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<ul><li><p>PEER- AND SELF-ASSESSMENT SHEET </p><p>Your Name: Assess each member of your group-including yourself-- on each of the criteria listed below. Be sure to provide justification for your assessments on the back of this form. For each criterion, rate each member of your group as follows:* Outstanding contribution +2 Above average contribution +1 Average contribution 0 Below average contribution -1 Little or no contribution -2 </p><p>Assessment Criteria Group Member </p><p>Group Member </p><p>Group Member </p><p>1. Logistics Did s/he participate in group meetings in an organized fashion &amp; meet group deadlines? </p><p>2. Leadership Did s/he provide leadership through listening to others and helping the group to function as a team? </p><p>3. Group Dynamic Did the person share group responsibility without argument or disruption? </p><p>4. Intellectual Contribution Did s/he provide useful ideas, helpful suggestions and feedback to the group? </p><p>5. Verbal Presentation Did s/he help in preparing/giving the seminar in accordance with group decisions? </p><p>6. Research/Writing/Editing Did s/he help in researching and writing the final paper in accordance with the group decisions? </p><p>Totals for each student </p></li></ul>