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1. Page 2: GMA: Bathroom Makeover with Hazelton I actually found this article regarding water extraction and think it is interesting. If you would like more information, I recommend you check the page: After Good Morning America's Home Improvement Editor Ron Hazelton finished a complete bathroom makeover in four days, he was barraged with e-mails from viewers who had more questions. Here are some answers from Hazelton. Like many viewers, L. Dalton from Tarrytown, N.Y., wanted to know about tiling. Question: "Your bathroom project included reglazing/recoloring the existing bathroom tile. How do you go about doing this and what type of service do you look for when contracting a professional?" he asked. One option is refinishing existing tile. "You may remember that we started with this harvest gold tile that was in good shape but shouted '70s. So rather than take it out, we had a professional come in and refinish it. The results were striking," Hazelton said. Question: But can viewers try it at home? "Refinishing involves etching the surface with an acid wash, then spraying it with a durable topcoat," Hazelton said. "Topcoats can be polyurethanes, epoxies, or aliphatic urethanes. The refinishing process is not a do-it-yourself project. The chemicals are toxic and some experience is required to produce a spray job that is free from runs, drips, or 'orange peel' (an unwanted texture in the finish coat)." Question: How do you find a qualified applicator? Check the Yellow Pages, under bathroom/kitchen. Choose firm with showroom/office and one that has a guarantee. Choose a company that has been in business for five or more years and ask for references. "Be cautious of those who work only out of a vehicle. They're known as cowboys," Hazelton said. "You should also get at least a three-year guarantee against peeling." Most applicators won't warranty against chipping, scratching or other types of damage caused by impact, he said. One last suggestion: ask for references. "Ask about jobs that were done two or three years ago, so that for more info you can find out how well the refinishing job has held up," Hazelton said. 2. The life expectancy of a refinishing job can be up to 10 years with quality materials and proper application. For more information on the tile refinishing process, contact: NuShine, which refinishes and reglazes bathtubs, ceramic tiles in showers and on walls, sinks, vanities and vanity tops, formica surfaces, as well as fiberglass units. The company refinishes kitchen surfaces as well. Write them at NuShine, 1915 East Bay Drive, Largo, FL 33771, call them at 727-539-1400. The before and after pictures that appeared on GMA were from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry's Contractor of the Year Award Submissions. See the NARIweb site. Other pictures came from Kay Green Design of Winter Park, Fla. The sconces and glass shelf that appeared on the show were from Waterworks and Lowes provided various other items.