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Ulasan Master Plan ASEAN Connectivity:

IMT GT - BIMP EAGA : TANTANGAN & PELUANG PARIWISATARALDI HENDRO KOESTOER Snr Official Indonesia for IMT GT & BIMP EAGA Tantangan dan Pemanfaatan Peluang Kerjasam a Pariwisata ASEAN, 30 November 2011, Jakarta, Indonesia

Outline Presentation Intro: Sub-Regional Distribution IMT GT & BIMP EAGA MP3EI- Connectivity Related Projects of IMT GT & BIMP EAGA

TUJUAN: Memberi Pemahaman tentang Kerjasama IMT GT & BIMP EAGA dalam fokus Pariwisata dan aspek terkait yang mendukung Mendorong Para Pelaku Usaha di Daerah untuk mengantisipasi strategi dalam konteks dinamika menuju ASEAN Community 2015 Peran Indonesia (KemenPareKraf) dalam konstelasi KESR

ASEAN Member Countries

Sub-Regional Economic Groups of SEA

Spatial Distribution of IMT-GT

Spatial Distribution of BIMP PEAGA


Masterplan Indonesia Six Economic Corridors

Working Groups of IMT GT Clusters of BIMP EAGA Working Groups for IMT GT Indonesia: WG AAE WG HRD

BIMP EAGA Clusters -Brunei:Cl. TIICTD

-Indonesia:-Cl. NRD

Thailand: WG HAPAS WG Tourism

Malaysia: WG IT/InfrastructureTransport WG TI/Trade-Investment

-Malaysia: -Cl. JTD -Philippines: -Cl. SMED

IMT GT Connectivity Corridors

BIMP EAGA Implementation Blueprint 2012-2016Goal: To narrow the development gap across & within EAGA member countries as well as across the ASEAN-6 countries

>Increase Trade

Objectives: >Increase Tourism

>Increase Investments

Strategic Pillar 1: Connectivity Infrastructure Development in the Economic Corridors Air, Sea, & Land Services Power Interconnection and Renewable Energy ICT Trade Facilitation

Strategic Pillar 2: Food Basket Food Security Export Development Sustainable Livelihood

Strategic Pillar 3: Community Based Ecotourism Tourism Products & tourism infrastructure Community & Private Sector Participation CBET destination

Rolling Pipeline: Programs/Projects/Policy Support/Activities/Events

Results Monitoring (Outputs and Outcomes)

Kalimantan Economic CorridorsDevelopment Theme: Center for Production and Processing of Natural Mining and Energy Reserves Consists of 4 Economic Centers: Pontianak, Palangkaraya, Banjarmasin, Samarinda

Main Economic Activity: Oil & Gas, Coal, Palm oil, steel, bauxite, timber

Sulawesi Economic CorridorsConsists of 6 Economic Centers : Makassar Kendari Mamuju Palu Gorontalo Manado Development Theme: Center of Production and Processing of National Agricultural, Plantation, Fishery, Oil & Gas, and Mining Sulawesi Economic Corridor Agricultural (Rice, Corn, Soybean, and Cassava) Cocoa Fishery Nickel Oil and Gas

Kep. Maluku - Papua Economic CorridorDevelopment Theme: Center for Development of Foods, Fisheries, Energy, and National Mining Consists of 7 Economic Centers: Sofifi, Ambon, Sorong, Manokwari, Timika, Jayapura, Merauke

Main Economic Activity: Food Agriculture MIFEE, Copper, Nickel, Oil & Gas, Fishery

BIMP EAGA Flagship Projects Amendment of MoU on Expansion Air Linkages MoU on Non-Convention Sized Ship (NCSS) Implementation of MOU on Cross-border Movement Of Commercial Buses and Coaches An Airline Summit Implementation of MOU on Transit & Inter-State Transport of Goods Enhancing the operation of cross-border land transportation Establishment of BIMP-EAGA Bus & Coaches Consortium (BBCC) ICT Projects (i-ROP, i-CLID project, BIMP-EAGA Rink)


Kuching -PontianakPuerto Princesa - KK Puerto Princesa - BSB Zamboanga-Muara Link Brookes Point-LabuanMuara Bitung-Davao/General Santos RORO Link

Malaysia and IndonesiaPhilippines and Malaysia Philippines and Brunei


Philippines-Malaysia-Brunei Super Shuttle Ferry Philippines-Malaysia-Brunei PEDCO Philippines-Indonesia Super Shuttle Ferry

Creation of a consortium for Indonesia Brunei BBCC Malaysia

Coaches & Buses Operator

Ongoing Programs/Projects:Implement a unified tourism promotion and marketing program. Participate in International Fair. a.JATA Fair 29 Sept -2 Oct 2011 Tokyo Japan (4 countries promoted Equator Asia as a premier eco-tourism destination) Brunei Tourism Mr. Jimmy Sunnylai

Mindanao Tourism Mr. Authur Sarawak Tourism Board/Malaysia Mr. Benedict Jimbau b. ASEAN Tourism Forum 8-15 January 2012 Manado, Indonesia c. 9th China ASEAN Expo 2012 Nanning, China

The confirmed events for 2012-2013: Jan July 2012 : Preparation for the 1st BIMP-EAGA Conference (BEC 2012). 3-5 July 2012 : 1st BIMP-EAGA Conference (BEC2012). The conference will feature tracks specific to the five(5) clusters within BIMP-EAGA. 1) Transport and ICT, 2) Natural Resources, 3) Joint Tourism Development, 4) Small Medium Enterprises and, 5) Immigration, Customs and Quarantine services. Panel of discussions are scheduled for all clusters. 6-9 July 2012 : Concurrent to the conference will be a short-training programme on Capacity Building for Community Based Tourism. November 2012 : Workshop on BIMP-EAGA : Tourism Destination Audit. December 2012 : The establishment of the online and hard copy of the BIMP-EAGA journal for Sustainable Development. The 1st journal is scheduled to be published in December 2012. January 2013 : Workshop on BIMP-EAGA and Equatorial Asia : Where are we now?.

NEW PROJECTS IDENTIFIEDList of new projects identified for CBET: a. Organize FAM tour for China 2012. b.Leverage on Japan & China on Capacity building. c. Borneo Package. d.Air connectivity Convergence Meeting e.Website updating f. Develop Equator Asia collateral.

Some Milestone

Official Launching of Equator Asia Bus Wrap Advertisement and Hop On Hop Off Package on 6 October 2011 at Pontianak, West Kalimantan.

Priority Infrastructure Project (PIPs)1. Brunei Darussalam: 1.1 Kuala Lurah Border Crossing; and 1.2 Pandaruan Bridge; Indonesia: Tanjung Selor Border road project, Pontianak Entikong link project, Manado Bitung link, and Kalimantan Sarawak Power Interconnection;

2. 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4

Air LinkagesInterests In (New) Airline Routes MASwings on the Kota Kinabalu BSB and Kuching-Pontianak routes Formal application already submitted

SeaAir on resumption of Puerto Princesa Kota Kinabalu route. New Airline Routes Established Kalstar Air on PontianakKuching from 23 May 2011

Air Linkages

Possible New Airlines Routes Wing Airs (Indonesia) on their Intra-EAGA flights using ATR-42. Manado Davao (end of 2011) Balikpapan Kota Kinabalu (end of 2011)

Balikpapan Kuching (end of 2011)Balikpapan Labuan (end of 2011)

Air LinkagesAirport Incentives Indonesia Manado & Balikpapano Free Landing fee for new route in 1st year & 50% discount thereafter, Free Parking