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  • As Pesach approaches, I cannot help butthink about all of the dierent customs wehave during this special Holiday and thebeauty and meaning each one has.

    One interesting custom is the spilling of sixteendrops of wine from ones cup during the Seder.This is done at three intervals during the Seder.The rst three drops are removed when we mention the three plagues brought down in the bookof the prophet Joel (Blood, Fire and Pillars ofSmoke). The next ten drops are removed for themore familiar Ten Plagues. Lastly Three drops areremoved for Rabbi Yehudahs three wordAcronym for the plagues.

    This custom is so meaningful to us as a peoplewho are characterized by the trait of mercy. Forat the same time that we rejoice in our freedomfrom our oppressors, we display a sadness for thesuering that they endured. Since wine is a symbol of joy, we removed a drop from our glass eachtime we mention another plague. Rabbi IsaacLuria was particular that one should not use anynger, rather spill out the wine onto a saucer. Thefamous Ashkenazi authority Rabbi Moses Isserlesstates in his Darchei Moshe (473:18) Because isrepresents the nger of Gd, one should use aforenger and not a little nger. Some Sephardimand Chassidim are more particular about thiswine. All wine used for the sixteen drops is collected in a bowl and then disposed of. Accordingto Kabbalah, the reason we do not use this wine isbecause we are mentioning the plagues withwhich Gd punished the Egyptians while we arespilling out the wine. Since the wine now represents punishment and anger, we do not want to ingest it.

    Of course, whichever custom one follows, you canbe sure that there is a meaningful reason behindit. Sometimes because of all the hectic preparations for Pesach we forget to step back and enjoythis special holiday and all of the beautiful customs during the Seder.

    As always at BC Kosher we make ourselves available even during this hectic time to answer phonecalls, emails, facebook and text messages fromour community members with all sorts of Pesachquestions. Remember to call us, your Kosher hotline should you have any questions now or atany point during the year.

    Since the Rosh Hashanah edition of the KosherBulletin we have added several more companiesto the BC Kosher family including Sunny BoyFoods and their selection of Flours, PancakeMixes and cereals. Benjamin Bites who are a manufacturer of Gluten Free Cookies. ChampsMushrooms, Gemini Packaging and WestpointDistributors to name a few. For more detailsplease see inside.

    Wishing you and your families a Chag KasherVSameach,

    Richard Wood

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    Passover Greetings & Updates

  • BCK 30 years of serving the community When we sit down to eat a meal at ourfavourite restaurant or stop into a bakery to buy a kosher donut, we seldomthink about the complexities of what is involvedin certifying the establishment kosher. We tendto take the kosher certication for granted andsimply focus on enjoying the delicious pastry orthe tasty meal that we dont have to clean upafter. Indeed, what goes on behind the scenesto ensure the convenience of kosher establishments in our city?

    As some people may know, BC Kosher wasstarted almost 30 years ago under the auspicesof the Orthodox Rabbinical Council (Beth Din).The Rabbinical Council is a non prot society created to look after some of the spiritual needs ofour community including religious divorces (Gittin), conversions and of course kosher. Eatingkosher food is one of the cornerstones of Judaism and BCK set out to make as much kosherfood available to the community as possible.

    In order to achieve this goal, BCK identiedproducts which were dicult to obtain locallywith kosher certication and actively contactedfood manufacturers to try and convince them tobecome certied kosher. To date, BCK certiesover 150 companies in BC, from Avalon Dairy toSunrise Soya and many in between.

    In addition to the need for kosher grocery items,

    there is also a need for kosher bakeries, butchers and restaurants. With the constantly growing local Jewish community, this need hasgreatly increased since the early 80s when theonly kosher store was Leons on Oak St. Currently, BCK is proud to certify 9 local establishment including: Falafel Plus, Garden City Bakery,Kosher Food Warehouse, Maple Grill, MountRoyal Bagel Factory, Navas Creative Cuisine, Omnitsky Kosher Deli, Sabras Bakery & Simons Pizzaria and Zaatar Mediterranean Hummus Bar.This is considerably more than most other similar sized communities in North America including our neighbours in Seattle!

    So back to our original question, how does thecertication of a Kosher establishment work?

    BCK employs roving Mashgichim (Kosher in

    spectors) whose job it is to visit every certiedkosher establishment 23 times a day. TheMashgiach visits the establishments at randomtimes each day and it is his job to check all deliveries and to make sure that all the food beingsold meets the high kosher standards of BCK.The Mashgiach will also check vegetables for insect infestation, check eggs for blood spots andturn on the stoves to ensure that the cookedfood is Bishul Yisroel. In addition to the rovingMashgichim, any restaurant selling meat according to Jewish Law must have a full timeShomer Shabbos person whenever they are operating.

    At BCK, we are aware of the Communitys needfor kosher establishments and therefore we subsidize a signicant portion of the fees requiredfor kosher certication and only pass on a portion to the owner of the establishment. The feescharged do not increase more than a few percent to keep up with ination even though thecost has been increasing signicantly more.

    It is important to remember that Kosher Establishments in our city will only survive with thesupport or you, our community.

    If you have any feedback regarding any of theKosher Establishments we certify, please feelfree to give myself a call or send me an email.

    Richard Wood

    To date, BCK certies over 150companies in BC,from Avalon Dairy

    to Sunrise Soya andmany in between...

  • Is Icing Sugar acceptable to usefor Passover?Icing Sugar also known as ConfectionersSugar is made up of regular granulatedsugar that is then further ground up into

    a smooth powder. An anticaking agent, usually Cornstarch is added to ensure the sugardoes not clump up. Since cornstarch is Kitniyos, Ashkenazic custom is to refrain fromusing this on Passover.

    Do Dried Fruits require Kosherfor Passover Certication?Dried Fruits are often coated in eitherdextrose, our or oil to stop them sticking together. We have also seen facilities

    in Asia where employees make their own oil athome and then bring to work to use in coatingthe fruit. Since both Dextrose and Flour are Kitniyot or could even be Chametz, Dried Fruitsrequire Kosher LPesach Supervision.

    I have recently given birth andam having a hard time nding

    Kosher Vitamin D3 for my baby. Is itok to by this without a hechsher?

    There are several Kosher Brands of Vitamin D3 available. Most Shoppers DrugMarts stock Enfamil D VISOL which

    bears an OU. Marks Pharmacy on Oak Streetalso carries Kosher varieties. As with any product that it processed it is important to ensurethey bear a reputable hechsher before purchasing.

    Liquid forms of Vitamin D3 could include nonkosher ingredients such as Gelatin and Glycerinproduced from nonkosher forms of beef tallow.

    I am having diculty ndingCough Drops that bear a

    hechsher, can you tell me whichbrands are Kosher?

    Stepsils cough drops are certied by theKLBD (London Beth Din) and are available in many pharmacies such as Shop

    pers Drug Mart or London Drugs. They are onlyKosher if manufactured in England.

    Fishermans Friend is another brand of CoughDrops certied by the Manchester Beth Dinand are available in most pharmacies. MarksPharmacy may also carry Kosher varieties.

    I have noticed an Apple calledGrapple in my Supermarket is

    thre any kashrut concern with it?Grapple Brand Apples begin as either aWashington Extra Fancy Gala or FujiApple, depending on the season. These

    types of premium Apple take on the grapeavour best. The primary ingredients used toinfuse the Apples are concentrated grapeavour and water. Due to the grape avourpresent this product is Not Kosher.

    Questions for the RabbiQ.



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    Jews worldwide have been preparing theirhomes for Pesach for many weeks already.Kosher organizations, in particular, havebeen busy for many months ensuring that theproducts you bring into your home are free ofany kind of chametz.

    Extra mashgichim are employed to carry theheavy workloa