Past simple & present perfect

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2. Specific time(definite time) play playedThey _________soccerYESTERDAY REGULARVERB. Play + ed 3. Specific time (definite time) see a movie sawThey ________a movie last Sunday.IRREGULAR VERB. see saw 4. Specific time (definite time)goTo school wentHe __________ to school last week.IRREGULAR VERB. Go - went 5. PRESENTPERFECTACTION OR EVENT 6. go Specific time(definite time)past have participle No Specific time have goneI _______________ to the beach twice.wentI ______to the beach last January. 7. see Specific time(definite time)past have participle No Specific time have seenI _____________ Titanic several times. sawI ______the movie Titanic in 2003 and in 2004 8. hear Specific time(definite time)past have participle No Specific time have heardI _____________ Tongos new CD. twice.I ________ Tongos new CD last Friday.heard 9. Present PerfectAffirmative NegativePronoun Aux. Verb Principal Verb.Complement. Istudied English. You have playedsoccer with my friendsA We that movie twice.havent seen they goneto that concert. He studied Japanese. Shehas Cookedceviche and cabrito.B It hasntworkedlate twice this weekend.The verb changes in past participle. 10. YES / NO QUESTIONS (Confirmation)Youhavestudied English. Yes, I haveHaveyoustudied English?No, I haventauxiliary I studied English? You playedsoccer with my friends? have Weseenthat movie twice? theygoneto that concert?HestudiedJapanese. hasShe cooked ceviche and cabrito.Itworked late twice this weekend. 11. have studiedI ______________(study) in the library.have livedThey ___________(live) in Spain . has beenShe ______________(be) in Cuzco .Carlos has eaten ___________(eat) pizza . has goneSheyla ________(go) to the cemetery . has takenCarlos________(take) a tour in Lima. 12. I have traveled______________(travel) to Huarazhave goneThey ___________(go) to disco .has cookedShe ______________(cook) ceviche.Carlos has visited___________(visit) his parents.Sheylahas studied ________(study) English.hasnt goneCarlos______________( not go) to the school. 13. cooked Ceviche?Have you ever_________________Yes, I have. I have cooked CevicheNo, I havent.I havent cooked Ceviche. Cooked CevicheDRuNK)Pilsen Traveled to Cuzco Cooked Patita de Seen) a movieBOUGHT shoes at Chancho takora Danced regueetonCleaned the bathroom Cooked eggs Danced Ballet Written a love cardWalked with your family Kissed a boy / a girl Played the guitar Taken a showerGone to the beach Gone to cinemaWatched Combate 14. PRESENT PERFECT SINCE FOR 15. INDICATES a POINT IN THE PAST Examples: a YEAR = 2001,2004SINCEa MOMENT IN PAST = I WAS 12 YEARS OLDI have gone to the beach SINCE 2001.I have visited Cajamarca SINCE I was at the University. PastPresent 2001 Point in theAt the UniversitypastRemember: indefinite time 16. INDICATES A PERIOD OF TIMEExample: 2 years, 4 years. FOR2 months, 2 hours, 4 days, etc.I have gone to the beach for more than 11 years.I have waited for you for more than one hour. Past 10 years 2012Present2001 One hourPeriod of time in the past Remember: indefinite time 17. have studied forI ______________(study) in the library_____ one hour.have lived sinceThey ___________(live) in Spain ______ 2003. has been forShe ______________(be) in Cuzco _____ 2 days.Carlos has eatensince ___________(eat) pizza ________ 7 pm. has gonesinceSheyla ________(go) to the cemetery ______ his father die.