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  • 8/10/2019 Paper 2 June 2014


  • 8/10/2019 Paper 2 June 2014


    Aviation World (

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    18)logic gate describe by ?

    a)truth table

    b) boolen alzebra

    19) read from 9A (co2) applicable to which class of fire?

    20)read about pressure release in cabin altitude (positive pressure & negative pressure)

    21)MTCS related to installation of battery to a/c from long storage ?

    a)during long period storage battery a required to be kept in charged condition and it can beinstalled on a/c immediately

    b) during long period storage if battery a kept completely in discharged condition, short b/w themain battery + & - terminal

    c)as in A ,above and before installation it should be ensure tat a trichle charge

    d)as in C,above and electrolyte level should be monitored periodically and water should bereplaced#

    22)MTCS related to a/c battery

    A)bat mabufacture specify the temp range to avoid rapid deteroration of the separator and plateof batt#

    23) flight path info on an a/c FMC stored in ? ESMIN 146

    A)electronically alterable RAM(ERAM)#

    24)MTCS related 32bits of ARNIC 429 ) ESMIN 147

    a)1 st 8 digit called cable

    b) 9 to 10 digit (SDI)

    c) 11 to 28 digit data information

    d) ALL#

    26)as the angle of attack of an airfoil increase , the centre of pressure will ?

    a) move forward the leading edge#

    27)the function of a display controller in an EFIS ?( this question repeated 2 time in june session sofind the rit answer , i gven full option with best)

    a) display alphanumeric data and representation of a/c instrument

    b)allow the pilot to select the appropriate sys configuration for the current situation

  • 8/10/2019 Paper 2 June 2014


    Aviation World (

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    c)receive and process input signals from a/c and engine sensor and send the data to appropriatedisplay

    d) all

    28)by pass ratio of turbofan engine is ratio of?

    a)amount of airflow from the fan by pass to the core flow of the engine #

    29)an oscillator circuit use

    a) positive feed back#

    30)the input of NAND gate connected together the resulting circuit is

    a) NOT gate #

    31)any digital circuit can be made by the repeated use of?

    a)NAND gate #

    32)the principle of operation of air speed indicator is

    a)difference b/w static and pitot pressure detected by pressure probe #

    33)while rotating propeller by hand the hydraulic lock in reciprocating engine cylinder is detectedwhich can be eliminated by? 9A pg490

    a)removing either front or rear sprak plug and pull the propeller thru #

    34)in accordance with kirchoff mesh law, which of the following equation is applicable in any cktpath of a network?

    2. IR+EMF=0 #

    35) identify the correct statement for OUTPUT is low when all input are high?

    a)positive NAND/ negative NOR #

    36)while testing a semiconductor diode with an ohmmeter?

    a)a good diode has much more diode resistance with one polarity of the ohmmeter lead comparedwith the opposite polarity #

    37) Condition ESMIN pg 135

    1. NAND gate

  • 8/10/2019 Paper 2 June 2014


    Aviation World (

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    2. NOR gate# 3. AND gate


    1. When s/w on light glow #2. When s/w on light glow3. When s/w off light out4. When s/w off light deem glow

    39) DPI in which part are clean by1. Petroleum base solvent2. Water base solvent3. A volatile petroleum base solvent #

    40)Sensitivity of coil 20000 lv amount of current required to full scale deflectionESMIN pg162

    1. 5 MA2. 50 micro amps #3. 30 A

    41)A metal which are hammer, rolled or pressed into varies shapes without cracking,

    breaking, or leaving any detrimental effect.1. Melleability. #

    42.A D.C generator consist of (BLT VOL 2)

    1) Rotating armature, field winding, Brush assembly #

    43.Voltage gain 200 and current gain 50 calculate power gain


    2. 10000MA

  • 8/10/2019 Paper 2 June 2014


    Aviation World (

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    3.10000 A

    4.10000 #

    44. When ELT battery is remove

    1). after it discharge2). After 50% of full capacity to be discharge3)by observing the bat replacement date marked on the outside of tr ansmitter #

    45. Faraday`s law of electromagnetic induction, produce

    1) Alloy or parallel to lines force2) Cut the magnetic flux #3) Area of lines of force (BLT VOL 1)

    46. Input of NAND gate connected together which form(VK MEHTA)

    1)NOR2)NOT #3)AND

    47. Which fire extinguisher most effective on class C fire.

    1. CO 2

    2. Halogenated #


    48)Which instrument is use only in static pressure

    1. VSI2. Airspeed indicators3. Altimeter4. _______

    a) 2 & 3 & 4b) 1 & 3 #

  • 8/10/2019 Paper 2 June 2014


    Aviation World (

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    c) 2 & 3 & 5d) 1 & 3 & 5

    50)Self inducting of 1 hennery equal to

    1. I mill voltage to the one amplifier second curer flow2. I volt to the 10 ampere per second current flow3. I volt is induced in it when current change thru it is at the rate of one amp/sec


    51)The hoses are classified by (9A-17-37)

    1. Pressure #2. Vacation3. Fatigue

    4. All

    52)Moving coil volt meter measure (BLT- 1 pg.452)

    1. Only A.C Voltage2. Only D.C Voltage#

    1. The waiting scale set to lobar

    53)Battery check by ammeter for the pu rpose of

    1. To see the pilot2. 3. rate of current use to charge the batt#

    54)no-load test on a transformer is carrued out to determine ?

    A) magnetizing current and no-load loss#

    69. Optimum performance of Radio system?70. Optimum performance of ADF System?[[{{ Dear Followers If you have previous year DGCA question papers or other useful data then you cansubmit your question papers or data (with your name and details) here at or you can share on facebook also and help other students in their exam preparation. We will publish urdocument on our webpage with your name and details within 24 hr."You feel good because you're hel ping others, and the others feel good because they're getting help. We are not generating any type of revenue from this webpage this is only for helping aviators.Share more n more document with us.Thanks & Gud Luck ]]]}}