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Paper 3 Rn June 2014


<p>Aviation World (</p> <p>Aviation World (</p> <p>RN JUNE 20141. Inspect junction boxes of Radio systems for _____ of cover and sides, internal shorts due to distortion of the box, absence of stray metallic objects etc.a. Oil caningb. Oil scaningc. Improper geometry where wires enters the box.d. Fuel caning2. Terminal Strips which provide connection of radio and electronic systems to the aircraft electrical system, are to be inspected for:a. Loose connectionsb. Loose connection with grease accumulationc. Metallic objects which may have fallen across the terminal stripd. All of the above3. Radio equipment should be bonded to the aircraft in order to providea. High impedance groundb. Low leakage currentc. Low impedance groundd. Increase radio interference from static electricity charges</p> <p>4. When the jumper is used for radio noise preventiononly a resistance of ___ ohm is satisfactory:a. 0.01 ohmb. 0.001 ohmc. 1.0 ohmd. 1 to 2 ohms</p> <p>5. Bonding jumper 0.0003 ohms6. Precipitation static is caused by:7. Solvents should not be used on radome because:8. Error , caused by metal in the fuselage wings and results in azimuth reading inaccuracies,9. After installation of the loop, check the direction of radio bearing every___ degrees.</p> <p>10. MTCSa. Static dischargers are installed on aircraft to bleed off precipitation static after the potential reaches the corona threshold.b. Before corona threshold.c. They are installed only at the extremities of the aircraft.d. Only null field type of static dischargers are installed on aircrafts. </p> <p>11. MTCS WRT protective devices used during radio installationa. Incorporate a trip free resettable type CB.b. Select CB or fuses that will provide adequate protection aginst overloadingc. Connect all the leads in such a manner that the master switch of the aircraft will interrupt the circuit when the master switch is opened.d. All of the above.</p> <p>12. MTCS WRT bonding of radio equipment:a. Use recommended solder to attach bonding jumpers.b. Use of clamps and screws to be avoided while attaching bonding jumpers.c. Use brass or bronze jumpers on steel parts.d. Use cadmium plated copper jumpers on steel parts.</p> <p>13. In addition to impedance matching, isolation between VOR Navigation receivers while keeping the insertion losses at a minimum is done by a device called a. Multiplexerb. Diplexerc. Coaxial Tee connectord. Crimp type contact.</p> <p>14. Optimum performance of a radio system is dependent upon:a. Coaxial cable connector assemblyb. Transmission line.c. Typical dipole antenna assembly.d. Coaxial cable centre lead tinning.</p> <p>15. Optimum ADF performance is achieved whena. L rather than T type of antenna is used.b. The T type of antenna has noise cancelling effect.c. The L type produces a definite station passage indication.d. The T type of antenna has the directional characteristics.</p> <p>16. Thermal runway in transistor occurs when:17. Purpose of coupling capacitor in a transistor is:18. Over modulation occurs when:19. Radio receiver amplifies all the signal frequency very well , it has : a. Blockingb. Fidelityc. Sensitivityd. Selectivity. 20. PTT21. Mosfet is sometimes call ___ JFET22. SCR can exercise control over ___ of A.C. supplya. Positiveb. Negativec. Both Positive &amp; Negatived. Positive or Negative</p> <p>23. Duality principle in Boolean expression24. Fly By Wire25. StarStar connection26. M Array0.327. BJT operates in cut off region:28. Major part of electrons in an intrinsic semiconductor is due to :29. No reply: P1&lt; P29DB30. EGPWS: which mode gives wind shear warning31. Global Nav System32. Doppler Navigation</p> <p>[[{{ Dear Followers If you have previous year DGCA question papers or other useful data then you cansubmit your question papers or data (with your name and details) here at oryou can share on facebook also and help other students in their exam preparation. We will publish urdocument on our webpage with your name and details within 24 hr."You feel good because you're helping others, and the others feel good because they're getting help.We are not generating any type of revenue from this webpage this is only for helping aviators.Share more n more document with us.ThanksGud ]]]}}</p> <p>Share your documents with us at ( OR DGCA-Question-PapersPage 1</p>