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  • 1. ParentInformationBooklet INTRODUCTION: The staff and board of trustees hope that you find this booklet both interesting and useful. It is designed to give information on the school and its organisation. Our school prides itself on the support and involvement of parents and the general community, and the positive contribution this makes to the life of the school. Pukekohe Hill is committed to providing the very best teaching and learning programmes possible, and has designed an integrated inquiry approach delivered through curriculum maps and based on the new New Zealand curriculum. Education today is a co-operative undertaking. Home and school benefit by working together in partnership to ensure that children have a supportive learning environment which will help all students to reach their potential. This booklet is set out with headings in alphabetical order and a table of contents to assist you. We will appreciate your comments and ideas for future editions. Graeme Rix M.Ed Admin, BA, Dip Tchng Principal Twelfth Edition: January 2014 TABLE OF CONTENTS: Welcome To Hill Absences Accidents at School After School Care Bicycles Board of Trustees Board of Trustees Meetings Civil Defence Arrangements Classroom Discipline Plan Class Trips & Visits Complaints Concept Based Learning Dental Treatment Doctors at Pukekohe EFTPOS Enrolling Pupils Enrolment Scheme Hair Care Health Hill Netball Club Homework International Students Internet Use Kids After School Learning Programmes at Hill Leaving School Grounds Library Lost Property Lunches Map of School Money to School Music Tutoring Newsletters Parent Assistance Parent Concerns Parent Teacher Association Parking PIPPS Programme Policies Pre Schoolers Public Health Nurse Reception Class Religious Instruction Reports & Interviews Road Patrol School Donations School Hours Smoke Free Environment Policy Sporting Dates Stationery Strategic Plan Sun Safety Swimming Taking Children from School Telephone Calls Uniforms Virtues Vision Statement Website Winter Play

2. ParentInformationBooklet WELCOME TO HILL: Welcome to Hill School. Teenaa koe, namaste, kia orana, malo lelei, fakalofa le ata ne hoa ma. Im sure this booklet will help your introduction to school. If you have any queries, you are welcome to contact the school office at 238 6374. We look forward to your family having a successful partnership with Hill School in the education of our students your children. ABSENCES: It is important that parents advise the school, on or before, the first day of a childs absence. Telephone/text/e.mail/website options are available where caregivers are asked to contact the school to let us know your child will be absent. After the electronic morning roll call, the school office will phone a caregiver of any child not accounted for. Ways to contact the school about absences: Phone 238.6374. An absence answer phone service is an option if the office is unattended. E.mail Text to 021 211 2287 Going on to our website and going to contact us/absentees page. Where a pattern of absences causes concern and there is no satisfactory explanation, home visits may be made or the Truancy Service contacted. (See also Taking Children from School.) ACCIDENTS AT SCHOOL HEALTH CENTRE: Minor injuries and concerns are dealt with at school. In the case of more serious accidents, the school will attempt to contact a caregiver or the emergency contact person before any action is taken. If necessary, we will take children to the emergency clinic. A note is sent home with your child if your child has had an accident that might need home follow up, especially if the injury is not immediately obvious. AFTER AND BEFORE SCHOOL CARE: KIDS AFTER SCHOOL (KAS): Kids After School is a programme of after school care involving recreational and craft activities and homework supervision. The KAS base is the school hall and operates from 3.00 to 6.00 pm. A before school care programme also operates from 7.00 to 8.30 am. Some holiday programmes are also offered. Kids After School owner Carolyn Payne can be contacted at 238 3760 or 027 443 5207. BICYCLES AND SCOOTERS: Children must legally wear a safety helmet when cycling to and from school. No responsibility can be taken for cycles left at school. Only 9 year olds and over can ride a bike to school and only when parents are confident of the childs road safety knowledge. Parents need to complete a permission form available from the office before children may ride to school. Children of any age may ride scooters to school if parents consider they are safe to do so. BOARD OF TRUSTEES: The Board of Trustees has a vital role in the governance of the school. Board members are elected for a three year term. The names and contact numbers of trustees are published in newsletters from time to time. The Board has a full board meeting usually on the third Tuesday of the month. Meetings begin at 7.00 pm, and are usually held in the staffroom. These meetings are advertised through newsletters. Meetings are open to any member of the public to attend as an observer. A copy of the BOT monthly reports including minutes, is available at the school office. 3. ParentInformationBooklet CIVIL DEFENCE ARRANGEMENTS: The school has several policies and guidelines relating to civil defence situations such as fire, earthquake, flooding etc. Emergency evacuation practices are held with children each term. CLASSROOM DISCIPLINE PLAN: Although classroom teachers have their own classroom and pupil management routines, all classes have a similar assertive discipline classroom plan. The details below outline classroom rules, possible rewards for appropriate behaviour and consequences for inappropriate behaviour. Classroom Rules: 1. We care about others e.g. - Keep hands, feet and objects to myself - No teasing, swearing or name calling 2. We use good manners e.g. - Do not interrupt - During group activities When someone else is talking When on the mat or working at tasks - By not using inappropriate language 3. We care for all property e.g. - Being ready for school - Looking after own belongings clothing/books - Respect for school property - class/sport/others 4. We follow instructions quickly e.g. - Lining up - Moving about the class and school - Being ready for the next activity Positive Reinforcement: Teachers own systems will be operating and will include individual and class wide reinforcement. This may include verbal praise, stamps, stickers, certificates, house points. Consequences: Warning (name recorded) Removal from situation and withdrawal of privilege Senior teacher involved and informal note sent to parent Letter to parent - interview requested Principal - staff member - parent meeting Families will be involved when serious behaviours threaten the safety, health and welfare of pupils or staff. On enrolment, parents are asked to read and sign an Assertive Discipline Classroom Plan form. CLASS TRIPS AND VISITS: Educational visits are an important part of our learning programmes. These visits often relate to Concept inquiry topics being studied at school. It is expected that all children should have the opportunity to participate in these events. On enrolment, parents are asked to sign a form giving approval for educational visits. A separate approval form is sent home for any educational experience involving an overnight stay or school camp. COMPLAINTS: The school has several policies which are held at the school office and explain the guidelines to be followed if you have a concern or complaint. (See also Parent Concerns.) 4. ParentInformationBooklet CONCEPT BASED INQUIRY LEARNING: Pukekohe Hill has developed a concept based integrated curriculum inquiry learning approach, delivered through what is known as curriculum mapping, that we believe is an excellent model for todays and tomorrows learners as well as being a very good fit for the NZ Curriculum. Each term, there is a whole school Concept eg: Lift Off To Learning, Celebration, Change, Culture, which features many immersion experiences and opportunities for inquiry learning. (See also Learning Programmes at Hill) CONTACTING US: Phone: 09 2386374 Text: 021 211 2287 E mail: Web site: DENTAL TREATMENT: A mobile clinic visits school, usually for an initial check up. Children go to the clinic at Pukekohe Intermediate. The Intermediate clinic phone number is 237 1070. DOCTORS AT PUKEKOHE: Pukekohe Family Health Care, 10 West St 237 0280 Pukekohe Family Doctors, 124 King St 238 6696 Seddon St Medical Centre, 57 Seddon St 237 0055 EFTPOS FACILITY: An Eftpos service is available at the school office. Credit cards cannot be used but debit/cash flow cards can. Eftpos is an excellent way to more easily purchase uniform clothing, pay for stationery, school donations, trip and camp costs etc. ENROLLING PUPILS: Children officially start on their fifth birthday but should be pre-enrolled before this date. We encourage parents to contact the school when their children are 4 years old, so that class visits can be arranged. Usually, children have four morning visits before their fifth birthday to help them settle in. Visits to the Reception Class are from 8.55 am to 12.30 pm. As part of the enrolment process, parents need to bring the following: Childs birth certificate or passport, childs immunisation certificate, proof of residence in zone (eg power/telephone account, rental agreement) In some cases passport and visa information will also be required. (See also Reception Class for 5 year old children.) ENROLMENT SCHEME: The Board of Trustees has an enrolment scheme to help manage roll numbers. Details of the Enrolment Scheme can be obtained from the school office. Children living within the schools geographical zone have automatic right of enrolment. There is a legal requirement that