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    Thanksgiving 2018



    Gratitude, that is, to be properly grateful, is the most primary of all religious attitudes. - R. Rolheiser.

    In the BCP Collect for Thanksgiving we say thanks for all that is beautiful in creation....

    but above all we thank thee for our spiritual mercies in Christ Jesus.

    We cannot be grateful for just those things we consider to be to our benefit. We must be grateful for all,

    good and bad. Each day we need to give thanks for the good earth on which we live. Our world is changing

    rapidly and mankind has been responsible for these changes. Nature has been kind to us but for too long our

    gratitude has been based on entitlement, celebrating what we have taken from creation.

    We need to do an about face; not only to be grateful for creation, but, also, to encourage stewardship of

    the earth; and not only, being aware of what we gain, but also, how we can give back, sustain, and nurture the

    earth. Think for a moment what we give back and how that is changing the life on the planet. We give back

    garbage and sewage!

    Giving thanks, implies recognition, not only of the gift, but al-

    so, of the giver. That practice of gratitude can, in a very real way,

    lead to a practice of self-restraint, of taking from the earth only what

    we need.

    Acknowledging the gifts that surround us, creates a sense of

    satisfaction. Society drills into our head, telling us we must have

    more. To practice contentment is a radical act in a consumption driv-

    en society.

    Our gratitude, for creation, has to be more than a formula of

    words. Thanksgiving Day is one holiday where we do not exchange

    gifts, it is a time to feast and be grateful for all we have been given

    by God. A time for us to reflect on what we can do FOR creation.


    Priest In Charges Message

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    Cathy Ramey has folded her archive research coat and is no longer active with the Heritage Ministry.

    The Heritage members will greatly miss her dedication and knowledge in accessing archival information.

    Good Luck, Cathy.

    The Heritage Committee is looking for new members to help with the important role of record

    keeping, archive preservation, and research into our historical records for those wishing to follow their

    family trail as it was impacted by St. Johns Church. Should you be interested and/or want more infor-

    mation please contact Roger Demone through St. Johns Office. Submitted by Roger Demone, Chair Heritage Committee

    Heritage Ministry

    Music At St. Johns

    A note from Barbara..

    Our music program was an active one during the summer months. We took a

    break from regular weekly rehearsals but each Sunday morning our choir pews were

    filled by both regular choir members and those who return to be with us during the sum-

    mer months. It is always a joy to welcome back our good friends. There were 9

    Wednesdays at Noon presentations to enjoy, 2 this year in collaboration with Musique

    Royale. Our next series will take place in Advent on December 5, 12 and 19. These will

    be followed by Julias Music at Harbour View Haven, providing much enjoyment to

    the residents there. Chancel Choir is now back in full swing and this year we anticipate

    meeting on Thursday evenings at 7 pm for regular rehearsals. Wendell continues to pro-

    vide valuable assistance at rehearsals and church services as well as enhancing the role of music in our Sunday


    Musique Royale has a number of concerts of interest this fall. They are:

    My Favourite Things with Robert Kortgaard and Julie Nesrallah

    Sunday, October 28 at 4 pm

    Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra with pianist Kathryn Wagner

    Saturday, November 24 at 7 pm

    Togni, Reilly and Lucyk Trio

    Saturday, December 1 at 7:30 pm

    A Kings Christmas with Paul Halley conducting Kings College Chapel Choir

    Saturday, December 15 at 4 pm

    Capella Regalis Men and Boys Choir - To Bethlehem with Kings Thursday, December 20 at 7 pm

    New members are warmly invited to join either the Chancel Choir or St. John Ringers, conducted by

    Sharon Hill. We would love to hear from you.

    Warm regards,


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    Wardens Reflections

    In this Thanksgiving Reflection, we are pleased to report that MARY IS BACK! Our prayers have been

    answered and she comes back to us with a clean bill of health! We would like to take this opportunity to thank

    Maureen Brown who selflessly stepped in at the last minute and kept the office going in Marys absence.

    Thank you Maureen!

    Also with Joseph Carnevale continuing his battle to recovery, we are pleased to have Paul Woodley back

    as Church Sexton and Hall Custodian. 2018 certainly hasnt let up and remains an incredible busy year, it is

    certainly not a typical year.

    We started the summer with a wrap-up of the visioning process in May. (see article in this Newsletter

    related to the Shared Vision).

    The output of this effort not only provided us with a path forward towards a positive and hopeful future,

    it also provided us with the basis on which to define the characteristics of a new rector that would not only

    support the vision but would lead us down this inspired path.

    A Search Committee was elected at a Special Congregational Meeting in early May and used the Shared

    Vision as the basis to define the key characteristics we would look for in a new rector and the interview ques-

    tions and steps to properly assess anyone who would submit their name as a candidate. It made the job of get-

    ting alignment around one candidate so much easier.

    During the balance of year, we will be preparing to welcome a new rector into our parish in January

    2019. This will include getting on with some actions prior to a new rector joining this journey with us. The

    rectory will be freshened up, as all of the candidates we interviewed saw the rectory as a cornerstone of their

    parish ministry. Yes - the rectory is coming back to return as an integral part of our day-to-day life as a church


    We can not let this opportunity go by without expressing our deepest appreciation and gratitude to Rev.

    Alvin, who has selflessly stayed with us through this period as our spiritual leader, allowing us the time to

    heal, strengthen and undertake the search for a new rector in the best way possible.

    Advent is just around the corner. with many music events anchoring an invitation for the community to

    join in sharing our faith through this period. We have had our share of challenges, yet have we been bestowed

    with many blessings. We have cried together, we have laughed together and we have celebrated together. It is

    what families do. As we look through to the end of this year and into the next, there are so many reasons to be

    excited about our opportunities, to give thanks for what we have together and for what we will create together

    in our journey into the future.

    Respectfully Submitted;

    Wardens Robert, Blake and Duncan

    St. Johns Lay Readers

    Do you have a calling? Or even a small inclination to want to have a role in the services unfolding before

    you in the apse on Sundays?

    If so there is a place for you in the St. Johns Lay Readers group. We are in urgent need of several new

    Lay Readers to assist in this important ministry.

    Dont know enough about what is required, no problem. Full training, coaching, and mentorship is avail-

    able, all you have to do is express an interest and we will take it from there.

    Anyone interested in either becoming a Lay Reader or knowing more about what it entails can

    contact Roger Demone for more information and help.

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    Next Steps Toward Our Shared Vision

    In the Summer Newsletter we provided a summary of the key elements of our Shared Vision following

    several months of meetings and the involvement of over 130 of our parishioners.

    Following this process we were excited about the opportunities contained in our vision and the strong

    uniform voice that could be heard across the entire parish. However, over the past several months, what gener-

    ated as much excitement was that during the search for a new rector, to a person, each of the candidates inter-

    viewed described the Shared Vision as a key reason that they submitted their candidacy. Our vision was de-

    scribed as well thought out, inspiring and filled with hope. They simply wanted to be a part of it.

    We ended the article, in the last newsletter, on our Shared Vision with the following paragraph: While

    this describes our Shared Vision, it must be emphasized that a plan is only a plan until you do something with


    As Father Alvin Westgate states at the end of every service: And now the work starts, as we go out

    into the world to love and serve the Lord. So, its time to roll up our sleeves, celebrate our rich heritage and

    embrace the journey into the future.

    While most of the summer months were absorbed with the work of the Parochial Committee, it is now

    time to heed Father Alvins words and go out into the world to love and serve the Lord. Its time for action!

    While, we certainly understand that there will be many actions that will be better left to work together