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Passage A Think About It Read About It Talk About It Write About It

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Passage A Think About It Read About It Talk About It Write About It. 1.Why do some people use Ecstasy according to the author?. Reference:. They think it is a fun, harmless drug. 2.What did Ecstasy and other drugs do to the author?. Reference:. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Passage A Think About It Read About It Talk About It Write About It

  • Passage AThink About ItRead About ItTalk About ItWrite About It

  • 1.Why do some people use Ecstasy according to the author? They think it is a fun, harmless drug. Reference:

  • 2.What did Ecstasy and other drugs do to the author? It seriously damaged her health. Besides she lost her strength, motivation, dreams, friends, apartment, money and most of all, her sanity. Reference:

  • 3.What do you know about drugs and drug abuse? Open.Reference:

  • Read About ItLanguage PointsContent AwarenessLanguage Focus

  • I was exposed to new people, new ideas and a completely new way of life a way of life that exposed me to drugs. Most of the people that I met in the acting school had already been doing drugs for years. I felt that by using drugs, I would become a part of their world and it would deepen my friendships with them to new levels. I tried pot, even a little cocaine, but it was Ecstasy that changed my life forever. I remember the feeling I had the first time I did Ecstasy: complete and utter bliss. I could feel the pulse of the universe. It was as if I had unlocked some sort of secret world; it was as if Id found heaven. And I wondered how anything that made you feel so good could possibly be bad. As time went by things changed. I graduated, and began to use drugs, especially Ecstasy, more frequently. As I did, I actually started to look down on those who did not. I surrounded myself only with those who did. I had gone from a girl who never used drugs to a woman who couldnt imagine life without them.

  • In five months, I went from living somewhat responsibly while pursuing my dream to a person who didnt care about a thing and the higher I got, the deeper I sank into a dark, lonely place. When I did sleep, I had nightmares and the shakes. I had pasty skin, a throbbing head and the beginnings of paranoia, but I ignored it all, thinking it was normal until the night I thought I was dying. On this night, I was sitting on the couch with my friends, watching a movie and feeling normal when suddenly, I felt as if I needed to jump out of my skin. Racing thoughts, horrible images and illusions crept through my mind. I thought I was seeing the devil, and I repeatedly asked my friends if I was dead. On top of all this, I felt as if I was having a heart attack. Somehow, I managed to pick up the telephone and call my mom in the middle of the night, telling her to come get me. She did, pulling me out of my apartment the next morning.

  • I hear people say Ecstasy is a harmless, happy drug. Theres nothing happy about the way that harmless drug chipped away at my life. Ecstasy took my strength, my motivation, my dreams, my friends, my apartment, my money and most of all, my sanity. I worry about my future and my health every day. I have many mountains ahead of me, but I plan to keep climbing because Im one of the lucky ones. Ive been given a second chance, and thats not something that everyone gets.

  • agony n. extreme pain or suffering ExamplesThe injured soldiers lay screaming in agony. We felt helpless as we saw him dying in agony.

  • rural a. in, of or like the countryside ExamplesRural life is usually more peaceful than urban life. He paints pictures of rural scenes.Translateannual income of the urban and rural household in China Key

  • They were never a question I was so involved and focused on other things. I was never troubled by drugs I devoted myself wholly to other things. More to learnParaphrase

  • focus on to direct (ones attention) to something ExamplesThe book focuses on the way the computer affects the young. I find it easy to focus on textbooks when the exam is approaching. They were never a question I was so involved and focused on other things.

  • come true to happen just as was wished, expected or dreamt ExamplesHe has always dreamt of owning his own company, but I doubt it will come true. When I finished my first novel, it was a dream made to come true.

  • expose to to cause to be unprotected from ExamplesPeople living near the nuclear power station may have been exposed to radiation. His viewpoints expose him to criticism, but he wont give them up. Translate the underlined partThis program is designed to expose students to good art and music.Key

  • utter a. complete or extreme ExamplesThe discussion was an utter waste of time. A hot bath after such a long day of hard work was utter bliss.TranslateI was at an utter loss what to do.KeyMore to learn

  • utterly ad. completelyExampleAre you utterly convinced that he is guilty? Cf.absolutelyentirely

  • look down on/upon to regard with scorn; despise ExamplesWhen she married a millionaire, she looked down on the office girls she had worked with. The disabled shouldnt be looked down upon.

  • I surrounded myself only with those who did. I kept in contact only with those who used drugs. Paraphrase

  • somewhat ad. to some degree; a little; rather ExamplesWe were somewhat tired after our long walk. The campus has changed somewhat over the last few months. TranslateKeyI like the design of the dress, but its somewhat expensive.

  • illusion n. an idea or belief which is not true or not what it seems to beExamplesCollege students tend to have illusions about how easy their life will be after graduation. The magician tricked the audience with skilful optical illusions, making things appear and disappear.

  • creep v. to move slowly, quietly and carefully, often with the body close to the ground ExamplesThe naughty child crept up behind his father and suddenly yelled Boo!A tiger crept towards the deer from the downwind bush.

  • on top of in addition to ExamplesOn top of the discount, the store tried to attract customers with nice gifts. We missed the train, and on top of that we had to wait for two hours for the next one.

  • extreme a. (at) the furthest point; (to) the greatest degree ExamplesJane fell into extreme pain after her son died in an accident. The extreme penalty of the law is the death penalty. More to learn

  • extreme n. either end of anything; highest degree; qualities as widely different as possibleExampleHis moods go from one extreme to the other. Fill in the blankThe general asked the soldier to _____ ().Keyresort to extremes in the emergency

  • carry out to perform or complete; to conduct ExamplesIn spite of the ban, some scientists are still carrying out research on cloning humans.It is hoped that the kidnappers will not carry out their threat to kill the hostages.

  • Since I saw that scan my life has been an uphill crawl. Since I saw the results of the medical scan Ive started a difficult process of getting rid of drugs. Paraphrase

  • sanity n. the quality of being healthy in mind ExamplesHed been behaving so strangely that they began to doubt his sanity. Its hard to keep your sanity in such a crazy situation. More to learn

  • sane a. healthy in mind ExampleIn the doctors opinion he was sane at the time of the murder. Antonyminsane a. He must be insane to drive his car so fast.