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Panthera’s mission is to ensure the futureof wild cats through scientific leadership and globalconservation action.

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  • Pantheral e a d e r s i n w i l d c at c o n s e r vat i o n

  • CloCkwise from left: Clouded leopard, lion Guard-ians in kenya, field teams in sumatra.

    N. Garbutt (cover); C. sperka, P. Briggs, s.winter/Panthera, N. midlane (opposite)

  • we save cats by mobilizing political support, leveraging resources, and demanding measurable results.

    since Pantheras inception in 2006, we have: Conducted over 155 wild cat conservation projects Carried out projects in 59 countries (out of 195 countries) Built partnerships with 11 organizations to leverage critical resources Provided scholarships to 58 students (ms and PhD) cultivating the next

    generation of cat experts and conservation leaders around the world

    Pantheras mission is to ensure the future of wild cats through scientific leadership and global conservation action.

    Panthera is the answer to saving wild cats. as the largest wild cat conservation organization in

    the world, we are the only grouP that maintains constant vigilance and razor sharP focus on

    eliminating the most critical threats to all wild felids.

    2: mission

  • from left: two wild tigers; a snow leopard stares into a camera trap in the Himalayas.oPPosite: The worlds largest wetland and home to one of the largest jaguar populations, the Brazilian Pantanal.

    A. rouse, NCf/slt, s.winter/Panthera (opposite)

    While Panthera leads, all doors are open for others to join, and help save cats.

  • Pantheras Jaguar Corridor initiative, from mexico to Argentina, is the largest model of carnivore conservation in the world.

    our living with lions Program is poised to have the greatest impact on lion conservation in modern times. tigers forever is a focused effort on mitigating the most critical threats in key tiger landscapes, while measuring

    and monitoring outcomes of success. This business plan for tigers is the single most effective conservation protocol for saving the tigers in the world.

    our range-wide snow leopard initiative is unraveling the scientific mysteries of this little known big cat by collecting the largest and most important data set ever obtained on this species.

    Our programs represent the gold standard in cat conservation.

    Panthera is the first organization in the world to imPlement range-wide conservation initiatives

    for tigers, lions, jaguars, and snow leoPards. we have taken on the role of venture catalyst

    with Programs that are nothing less than ground breaking.

    3: the gold standard

  • toP: luke Hunter, tom kaplan and Guy Balme with a radio collared jaguar in the Pantanal, Brazil.toP riGHt: rafael Hoogesteijn, Alan rabinowitz and fernando tortato look at jaguar footprints in Brazil.riGHt: Joe smith (left) works with field staff on tigers forever in sumatra, indonesia. oPPosite: Hukaung Valley tiger reserve

    s.winter/Panthera (3); s. winter/National Geographic (opposite)

  • board of directors:

    Thomas s. kaplan, PhD, ChairmanAlan rabinowitz, PhD, CEOJ. michael Clinewilliam Natbonymatt Bostockmerritt PaulsonDavid HirschfieldClaudia mcmurray

    Pantheras leadershiP:

    Alan rabinowitz, PhD, CEOluke Hunter, PhD, PresidentGeorge schaller, PhD, VPAndrea Heydlauff, msc, VP

    sPecies directorshiP:

    Howard Quigley, PhD, eD, Jaguar Program tom mcCarthy, PhD, eD, Snow Leopard ProgramGuy Balme PhD, Director, Lion Program Joe smith PhD, Director, Tiger Program Hugh robinson PhD, Director, Landscape Analysis Lab

    Panthera is made up of a world class team to save big cats and their habitats:

    4: leadershiP

  • CloCkwise from toP: luke Hunter, fernando tortato, Alan rabinowitz and Howard Quigley with a radio collared, anesthetized jaguar, Brazil; George schaller looking for snow leopards; tom mcCarthy training local conservationists.oPPosite: snow leopard.

    s.winter/Panthera, k. schaller, s. winter/National Geographic (bottom right and opposite)

  • members of the cat advisory council: (Please see Appendix B for full bios)

    Christine Breitenmoser, PhD: Co-Chair of the IUCN Cat Specialist GroupUrs Breitenmoser, PhD: Co-Chair of the IUCN Cat Specialist GroupPeter Crawshaw, PhD: Founder and Lead Carnivore Scientist of the National Predator Center, Brazillaurence frank, PhD: Founder of Living with Lions; Research Associate at the University of Berkeleyrafael Hoogesteijn, PhD, DVm: Pantheras Jaguar-Cattle Conflict Coordinatormaurice Hornocker, PhD: Director of the Selway Institute; Founder of the Hornocker Wildlife Institute Ullas karanth, PhD: Director of WCS India ProgramDavid macdonald, PhD: Director of the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit at Oxford Universitylaurie marker, PhD: Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund

    tom mcCarthy, PhD: ED of Pantheras Snow Leopard ProgramGus mills, PhD: Research Fellow with the Tony and Lisette Lewis FoundationDale miquelle, PhD: Director of the WCS Russia ProgramCraig Packer, PhD: Head of the Serengeti Lion Project; Pro-fessor at the University of MinnesotaHoward Quigley, PhD: ED of Pantheras Jaguar and Cougar ProgramJohn seidensticker, PhD: Scientist and Head Conservation Ecology Center, Smithsonians National Zoological Parkmel sunquist, PhD: Program Director of the Ordway-Swisher Biological Station at the University of Florida, Gainesville

    the cat advisory council

    5: the cat advisory council

    The Cat Advisory Council is chaired by Dr. George schaller, and co-chaired by Dr. Alan rabinowitz and Dr. luke Hunter. it consists of the most prominent felid experts on the planet who together:

    harness decades of knowledge and expertise, function as an expert body to evaluate projects and proposals and, assess the most urgent priorities and effective actions for cat conservation across the globe.

  • CloCkwise from toP left: Jane Alexander, Conservation Council; David macDonald, Cat Advisory Council; Glenn Close, Conservation Council; Dale miquelle, Cat Advisory CouncilriGHt: Jaguar in the Brazilian Pantanal

    s. winter/Panthera (opposite)

  • the conservation council

    6: the conservation council

    Pantheras conservation council was co-founded by actress glenn close and

    claudia mcmurray, former us assistant secretary of state for oceans, environment and science.

    this exPert advisory board comPliments the scientific and technical exPertise of the cat advisory

    council by finding innovative, non-traditional solutions to saving cats.

    members of the conservation council:

    Jane Alexander Distinguished stage and screen actress who has performed in more than 100 plays and 55 filmsMatt Bostock Co-founder of lake 5 media; serves as the Ceo Glenn Close emmy, Golden Globe, and tony Award-winning actress and oscar-nomineeAli Erfan Ceo of tigris financial Group (Uk)Paul Klotman, MD President and Ceo of Baylor College of medicine. for-merly, he served as Chairman of the samuel Bronfman Department of medicine at mt. sinai medical Center

    Claudia McMurray President and Ceo of mainstream Green solutions llC; prior Assistant secretary of state for oceans, environment and scienceJohn Mitchell, PhD research fellow at The New York Botanical Garden; Chair and executive secretary of the Beneficia foundationJonathon Powell managing Director and senior Adviser at morgan stanley, london; served as Chief of staff to former Prime minister tony BlairNicolle Wallace served as senior Advisor and spokesman for the mcCain-Palin campaign; worked as a political analyst at CBs News; served President George Bush as an Assistant to the Presi-dent and Director of Communications to the white House

  • tiger in tree N. Garbutt; Anti-poaching patrol s. winter/National Geographic

    Our metric of success is simple: more healthly wild cat populations co-existing in a dynamic human landscape

    Pantheras impact is global.

    Our models and our accomplishments are unparalleled.

  • Pantheras Conservation Footprint

    Pantheras conservation footPrint sPans

    one-third of the earths terrestrial surface,

    with over 90 Projects covering more than

    50 countries in three continents.

    7: Pantheras footPrint

  • tiger N. Garbutt; snow leopard s. winter/National Geographic; kaplan scholar leela Hazzah trains lion Guardians A. Howard; Aerial of the Pantanal, Brazil s. winter/Panthera (opposite)

  • What People Are Saying

    8: what PeoPle are saying

    Save the Tiger Fund has partnered with Panthera because we recognize the urgency of the current state of tigers in the wild and because Panthera knows how to save tigers.

    Jeff Trandahl, Executive Director and CEO of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

    Panthera is unique in its approach of utilizing the most rigorous science to affect measurable success in big cat conservation. We at the American Museum of Natural History are proud to partner with them in these efforts.

    Dr. George Amato, Director, Sackler Institute for Comparative Genomics American Museum of Natural

    Panthera represents the most comprehensive effort of its kind in wild cat conservation. The big cats of the world need our help, and a scientific collaboration between the Big Cats Initiative and Panthera is a significant step forward in our efforts to save endangered cat species around the world.

    Terry Garcia, Executive Vice President, Mission Programs, National Geographic

    Dr. Rabinowitzs commitment to conservation is unparalleled. Its that single minded pursuit that has led to saving so many cats and so much of their habitats, earning our re-spect and this lifetime achievement award.

    Vyv Simpson, Executive Producer and creative director of th