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This little adventure I am about to take you on all starts with a few amazing people I call family!1The person who believed in me from the beginning.

The people who believed in me from the beginning.


My best friend and #1 supporter.3

And my cuddle buddy and great listening partner.4However, this is where the beginning of my future all begin...

However, this is where the beginning of my future all begin...5

DePaul University, I never would have imagined going to this school let alone playing a Division 1 sport all in one.6

But, we all know getting a degree was the first thing on my mind and with this degree I wanted to be able to do something I loved and could have fun with. So of course I went into Public Relations and Advertising.7

I created some amazing projects that I never thought I could as in becoming a representative for Nike and building a campaign for them 8

My favorite of all was being able to create a campaign that increased awareness for Hyatt and there travel advisors.

Next, when school wasnt on the brain this was, It was a place where I could zone out the world.10

But, I was given the chance to meet not only a group of girls from all over, but a second family I can call sisters for a lifetime.11

We set goals and accomplished them and more12

We supported other teams together no matter the weather13

Explored the BIG CITY14

Celebrated the good times together15

But, it did not stop there, we traveled to countries16

Went to crazy concerts in the hot summer days together.17

Made memories that will last for a forever.18

But, most of all I found the true meaning of best friends.19

So thank you DePaul University for helping me put together the pieces of the rest of my life!20