photography skills.Size and crop an image.

    Adjust brightness, contrast and hue saturation.

    Process:I first went out exploring or places to take pictures. I came across this

    awesome run down building in the middle o nowhere. I took many differentpictures o the building at many different angles. I then picked my avoritepicture out o the ones I took. I then being to photo shop the picture byadjusting the levels, sharpness, saturation, and color balance. Once I likedhow the picture turned out I started looking or a quote to add. I reallyliked the quote I chose because o the experience I had while out lookingor places to take pictures. It took me a while to come up with the arrows asmy design elements. I tried many things beore coming up with this design.

    I like the eel and appeal it gives to a younger audience. Tis is somethingthat it very trendy right now. I then had a really hard time picking a colorscheme. I wanted it to be bold, eye catching and go along with the trendytheme without taking away the rustic eel as well. I ended up using a splitcomplementary color scheme.

  • 7/26/2019 P9 Sierra Seward


    Photographic StudyDescription:

    welve photos taken rom different perspectives o the sameobject.


    Course/ Instructor:Comm 130 Section 6Brother Judkins

    Programs/ Tools:Adobe Photoshop

    Objectives:Learn the basics o photography skills.

    Size and crop an image.Adjust brightness, contrast and hue saturation.

    Make and appealing collage with a title.

    Process:I first brainstormed about an object that you would be un to take

    pictures o and would be eye catching. I also wanted it to be somethingthat would appeal to many people. I then went to Rexburg Motorsports to take the pictures. Tis yellow AV really stood out to me. SoI began taking pictures and beore I knew it I had taken 30 pictures. Itwas really hard to decide what pictures to use because I loved how lotso them turned out. Afer ch