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Low volume rapid manufacture / rapid prototyping


  • PrototyPe & Manufacture

    Low voLume rapid manufacture /

    rapid prototyping

  • PDRs workshop services provide companies with a full portfolio of development support. Extensive in-house facilities deliver a complete solution - from prototype testing and realisation through to batch production, tool design and tool manufacture - whilst also providing a trusted service of new product introduction and manufacturing liaison support.

    This in-house facility is essential as it ensures that design intent is maintained through the later stages of development and that any risk is minimised through virtual prototyping and manufacturing simulation.

    Thousands of prototypes and mouldings are produced for clients worldwide in a wide variety of sectors - enabling the continual development of processes and knowledge and with it the ability to consistently produce high quality products.

    PDr IS a LeaDInG

    PrototyPInG, 3D PrIntInG

    anD raPID, LoW VoLuMe

    BatcH ManufacturInG


  • PDRs focus is on delivering believable prototype models - its range of technologies provides clients with the option of everything from one-off models to batch vacuum castings.

    The speed of the manufacturing at PDR enables improved timescales for the introduction of a product to market.

  • SerVIceS

    raPID PrototyPInG:

    SLa, ProJet HD 3000 PLuS

    3D PrIntInG

    HanD MoDeL MaKInG

    fuLL coSMetIc fInISHInG

    Pantone & raL coLour MatcHInG

    VacuuM caStInG

    (IncLuDInG nyLon VacuuM caStInG)

    InJectIon MouLD tooL DeSIGn

    & Manufacture

    InteLLIGent & SMart SySteM


    InJectIon MouLDInG

  • cLIentS

  • Work carried out at PDR encompasses everything from original research and analysis through to design, prototyping, low volume rapid manufacture and new product introduction.

    PDR has its own unique approach, which combines the latest in high-quality research activity and knowledge with world-renowned consultancy practice. With extensive design, research, user insight, usability, prototyping and workshop facilities in-house, PDR brings together the latest technologies and facilities to create an unparalleled capability and world-leading results for the companies and organisations it works with.

    PDr - InternatIonaL

    centre for DeSIGn

    anD reSearcH IS a


    anD aWarD-WInnInG,

    MuLtI-DIScIPLInary DeSIGn

    conSuLtancy anD aPPLIeD

    reSearcH centre.

  • PDR has already worked with over 1000 companies, providing them with cutting-edge, realistic and timely solutions across a broad spectrum of sectors. These sectors include medical, aerospace, automotive, military, sports and leisure, industrial, food, cosmetics and personal care as well as both the public and third sectors.

    Organised across eight globally renowned groups, the Centres broad experience and rich resources are complemented by a customer-focused approach - which emphasises control and robust reliable design solutions throughout.

    Under one roof, the capabilities, knowledge and expertise are unprecedented and maintain PDRs position at the cutting edge of knowledge and practice and as a world-leading centre in design and innovation.

  • PDRCardiff Metropolitan UniversityCardiff, United KingdomCF5 2YB

    Tel: +44 (0) 29 2041 6725Fax: +44 (0) 29 2041 6973Email: info@pdronline.co.ukWeb: www.pdronline.co.uk


    In support of a new product development programme, the responsiveness and professionalism shown by the PDR team was excellent and allowed Quantificare to achieve the very short time-to-market requirements.CEO QUANTIFICARE

    The quality of finished product produced by PDR using vacuum casting technology, allows Magstim to produce low volume assemblies as direct end user production components.MECHANICAL DESIGN ENGINEER MAGSTIM

    What we universally heard, and this was often unsolicited, was how good the look and feel was. That has to be congratulations and thanks to you and your team in Cardiff. MANAGING DIRECTOR ACTICHECK

    PDR has consistently delivered prototypes of the highest quality, enabling us to make better, quicker, more informed decisions during critical project periods. We have used a variety of rapid prototype techniques, built soft tools and prototyped electronically functioning mock-ups so we can evaluate designs concurrently. Always helpful, honest and reliable - a great resource to have at our disposal.DIRECTOR, PRODUCT DESIGN MADCATZ


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