Partner - Maximising your Presence on LinkedIn

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  • 1. Note to Partner delete this slide before presentingPlease pay attention to the notes section to help you present this deckappropriatelyThis presentation outlines best practices for raising your personal profileand companys profile on LinkedIn.Can be used for both corporate and staffing agency clientsIf you would like to make changes to this deck please make sure youare abiding by our brand guidelines.Any questions please email

2. How to Improve your LinkedIn PresenceAs a Company and as a Professional 3. Firstname LastnameJob TitleCompany2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 4. AgendaProfile OverviewHow to Manage your ProfileHow to Improve your LinkedIn PresenceHow your company can improve its PresenceKey Take Away PointsQ&A2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 5. It All Begins with your Profile 5 6. Managing your LinkedIn Profile:Get endorsed and recommended by candidates you haveplaced They will be able to speak first hand of how you supportedtheir job search You only need a few to establish credibility It is best to get a variety and make sure they addressdifferent points 7. Asking Questions: Raising your profile 8. GroupsHelp you identify the experts and become an expert 9. Your Connections:Thoughtfully Building your Network FriendsCurrent Company You SchoolPast ClientsCompany 9 10. How can your company use LinkedIn to become moreproductive and successful? 11. Managing your companys LinkedIn Profile 12. Leverage Your Recruiters 13. Using Status UpdatesBroadcast your jobs 14. Professional insights and knowledge sharingYour essential source for business intelligence 15. Use LinkedIn to research your competitors andfind potential clients 16. Take advantage of our mobile platformsInformation and business contacts at your finger tips on the go 17. Take Away PointsAs a professionalAs a company Manage your personal brand Manage your companys Build your network profilethoughtfully Leverage your recruiters Be active in the network Listen to the network and get Allow yourself to be found insights Add value to your clients Get mobile 18. Questions? 19. Appendix 19 20. Resources Recruiting Solutions 21. Resources