Passover in our family

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Passover in our family. Welcome to our house ! Hag Sameah ! Happy Passover ! !. 2007. 2010. Ma Nishtana The four questions "Why is this night different from all other nights? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Passover in our family

  • Welcome to our house ! Hag Sameah !Happy Passover ! !

  • 2007

  • 2010


    Ma Nishtanah Ma nishtanah halaila hazeh Mikol halailot? She'b'khol halailot anu ochlin Hametz u'matzah. Halaila hazeh kulo matzah. She'b'khol halailot anu ochlin She'ar y'rakot. Halaila hazeh maror. She'b'khol halailot ein anu matbilin Afilu pa'am echat. Halaila hazeh sh'tei p'amim. She'b'khol halailot anu ochlin Bein yoshvin u'vein m'subin, Halaila hazeh kulanu m'subin. Why is this night different from all other nights ?

    In all the other nights we eat chametz (bread) and matzah*. Why do we eat only matzah tonight?

    In all the other nights we eat all sorts of vegetables. Why do we eat maror (bitter roots) tonight?

    In all the other nights we don't dip vegetables (in salt water) even once . Why do we dip twice tonight?

    Every other night we sit upright or lean at the table. Why do we only lean tonight?

    * Unleavened bread paszkaDe ce aceast noapte difer de toate nopile? n toate nopile mncm chametz (pine) i matza ( pasc/pine nedospit ). De ce n seara asta mncm doar matza? n toate nopile mncm tot felul de legume. De ce mncm maror (rdcini amare/hrean) n seara asta? n toate nopile nu punem legumele n ap srat nici mcar o dat. De ce le nmuiem de dou ori n seara asta? n fiecare noapte mncm aezai la mas sau. sprijiniti De ce n seara asta doar ne sprijinim/rezemm ?

    Ma Nishtana The four questions

    "Why is this night different from all other nights?Traditionally, the Four Questions are asked by the youngest child at the table who is able to do so.

  • 2011

  • I like to give a small personal gift to my guests. It can be a flower , a magnet or sweets.

  • Itamars first Seder .

  • 2012

  • The Passover seder is one of the most widely observed of all Jewish customs, and at the center of every seder is a seder plate. Each of the six items arranged so on the plate has special significance to the retelling of the story of the exodus from Egypt, which is the focus of this ritual meal. The seventh symbolic item used during the meal a stack of three matzos is placed on its own plate on the Seder table.

  • ...The six traditional items on the Seder Plate are:

    Maror (bitter herbs), symbolizing the bitterness and harshness of the slavery in which the Hebrews endured in Egypt.Karpas - A vegetable ,other than bitter herbs, which is dipped into salt water (tears) represents the pain felt by the Hebrew slaves in Egypt. Chazeret (bitter vegetable-we use horseradish) bitterness of the slaveryCharoset (apple, nut, spice and wine mixture) A sweet, brown mixture representing the mortar used by the Jewish slaves to build the storehouses or pyramids of Egypt.Zeroa (shankbone) - symbolizing the korban Pesach (Pesach sacrifice), which was a lamb that was offered in the Temple in Jerusalem.Beitzah (egg) , A hard-boiled egg, symbolizing the korban chagigah (festival sacrifice) that was offered in the Temple in Jerusalem . ( Wikipedia )

  • Cele ase elemente tradiionale de pe farfuria de Seder sunt: Maror (ierburi amare hrean ), simboliznd amrciunea i asprimea sclaviei pe care au ndurat-o evreii n Egipt. Karpas - O legum ( nu ierburi amare ), care este cufundat in ap srat (care reprezint lacrimi), simbolizeaz durerea resimit de ctre sclavii evrei n Egipt. Chazeret (folosim hrean ) - amrciunea sclaviei Haroset (amestec de mere, nuci, condimente i vin ) Un amestec dulce, maro reprezentnd mortarul folosit de sclavii evrei pentru a construi cldirile sau piramidele din Egipt. Zeroa (un os de miel ,dar poate fi si gt de gin) simboliznd sacrificiul de Pesah, care a fost un miel oferit n Templul din Ierusalim. Beitzah (ou), un ou fiert tare, simboliznd srbtoarea sacrificiului care a fost oferit n Templul din Ierusalim. (Wikipedia)

  • Horseradish / hrean

  • Matza / pasca

  • Seder is over.See you next year!

  • ! Next year in the rebuilt Jerusalem !With love from our family ( most of them). 22 March 2013